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Teaser for Ironclad is here

Apparently they have created a teaser trailer out of the first 2 weeks of shooting which is what you will see below. Its nothing amazing, but it does get you excited for what they have in store with the rest of the film. For those of you that don’t know, Ironclad is directed by Jonathan English (Minotaur, Nailing Vienna) and stars Paul Giamatti, James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Jason Flemying, Derek Jacobi and Kate Mara. Here is what we have as far as synopsis goes:

A ragtag group of Knights Templar hold out for months against the hard-fought siege of Rochester Castle in the thirteenth Century. Set in the time of King John’s signing of the Magna Carta treaty, the group struggles against the King to defend the freedom of their country.

We also know that Paul Giamatti is playing King John in the film…outside of that details are pretty bare.
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First Look: James Purefoy as William of Pembroke in Ironclad

Now that's a big frickin' sword! Empire has debuted the first photo from Ironclad, a medieval movie in the works from writer/director Jonathan English (of Nailing Vienna, Minotaur previously). Below you'll find a photo of James Purefoy as the Earl of Pembroke, Capt. William Marshall (a real historical character who also is appearing in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood played by William Hurt). The film is described as a "medieval Seven Samurai" about a determined group of Knights Templar who defend Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John in the 13th century. This photo is not much to look at, but damn that sword is huge! In addition to Purefoy, Ironclad also stars Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Robert Carlyle, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite, and Kate Mara. Apparently in the film Giamatti is "in pure Shoot 'Em Up snarling-villain mode, facing off against the noble and true James Purefoy.
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Exclusive: Megan Fox and Paul Giamatti Join Ironclad Cast

Today we picked up a very interesting casting scoop on an upcoming project called Ironclad. A source close to the production mentioned that Megan Fox and Paul Giamatti have joined the cast alongside of Richard Attenborough and Bob Hoskins. Ironclad is somewhat of a castle epic based on the true story of the great siege of Rochester castle. Jonathan English (of Minotaur and Nailing Vienna previously) wrote the story and will produce and direct the film, which will start shooting next March with a rumored budget of $25 million. The addition of Fox and Giamatti have otherwise put this project into the spotlight. In the year 1215, the rebels of England forced the tyrannical King John to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, but months later he broke the seal and assembled an army to take over the country again. In his way was the Rochester castle, a place ...
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