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incredibly young
angelskully26 March 2005
The image and sound quality are not very good, but I think it's an excellent short movie. It's amazing to see the great and wonderful Gillian Anderson in this black and white short movie, with a young and cute face, blond and short hair. It was her very first try in front of the camera, and I can say it : she succeed! Who could imagine she will be the great actress we all know now!

We can hear her English accent, her tiny voice, and for sure, you will have a smile. It's a great performance here, even if the movie is old. It's a very original story about life who merits to have all your attention. we can see those 3 people talking to you as a ghosts... don't know. strange and thoughtfully in the same time.

have to be seen.
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confusing little film
zel23 May 2005
it took me several viewings to understand what was going on in the piece, but with time came enlightenment - really quite a thought-provoking and slightly creepy film. the focus of the movie - which consists of many smaller scenes - is the meeting of three individuals at a party, and the strange interactions that take place between them. Gillian Anderson does, in my opinion, the best job out of the three actors; she's very tiny and cute, with a high voice and just a hint of an accent. the film stays with the viewer, somehow - the last scene is especially compelling.

it was odd. I liked it.
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