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I Loved This Movie!
Joyenz4 December 2003
This movie is excellent. You really have to be from South Africa to appreciate it like I do. I had noticed the last person's comment made it sound like it was a terrible movie. It is a comedy and not slapstick right in your face comedy like a lot of the movies made by Hollywood are today. If you get the chance to see it, do so!
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A political prophecy from South Africa in the form of a comedy
yorgos-415 June 2005
On one hand, this is a nice comedy. The basic situation (winning the jackpot and just falling into some years of coma) is simple but good enough for starting the comedy. Waking up in a completely different world - you can imagine how strange it could be. But on the other hand, this is something like a political prophecy as well. Falling in coma in the Apartheid regime and waking up in the world of Nelson Mandela, you can believe it is much more than a simple Hollywood-like comedy. So the movie is wonderful, it has an atmosphere you really can't forget. When first I saw it, Mr. Frederik Willem De Klerk was the president of South Africa. Well, it was already in the air that Mr. Mandela would follow him in such position. We in Eastern Europe felt the same 'wind of change' at that time. I think I don't have to tell more about this movie - just try to borrow it or buy it if it is available on VHS/DVD (I saw it on TV) and you'll see what I was talking about.
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A great comedy by the genius Leon Schuster
raeesa_p129 April 2011
This movie is absolutely awesome. Firstly, you don't need to be South African to enjoy this film as almost all of the dialogue is in English. Secondly, this movie is filled with jokes right from the word go. Sweet (Leon Schuster) plays hilarious jokes on his colleague Weedle and even though this movie is a comedy, the storyline is not half bad and really shows you want South Africa is about; the passion for rugby, fun in the sun and also everyone coming together as one in the great place known as The Rainbow Nation. This is truly one of Leon Schusters best movies. This movie is also one of Alfred's first movies and he is so cute in here. I would definitely recommend anyone to watch this film and i guarantee that you will laugh your socks off.
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Please, no!
Marcin Zukowski21 October 2003
I had this bad luck to see this movie on a bus when I was coming back from abroad. I was staring at it, and couldn't believe my own eyes - how could anyone create such a terrible thing??? Was it nineties or twenties?
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