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Interactive journey with cinema classics
kristof-hauben4 October 2005
Great movie, best thing in the whole park (Euro Disney), editing is pure genius, interactivity with real live is superb. A must see I hope to find soon on DVD. Nice nostalgic cinema, great surroundings. A must see for every film fan! There's no need to speak french, most of the movie is in Englisch. The 25 minute movie feels like a trailer, fast, entertaining,..... Superb scene from "A fish called Wanda" has been added, along with scene from Hannibal Lector,... Acting is great, as one knows Martin Short, the Little Amigo. Overall quality sound and vision very good, sound system in the theater is THX worthy, other interactivity's are very amusing.
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It's a kind of magic!
julychang8910 May 2007
I saw this movie when I went last summer with my friend in Disneyland Paris and I thought it was beautiful, nice and so funny! It's constitute by a true movies' parade, from the oldest classics to more recent one, all linked by the history of a man who forgot to turn his mobile phone off in the theater and he is captured inside the "magic world of cinema" by an oriental magician. The quotes inside this short movie are unending and I don't want to blow you the surprise but I tell you that the best entertainment of this movie is to guess all the movies quoted so if you're going to see it, thing that I suggest you, try to do it and have a good time!
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One of the highlights of Walt Disney Studios Paris
davidg805 January 2003
CinéMagique may be relatively simple as far as theme park attractions go, but it's extremely well executed, it has quite a few surprises, and most of all -- it's thoroughly entertaining.

"Breaking the fourth wall" has become tiresome in other movies, but here it takes on a completely different (literal) twist, as Martin Short stumbles through American and European movie history, looking for a way out.

Not all of the transitions work as smoothly (and funny) as that to the Titanic segment, but even in the show's weaker parts, it's still fun to recognize the movies and to watch Short (playing totally over-the-top) react to and interact with these situations.

As an aside-note, the original cut of this film included a segment from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which was later replaced by Hunt for Red October. I don't know why this was changed, but I thought the original scene was slightly more appealing.

Still, if you're planning a visit to Walt Disney Studios in Paris, don't miss this one!
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Beautiful journey through the history of cinema
Warning: Spoilers
These roughly 25 minutes of cinema history are shown at Disneyland Paris. Director Jerry Rees, who already worked with Tim Burton more than 30 years ago and writer Steve Spiegel have created quite a few magical movie-related short films for theme parks, but this one is their best work from what I've seen so far. It starts pretty chronologically with the very early B&W-silent films from the late 19th century. Afterwards it covers the different genres, like film noir, western, musicals etc. At some point, it uses the chronological narrative, but that's not much of an issue. Pinocchio was included rather included for example.

Our guide on this journey is notable TV-actor Martin Short. His female counterpart is Julie Delpy, one of France's most famous actresses and an obvious choice as this is shown in Paris. This attraction film was done shortly before the second film of the "Before..."-trilogy and I dare say, she's easily one of the most stunning actresses of her generation. Such a delight to see her in all these famous character roles. Towards the end of the film, the two try to come together and Short, while looking for her, runs into extracts from some of the most famous movies in pop culture these days, such as "The Silence of the Lambs", "Toy Story", "Lord of the Rings" and of course "Star Wars".

Also included were "Avatar" and a few films shot after 2002, so it seems they constantly keep the film up-to-date, which is definitely a good thing. I believe I also caught a glimpse of Black Swan. In any case, if you get to Paris, this is definitely a must-see: a truly wonderful journey through everything that is so great about cinema.
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Touching love story trough the magic of cinema
verduz21 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
CinéMagique is a short masterpiece. The plot is very simple: a love story that has to face some adversities. What makes this film special is the context in which this story develops: the history of cinema. A lot of cinema classic, from "Le voyage dans la lune" to "Titanic", make the perfect frame for a love story that goes beyond time and space (and screen too!). The idea of two lovers that has to search for each-other trough different masterpieces makes this story extremely touching. I don't know if it was due to the emotions related to the view of the originals or due to the "magic" of cinema, what I know is that the plot twist and the ending brought tears to my eyes.

On the technical side, the passage from one film to another is so well done that you won't believe that CinéMagique is mostly a collage of classics. Thanks to "Forrest Gump-like" special effects, the main characters are perfectly fitted into each scene. Julie Delpy and Martin Short are both perfect for their roles and add a little more "magic" to the entire story.
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Unmissable stuff for movie buffs!
BA_Harrison12 August 2011
I almost passed on the rather innocuous sounding CinéMagique at Disneyland Paris in favour of another ride on the exhilarating Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; I'm glad that I didn't, because this ingenious, 'interactive' trip through the history of cinema is also tremendous fun (albeit less likely to give you a heart attack!).

At the end of a short pre-movie introduction, a Disneyland crew member reminds members of the audience to switch off their mobile phones during the performance, but despite this timely reminder, a loud ring tone can be heard only a few minutes into the film, the inconsiderate owner of the phone answering the call and proceeding to hold a loud conversation about his lost luggage. He gets his comeuppance, however, when the on-screen actors become annoyed at his behaviour and magically whisk him into their cinematic realm.

Having broken the 'fourth wall', the man (now played by Martin Short) wanders perilously through a variety of cinema classics, pursued by a beautiful silent-movie actress (Julie Delpy) who has fallen in love with him (only in a movie!), resulting in much hilarity.

While razor-sharp editing and fancy visual special effects ensure the seamless integration of Martin Short's character into the great selection of timeless movie moments, the specially equipped theatre throws a few additional surprises at the audience to ensure maximum enjoyment.
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Movie magic like you have never seen!
thibault-van-look6 February 2010
Want to make a magical journey through movie history? Then come to the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris and live one of the most magical movie-experiences ever. Cinémagique presents a exhilarating show where the movie is combined with in-theater special-effects as well as live-acting. It is a real threat for your eyes. The movie takes you along the most famous movies in history with one up tempo and clever storyline. Every movie-fanatic should, without exception, see this! I have seen this over a dozen times and it stays top of the line movie magic! That is also why this movie/attraction received the TEA award as one of the best conceived attractions in the world.
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Fab but not for little ones
kit_kat3225 May 2008
Absolutely fantastic but parents please be warned, this is not for little children as it has some very loud special effects.

They did not warn us about this on the way in and my husband had to take our one year old daughter out of the theatre as she was hysterical. (It may have said something on the door but we kind of rushed in there) Great for us big kids though : )

I would definitely recommend this, make sure you stay on the ball to spot all the movie references. Some of it is in French (the lead female is a french actress), but you get the gist of what is being said and the plot is easy to follow.

It has that magic that you would expect from Disney and Short is his usual dorky but funny self. The french actress who plays his love interest is stunning and although she speaks in french she translates well through emotion. I was also pleased to see a cameo from Alan Cumming who plays the mystical wizard with real flair.

There are also movie clips aplenty in this film and you will find yourself walking out of the huge cinema thinking 'I really must dig that movie out and watch it again when I get home'.

You really feel like you are part of the movie despite the fact that this is not 3D. I can't give the game away by telling you how they do this but believe me you will be talking about this long after your holiday!!
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When in Paris, Disneyland that is!!
Damfino189518 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a show in the Disney Studio Park in Disneyland Paris that is performed in both french and English, but, it doesn't spoil it in any way. It's not one of the most well known of the rides, but, an absolute must for any real film buff. All I will say is that it is almost like watching Buster Keaton's "Sherlock Jr" come to life, which is a kind of spoiler to some degree, but, there are still plenty of surprises in store and there is so much fun sitting there trying to name every film from which a clip is shown. The plot is nice, paper thin, but, that is not the reason you go to see this, but, the performances are very good and the special effects are excellent. What I will say is that you must take in this show if you ever visit Disneyland Paris.
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Fantastic Journey Through the History of Cinema
vicbstard21 September 2002
This film is shown at Disney Studios in Disneyland Resort Paris.

The show starts as you sit in a darkened auditorium. A silent movie starts only to be interrupted by a mobile 'phone ringing. I must admit that I was totally taken in by this and got really mad when the guy gets up and starts talking to the caller about his lost luggage!

It becomes clear that the characters in the movie are aware of the man and with a pointing finger and a flash of pyrotechnics, the man is transported into the world of the movie. We see that the guy is, in fact, Martin Short.

What prevails is a chase through various well known movies from classic silent black and white movies to talkies and then colour. Martin Short is cleverly integrated using new footage and "Forrest Gump" style effects.

If you go to Disneyland Paris, be sure to check it out!
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One of the most interesting things i've ever seen
brandyfan19 April 2002
I had the pleasure of seeing Cinémagique in Disney Studios Paris. It's a play, it's a film, it's all you could ever dream of. As the show kicks off you see various clips from black & white silent films & during the show the movies evolve. Martin Short (who plays George) then gets up on the stage & is captured into the film by a wizard. One of the best scenes is probably Titanic where George tries to save Leonardo Di Caprio but can't find the right door. Each door he opens has a clip of a character from various films (Hanibal, Monsters Inc. etc.). If you ever go to Disney Studios, this is a must see
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