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Wonderfully dark satire
David_Niemann30 June 2003
If you hate all those lifestyle shows on television, then this is for you.

But make sure you can handle some pretty dark satire. If you're idea of sick comedy is "Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em", then you'd better stay away. Everything is fair game, from suicide bombers, to people starting bushfires, to people sniffing paint. And if you want any more examples just watch Dr. Rudi looking at the car in the opening titles!!

One of the funniest pieces was about euthanasia, and getting around the fact that it is illegal in Australia. Just dress-up you're loved one in an animal costume and have a vet put them to sleep!

The character of Todd really captures that home handy man seen on so many lifestyle shows. Whenever I'm channel surfing and come across one of those lifestyle shows with a handy man I have to laugh. The actor that plays Todd is spot on in his depiction.

I hope this show gets screened in other parts of the world, as I think people with a weird sense of humour would find it very funny.

This is a hilarious satire of lifestyle shows and is highly recommend. But be warned, it is very dark sometimes.
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brilliant satirical look at the ridiculous world of 'lifestyle' television
jacks_smirking_revenge25 September 2001
I happen to have caught this program on SBS after hearing several ads on the radio for it.

I'm pleased to say, it surpassed my expectations.

The actors are right on the mark, and are in on the joke to perfection.

Check this out if you wont be sorry (unless you get offended easily or dont actually get the point of it)
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Aussie Humour at its sickest.
vulpes-19 September 2002
This is australians doing what they do best, taking the mickey out of everyone else. Is anything sacred.... absolutely NOT! "Life Suport" is a show pushing the limits and if you take it to seriously your sure to be offended, but if you take it the way its inteded your in for big belly laughing fun. After just finnished watching the second series I feel that the show has matured well, the charactors have developed well since the last series, with the only change being Alison Barnes taking over as Penne from Abbie Cornish.

So if you like humour thats is away from the norm you will love "Life Support".
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Best of 2001
Bildo3612 January 2002
This show is the 'lay-down misere' for best TV show of 2001.

It's the show that had to be made: a merciless send-up of all those woeful 'lifestyle' and infotainment programs that are clogging the airwaves.

It's not one for the easily-offended. And even if you're not easily offended, stick around: they'll get to you shortly. (I take a lot to shock, but the 'Pol Potting Mix' sketch failed to amuse.)

That aside, bring on Series 2.
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one of the best Australian shows currently running
newung22 October 2001
I heard about this show mere hours before its first episode, so once I knew of it, and what it was about, I couldn't wait to see it.

And it did not disappoint. This spoof of 'lifestyle' programs is extremely funny with the various 'reporters' helping out everyday people with very handy hints.

Some of the best ones are Penne's hints on how to best use your older relatives (leave them in long queues for concert tickets while you can do whatever you want), Sigourney and Todd's tips on how to get cheap help around the home and how to house them (illegal immigrants/refugees in the old chook shed out the back) and Dr Rudi's ideas on how to keep track of old, mentally deranged people by using microchipping.

Overall, this show is a must see.
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raywalooi16 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the lesser know Australian comedies. If you are offended you are taking it too seriously, there are gags about every thing in modern society. From Australian culture to women's body image, nothing is safe from having fun poked at. This show has hilarious tips on how to how to lose weight (eat less). This is truly a piece of comedy well worth of having shown on television. The cast change is well done by most of the actors, keeping the mannerisms etc. its a "top television show" as Todd would say. a "marvellous televisual experience" as DR Rudi would say a "must see for all you modern women" as Sigourney would say a "guide to sticking it to the man" as Penne would say
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