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Season 2

8 Jan. 1985
Episode #2.1
New Headmistress Megan Bigg rules Fully Comprehensive with an iron fist. Unfortunately for her, her new deputy head master from the Acme Teachers Academy, Mr. W.W. Jones, turns out to be a big softy soon nicknamed 'Whistling Willie'. When Megapig fires canteen lady Salmonella Sadie, the kids start revolting (even more than usual).
15 Jan. 1985
Episode #2.2
Whistle Willie is replaced by Call me Joe, who pretends to be a fascist to please Megapig but really wants to be loved by all the children. This works for Jenny & Skids at least. Also joining the staff (and the Joe admiration club) is Trolly Molly the mobile canteen lady.
22 Jan. 1985
Episode #2.3
Snobby Gertrude Superwimp hates GBH who appears to have a crush her. GBH has gone wild like King Kong and finally finds her hiding down in the boiler house. Outside, everyone gathers wondering who will come out alive?
29 Jan. 1985
Episode #2.4
Lurve is in the air at Fulley. GBH and Gertrude are a couple in crime, Trolly Molly sells 'Jonuts' in honor of Joe Winter and Miss Bigge is throwing darts at a picture of Whistle Willie. But when she announces Joe Winter has been fired, an upset Molly calls in a school inspector.
5 Feb. 1985
Episode #2.5
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12 Feb. 1985
Episode #2.6
Gertrude & GBH have teamed up with Cas & AWOL and combined their dirty deeds. Willie tries to get the students interested in epitaphs. When Megapig finally finds out where they've been keeping her beloved oversized python Metric (in the boiler house), the snake appears to have devoured Martin, (one of the dancers).
19 Feb. 1985
Episode #2.7
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26 Feb. 1985
Episode #2.8
AWOL's uncle Wally (the original owner of Metric the snake) has escaped from jail and is posing as a school dentist. Call Me Joe returns from his study of world religions as some sort of oriental wise man. But things take a turn for the worse when Joe ends up in the dentist chair.
5 Mar. 1985
Episode #2.9
Joe Winter has finally snapped and is acting like some kind of fascist, complete with Hitler mustache. He calls in the police on account of his three stolen bikes, but soon more nefarious school dealings are uncovered. Trolly Molly comes up with a plan that will clear everyone during the fancy dress end term gala.

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