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Charlotte Observer
If you've been seduced by Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage version of "The Phantom of the Opera," you'll fall in love with the gorgeous, splendidly cast film.
Phantom, still running on Broadway after sixteen years, is a rapturous spectacle. And the movie, directed full throttle by Joel Schumacher, goes the show one better.
Scotsman Gerard Butler does a fine job as the charismatic, ghostly character.
I am recommending a movie that I do not seem to like very much. But part of the pleasure of moviegoing is pure spectacle -- of just sitting there and looking at great stuff and knowing it looks terrific. There wasn't much Schumacher could have done with the story or the music he was handed, but in the areas over which he held sway, he has triumphed.
Fans will cheer at Schumacher's faithful inflation of Webber's vision, which interprets all that pomp and bombast as if the show were some sort of overblown Vegas attraction.
The Hollywood Reporter
What the film most damagingly lacks though is a sense of mystery and danger.
Entertainment Weekly
The result isn't liberated from the stage; it's trapped, with waxworks literalness, onscreen.
San Francisco Chronicle
With Lloyd Webber onboard not just as composer but also co-screenwriter and producer, the film seemed destined to stay true to its roots rather than attempt to transcend them.
New York Daily News
Finally, you get down to the music, which is easy to take for the first hour, before it starts doubling and tripling back on itself, in an unnerving and seemingly unending spiral of repetition.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Combines fingernails-on-blackboard audio agony with bamboo-under-fingernails physical torture.
Wall Street Journal
An experience best likened to being battered by hurricane-force winds generated by an organ with all stops pulled permanently out.

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