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The dog that puts people to sleep
Sandcooler19 February 2006
In this installment of the apparently endless "Beethoven"-series, Beethoven, the bad-behaving dog gets switched with another, well-behaving dog owned by some rich folks. Laughing already, kids? Now think, what hilarious consequences can this have?What's the first thing you thought about? Yep, it's in this movie. Now think of a second thing. Yep, totally in it. If you can think of a third thing, you're able to write a better screenplay, which means nothing. In the meantime, some bad guys try to do some thing of some sorts, probably get a job in a better movie, like "Home Alone 7" or "Kazaam", but the dog saves the day or whatever. Look at what Judge Reinhold is willing to do to pay his bills these days. Or better yet, don't. Lassie would turn around in his garden.
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Not really memorable.
Ryan J. Gilmer12 December 2001
Beethoven's 4th is basically a sad attempt continuing a series that needs neither another movie, nor another direct to video spin-off.

The movie seems more of a wishbone type wannabe, with its simplistic plot that doesn't even completely make sense and silly sight gags. While some of the movie is a bit funny, like Judge Reinhold trying to get Michalangelo (Beethoven's look-a-like) to behave like Beethoven, the movie is one to be skipped.

I'm not sure if 3 and 4 were filmed back to back, since this movie does carry a copyright date of 2000 on it. However, Beethoven's 3rd wasn't even theatre releasable, so the decision had to have been to make 2 direct to videos.

Anyway, Judge Reinhold should try better choices, at least ones that don't have him drinking out of a toilet.

Rating: 2
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The first two were enough!
meloda22 December 2001
To anybody who hasn't seen any Beethoven Movies, I would strongly recommend watching the first two great movies, and then stopping! Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd were excellent movies, with the great actors Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, and Nichole Tom! The third and fourth didn't have any of these actors, had dumb plots, different characters which were acted poorly, and were very dull! Hasn't anybody ever heard of quitting while you're ahead!
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beethoven should have lived to see this!!
abxy600031 August 2002
If Ludwig Van Beethoven had lived to see such artistic genius be created with a character with his name, he would have wept of joy. For this film is so sweet that i'm gonna crap myself. an incredible performance by digby the talking dog as beethoven is just one of the many highlights of this event. Beethoven seems to start acting strange, he's not up to his usual schemes, and judge reinhold (in an incredible performance as the father) wonders what is wrong. They soon find out that beethoven has been switched by a better fartknocking dog. The sorrow that the family goes through is shocking and unbelievably real. I also think Rob Shneider would be excellently cast as the father, or any role. Also the film did not have as many fart jokes as i would have hoped for. We all know that what holds together films is the fart jokes, and i believe that Rob Schneider could have provided enough fart jokes for our satisfaction. But despite the lack of Rob Schneider and fart jokes, this movie was a great ride with an ending so powerful that it changed me as a human being.
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Great, Beethoven meets the Prince and the Pauper
Kristine30 November 2006
Like I said before, my cousins and I had a Beethoven night, I was looking forward to the sequels, but after the sadness that was the third Beethoven, I had something even more to look forward too. Somehow, Beethoven is still with the brand new Newtons, I guess George, Alice, and their kids were looking for some kind of good excuse to get rid of Beethoven.

Basically, Beth and Richard want to get rid of Beethoven due to poor habits of drooling and destroying, but the kids want to keep him so they secretly take Beethoven to obedience classes. But Richard finds out that Beethoven inspires him to create his best art pieces ever. There is another family who is more wealthy and also have a St. Bernard, Michaelangelo, and kidnappers want him so they can get a ransom, not that much money if you ask me, but Beethoven and Michaelanglo get mixed up when they're both outside and end up with the wrong families.

Beethoven's 4th is a pretty sorry excuse for a film, but it was a little better than the third Beethoven movie. My cousins really enjoy these films, so like I said before, these films must be doing something right. For a family film, it wouldn't be too bad, but for me, this was a pretty silly movie.

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Beethoven 4th.
leela_zoid5 June 2006
All I can say is Beethoven must be spinning in his grave that his name is even used for this piece of crap. I know if it was my name I'd haunt the damn person whom created this turkey. How many more are they going to make before it dawns on them that too much is not always a good thing. Hello McFly! This film isn't even amusing to the little kiddies. My niece fell a sleep during it in the first half hour at that. The young young toddler kiddies might like it but anyone over the age of 4 watch out. Borefest! Lets put it this way Judge Reinhold couldn't suck more in a flick although give the D list actor some credit it was better than the 3rd which really doesn't say much since both are equally stupid. The acting by everyone was horrible except Mark Chapman...I have a small crush on him. I have to pity him though for appearing in this. God,what some people will do for money. Next it will be Beethoven the pimp! I better shut up knowing Hollywood and it's obsession with killing a franchise to death with crap infested sequels they just might. I haven't seen the 5th one yet but I can honestly tell you this. If they so much make one more I think I'm gonna puke.
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Lost the Charm of the First Couple Films Two Sequels Ago...
MovieAddict20163 April 2003
"Beethoven's 4th" is the kind of movie that makes one wonder what the point was of the film, other than cashing in one something that once was.

Judge Reinhold returns to the role of Richard Newton, seen in the 2000 straight-to-video (and rightly so!) "Beethoven's 3rd" flop. Julia Sweeney, once famous for her place on "Saturday Night Live," reprises the Beth Newton Persona, and there are two very bad-acting children in the film, also.

This awful sequel deals with Richard Newton watching Beethoven for his brother (once played by the much-better Charles Grodin) while they go on a family vacation. Unfortunately for both Richard and the audience, the millionth time Beethoven drinks out of the toilet bowl it makes everyone a bit mad, so they take him to training class, where he accidentally switches places with a rich man's (Matt McCoy) Saint Bernard without anyone noticing. When Rich Man's dog comes back to the Newton's, they are astonished at the fact that he is finally obeying his masters...the only problem is that now Beethoven is over at the Rich Man's House, caught with The Rich Man's Snooty Daughter and the Quiet Elderly Butler. How will Beethoven ever get back?

Quite honestly, I couldn't care less whether Beethoven makes it home or gets run over by a steam-roller. Let's put it this way: I really enjoyed the original "Beethoven" film written by the King of the Eighties, John Hughes. The second was a bit contrived, and was cashing in on the original a bit, but it still had its moments. This mind-numbingly bad sequel, however, is a follow-up to an already mind-numbingly bad third installment. By this time, I've seen so much Beethoven I don't really care what happens.

Perhaps if Charles Grodin was in it I'd still enjoy the series.

Perhaps if the script was intelligent and witty, and not the equivalent of EVERY family film that comes out nowadays, I'd like it.

Just perhaps.

But somewhere along the line in this world of cashing-in on superior originals, "Beethoven" lost the charm, wit and talent it once had and is now a snore-fest. Really, it went from a pleasant and enjoyable family comedy to a kids' movie with dumb dialogue, dumb situations, dumb characters, etc...the whole dumb works. It's almost like it's a whole other film series.

Or is it?

"Beethoven's 4th" gets 1/5 from me--it's weak, pathetic, has lost its charm (two sequels ago), and is filled with kiddie-film material and ultimately no intelligence whatsoever. The film execs who gave the go-ahead on this one were looking for one thing: Money.

Avoid this flop and see an intelligent family film, like 2001's "Monsters, Inc." That movie was good.

This one isn't.

1/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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Beethoven's 4th adventure
ross robinson31 October 2003
Beethoven's 4th was made in 2001, this was beethoven's 4th movie adventure. I did enjoy this movie and i was very interested in what i saw in this movie, where Beethoven and Michoangelo were mistaked as the Newton's took the wrogn dog by mistake. But later on in the movie the 2 St Bernard dogs switch back to their normal places and be with the right family. I give this movie 7 out of 10.
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Beethoven meets The Prince and the Pauper in a mediocre sequel
TheLittleSongbird10 October 2009
Beethoven's 4th did have one or two funny moments, but is a mediocre third sequel. I really liked the first movie, it was adorable, funny and fun to watch, the second film while a slight step down was entertaining and the third was merely mediocre. This, while not the worst sequel ever, Home Alone 4, NeverEnding Story 3 and Secret Of NIMH 2:Timmy To The Rescue all were bastardisations of their originals, was at best mediocre and just wasn't my cup of tea. Back to Beethoven's 4th, Beethoven himself is funny, as is his counterpart Michaelangelo, and the performances while nothing special were acceptable. And I liked the big house. However, as a sequel it is unmemorable, and falls into the trap of being predictable. The plot is basically a canine rehash of The Prince and the Pauper, and the reason why it doesn't work is because it has been done many times before; Disney with Mickey Mouse, numerous adaptations of the classic Mark Twain tale and the sequel Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties(one of the few sequels out there that was better than the original). The script was poor, and the direction was plodding in places. All in all, don't expect the original, it is a substandard sequel, that could have been so much better. 3/10 for Beethoven and the actors. Bethany Cox
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