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Author: rustyboi ( from Auckland, New Zealand
10 August 2003

Great show. Dont watch it much, but I know Fleur. She was in a few of my classes (including Drama) at college.

Just like to say though, to Mary-Kate. In New Zealand we DO NOT have BRITISH ACCENTS! Have u heard a birtish accent in ur life? It sounds nothing like we sound! We have a very neutral accent.

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Being Eve, being a teen!

Author: The prince of Mirkwood from Australia
8 July 2002

At first, sure, the show, "Being Eve", can be considered boring, far-fetched maybe even a flop, but it also has many merits! When I started watching the show it was only to fill time, but as I viewed episode after episode it became more interesting. I was glad to see that unlike so many other shows it was continual. Instead of finishing an episode with a problem that was forgotten by the next show it kept them, which is somewhat similar to life.

Eve is faced with many problems and has to deal with them as do the teens in reality. So many shows that claim to deal with all the teen issues leave out some of the small yet important problems youths are faced with. And "Being Eve" also provides a light-humour on the subjects, which helps young people, like myself, see the lighter sides of their troubles.

In the episode in which I became hooked, Eve was abandoned and left to be an individual and I truly felt what it was like "Being Eve" just as it feels being a teen!

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A good show for teens

Author: michelle (michpiet) from California
16 April 2002

I thought this show was very well written. I like the new type of view it has, its not like stupid topics or anything. Eve makes good points that teens can relate to and isn't some strange teenager we never see. In some shows you watch you think "hey what kind of show is this, I've never met people like them", but this show you can relate to in some way or another. But basically I just want to say I do enjoy this show and would recommend it to another people.

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Surprisingly fresh and witty

Author: xxlittlekittenxx from United States
16 April 2003

This is one of those shows that just plain grew on me! The more I watched it, the more I realized how much Eve and I have in common. We're both quirky, and a little too imaginative for our own good. Not to mention that we face similar guy troubles.

I take it there won't be a third season, which is a shame because the second season's a vast improvement from the shaky first one (replacing Adam with Sam = good move). Kudos to the reviewer who pointed out how cringe-worthy the adults on this show are. But the teens are all very interesting and fun to watch. Another cool thing is how the show doesn't just forget about what happened in the previous episodes. That makes you want to keep watching.

All in all, 'Being Eve' is a good watch. Far-fetched and silly sometimes, yes, but still a good watch.

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Being Eve

Author: tracyced from United States
6 January 2008

This person who added this: "This show is great, it talks about topics that teens and kids have to deal with. Although, this also seems "cheaply" made its great. The British accents can be hard to understand if you well can't understand properly. I know my friends go "what did she say?" and I have to repeat it in clear American English" Isn't too bright. They are from New Zealand, they are NOT British, just to get that straight. The person who wrote that paragraph isn't too bright.

The show is about 15 year-old girl that is "Being" herself in a light-hearted, yet sometimes very realistic situations. Its really a cute show. I have been trying to track it down again since they took it off The-N. Its a brilliantly written show and great acting.

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Fantastic show.

Author: Mel B from Australia
15 October 2005

I really enjoy this show. A lot of the things Eve goes through a lot of teenagers go through, so many teenage girls could definitely relate to her. I enjoy watching a lot of these characters, every character has their own personality, there's Eve's dad Tim who has an obsession with plumbing, Eve's brother Ned who has an obsession with television and so on. Each character is different which is why I enjoy watching the characters.

Fleur does an amazing job at portraying Eve, we really see how Eve thinks and what her life is really like. Great show. I would recommend it to preteens and teenagers who enjoy shows about other teenagers.

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Author: tanzone from new zealand
5 March 2003

I just wanted to point out to a previous comment made by Mary Kate (Malibu, Cali), that the accents of the actors on Being Eve aren't British...they're "100% Kiwi" (New Zealand). Makes me giggle that Kiwi accents in America are mistaken as British, and in Britain they're mistaken as Australian. I must say that it's somewhat of a compliment to think that we sound British...not so, about sounding Australian (!!) although its a little closer to the truth I guess... My kids loved the Being Eve TV series. I think the fact it had such a Kiwi flavour, that they could relate to, was a real draw card for them. It's great to see NZ producers finally branching out and experimenting with a variety of viewing for kids.

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Best half hour show ever!

Author: moonlili from United states
3 January 2003

I started watching this television show over the summer. It grabbed me right away. I love how eve is always thinking about things. The way they film the show with her breaking into the dialog with her thoughts is really original. All the characters are well drawn and planned out, and they are all interesting too. Even the characters I don't like are enjoyable to watch. With the loss of David De latour I thouhgt that it might affect the show but really the quality has gone up since last years season. Sam Hooper played by Jay Bunyan is totally different than the character that was Eve's ex(adam. This adds conflict to the show. Fleur Saville and Joanna Morrison are totally perfect for the characters that they play. This is one of my altime favourite shows out there. I would highly recommend it too anyone looking for an interesting show that makes you think and expresses Ideas without preaching.

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This show is highly funny

Author: spice70687 from Ohio, North America
22 December 2002

This show is highly funny and deals with a lot of things actual teenagers deal with, which makes it so appealing to teens!I highly recommend you watch this show! It has loads of hot guys and funny skits! you'll be hooked for sure!!

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Fun, sassy, and totally bizarre.

Author: tchaboba from Palm Bay, FL
17 November 2002

I stumbled across this show by accident about two months ago, and have been hooked ever since. Sure, it's a pretty goofy show in general, but it's definitely entertaining. And predictable? Well, most teen life shows are, but the strangeness to the show makes it different. Go Eve!

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