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Season 6

A mother challenges her son to see who can catch the biggest catfish from the Tugaloo River in northeast Georgia. Bob Marshall, a catfish guide, helps the two- some with different ways to catch "Ol Mister Whiskers."
One of the simplest forms of crabbing is revealed as Boomer and Duane and Carol Harris take a group of children from Brunswick on a crabbing trip and afterward enjoy a low country crab boil on the beach.
The safe family sport is explored. The Cherokee Indians' "Trail of Tears," the Georgia Gold Rush, and interesting about Auraria, Ga are discussed. The highlight of the trip is when Boomer and his crew take a wild, white water ride through an old mining tunnel.
Georgia's Atlantic coast is well known as one of the world's most productive shark nurseries. During the hot months of summer, though, it's becoming known for excellent Tarpon fishing. During the cooling month of October, surf fishing for Redfish is world class.
Bass Fishing
Nothing can get an angler's heart beating like a ferocious, top water strike. Boomer joins Lake Lanier guide and B.A.S.S. angler, Doug Youngblood, to catch Spotted bass and Stripers using top water lines.
Canadian Canoeing
When Bill is faced with options following retirement, the 69 year old outdoorsman decided to challenge Canada's Churchill River in a canoe. When not enjoying some of the incredible fishing of the rivers, Bill and Guide Carl Hretchka see harp seals, beluga whales, and polar bears.
The Okefenokee Swamp is used as a backdrop to drive home the importance of not getting lost in the wilderness. Boomer and DNR biologist, Rusty Garrison, show how to use a compass while guest Pete Griffin and associate producer, Kimberly Munn, use a GPS to find their way home.
White Water Rafting
Boomer and several brave souls take a white water raft trip down the Oconee River, site of the 1996 Olympic White Water Competition. The reconstruction by the U.S. Forest Service of the riverbed is also shown.
Many of Georgia's anglers believe the next state record Spotted bass will be caught at Carter's Lake, near Jasper. To catch the "magnum spots," you have to be adept at deep water structure fishing. Local tournament angler, Mark Holcomb, joins Boomer to reveal some techniques to help you catch these big fish.
Fishing on the Chattahoochee
The Chattahoochee River is one of the top five rivers listed on the American Rivers Endangered List. Ironically, above Atlanta, the river is pristine and holds one of Ga's best kept secrets- trout. Boomer and Stuart Miller use tubes to float and fish on the river.

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