Beyond Borders (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

american border
africa doctor
starving child emaciation
evil man english
park food distribution
fly trust fund
measles washing feet
reference to schumann corn
united nations world food progrtam lederhosen
german drugs
pain killer hypothermia
tribe high energy meal
water well tanker
relief aid international microphone
demonstration comedian
father in law daughter in law relationship mother in law daughter in law relationship
wine art gallery
painting monkey
photographer camera
diarrhea money
death of boy tv news
watching tv friendship
friend freedom
cia charity
airplane airport
police car police
machine gun village
bludgeoning soldier
syringe immunization
digging a grave grave
morphine fundraiser
boy girl
song singing
singer dance
dancing dancer
government talisman
relief worker medicine
pneumonia donation
infidelity unfaithfulness
adultery extramarital affair
grain camp
phnom penh cambodia piano
eating one's own tongue defecation
compassion embassy
triage heroism
wealth ethiopian
sabotage corruption
telephone call water
kicked in the butt reading
sarajevo russia
blood mountain
pickup truck knife
united nations high commission for refugees sister sister relationship
walkie talkie church
mosque tank
sniper urban warfare
survival humanitarian
victim letter
shooting telescope
running cambodian soldier
street life warehouse
khmer rouge baby
ambush river
reference to old man river father daughter relationship
illegitimate child boat
vaccine redemption
buddhist snow
tent afghanistan
sanitation infection
amputee father son relationship
mother son relationship chase
reference to margaret thatcher helicopter
explosion murder
hospital seregon
typhoid united nations
rescue pain
suffering tears
crying thailand
pakistan drought
eating food
cholera dying
corpse dead body
violence london england
children illness
famine atrocity
death refugee camp
hunger poverty
love husband wife relationship
box office flop videotape
land mine unfaithful wife
spit in the face speech
shot in the stomach mother daughter relationship
loss of friend houseboat
hand grenade first kiss
crying baby chechnya
birthday cake beating
1990s vulture
voice over narration truck driver
third world surgery
sunglasses starvation
socialite riot
refugee pianist
pearl necklace party
negotiation militia
joke hyde park london
ethiopia englishwoman abroad
desert dead child
cynic convoy
cigarette smoking charity event
cambodia best friend
berlin wall banana
ballroom arrest
1980s death of mother

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