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Angelina Jolie adopted her son Maddox during filming of this movie while in Cambodia.
This is the movie that inspired its lead actress Angelina Jolie to become interested and active in third world aid and relief work causes.
Angelina Jolie performs her own piano playing.
Beyond Borders (2003) is a film Angelina Jolie wants to show to her son when he's old enough to understand it.
Amputees shown in the scene at Khmer Rouge were actual land-mine victims.
Parts of the film were made in -40 degree temperatures. And then +40 degree temperatures.
The production crew were hoping if Beyond Borders (2003) was a hit, then more films about relief workers would be made. Its doubtful that will happen, what with the film's poor box-office performance.
Angelina Jolie said Clive Owen was a very sexy man. He fell over laughing when she said that.
At one point, Oliver Stone was slated to direct this film as his last, but decided to make Alexander (2004) instead.
Prior to making this film, Angelina Jolie did volunteer work for the same United Nations organization her character plays in the film. She was ultimately named a UN goodwill ambassador and in 2003 published some journals she wrote of her experiences, titled "Notes from My Travels", to raise funds for refugee relief. Some of the places she writes about are featured in this movie.
Filmed in five months over three continents. There were delays due to fog and heavy rain, but the foreign extras regaled the crew with an impromptu song and dance number.
Colour was drained from the picture in some scenes to reflect the harsh realities of war docu-style.
Whenever the production crew left footprints in the sand during the desert scenes, director Martin Campbell insisted it be smoothed out again.
All the villages in exotic locations were authentic. The crews installed real running water for the grateful villagers. Some of them had never even seen a white man until then.
Some of the original casting choices were Catherine Zeta-Jones, Meg Ryan Kevin Costner, Richard Gere Ralph Fiennes and Julia Roberts.
Thailand stood in for the scenes set in Cambodia.
There were reported walkouts during some screenings.
The film crew wanted to portray relief workers not as saints, but as real people.
The script went through twelve drafts before completion.
Martin Campbell cast Clive Owen because he was unknown in the US at the time. It made the character of Dr Nick Callahan seem more real, and a more famous actor would have detracted from that. He didn't even need to screentest. Campbell knew Owen was right after just meeting him.
Keelan Anthony was made up to look emaciated through digital effects when playing Jojo in the fundraiser scene.
Clive Owen is a huge Liverpool fan, and used to watch the football matches in between takes.
Although Beyond Borders (2003) was critically panned, on the film's official website, the president of an international relief organization commended the film: "Beyond Borders is an accurate portrayal of the desperation of the people on both sides of the equation - those who are in need and those who are trying to help them."
The film was edited down from three hours to its two hour running time.
Ralph Fiennes was originally attached to this project when Oliver Stone was still slated to direct, according to an interview with Fiennes on Charlie Rose (December 28, 2000).
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