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Only 80% of all scenes were finished when River Phoenix died.
During production the relationship between star River Phoenix and co-star Judy Davis was not great. In an open Q&A at the Jerusalem Film Festival (2013), director George Sluizer stated that River had personally asked him to postpone the scenes in which Boy and Buffy have intimate touch. Due to River's sudden death those scenes were never shot.
In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Jonathan Pryce cited making this film as the worst job he had ever done: 'It was a horrible experience even before River Phoenix died. I adored him, but other factors on the production made me never want to act again.'
According to director George Sluizer the unfinished movie was stored in the warehouse of the insurance company. With the help of some associates Sluizer was able to steal the movie, which he brought to New York and then shipped the 700 kg of footage to Holland where the film lied in storage up to the point Sluizer had managed to gather enough money to finish it.
Director George Sluizer now owns the material and has suggested that he might use some footage as documentary material about River Phoenix.
River Phoenix wasn't director George Sluizer's first and only choice for Boy's role. He asked Johnny Depp first but he wasn't interested in reading the script.
Dark Blood was shown for the first time on September 27th 2012 at the Netherlands Film Festival. Although the Phoenix family offered no support to this movie, it is reputed that River Phoenix's mother wished the makers all the best.
The film is unfinished due to the death of actor River Phoenix on 31 October 1993, 11 days before the scheduled completion date.
Due to River Phoenix's sudden death shooting the film was never finished, at the final cut (2013) director George Sluizer is reading from the script as a narration of the missing scenes.
In May 2012 Director George Sluizer decided to crowd-fund his post-production to finish 'Dark Blood' through www.cinecrowd.nl.
When River Phoenix was first offered the role of Boy in April 1993 there were concerns that his drug addictions were too severe for him to be able to work.
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In early production meetings between star River Phoenix and director George Sluizer, Sluizer had mentioned to Phoenix that he was suffering from a headache. In return, Hollywood star River Phoenix offered to personally go to the pharmacy and buy Sluizer anti-migraine pills.
Michael Caine was originally announced for the Jonathan Pryce role.
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In October 2011 the Dutch film company, Eyeworks, expressed plans to finish Dark Blood in cooperation with director George Sluizer.
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