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22 Apr. 2001
Four high school friends go to separate colleges, trying to maintain their friendships. Nitz runs into Kimmy Burton, his long-time high school crush who he finds out is a member of the Drama department, and wants to meet her at a dorm-mixer. But she might have a thing for Mark, the Drama Guy who she doesn't know is gay. Rocko wants to get into a Fratenity, and insists on passing an initiation they don't have. Gimpy vows to spend all year in his dorm, and gets his fellow nerds to spy on Rocko, while Cal is too swamped with girls hitting on him.
29 Apr. 2001
Nitz snubs college traditions like the Exposed Expo, where students run around naked on campus during the first snowfall, but then he changed his mind when he finds Kimmy Burton is joining, until he puts on some extra weight. Gimpy slams traditions week at Techerson Tech, until Rita the R.A. makes fun of him, then vows to prove himself to be the new "traditions master" with the help of his minions.
6 May 2001
As a virgin, Nitz could only be grateful for the opportunity to make love to Kimmy Burton. But when he finds out she does part-time volunteer work at the local free clinic, he mistakenly assumes she's a slut, and vows to be extra virginal. Cal tries to abstain from sex himself, after fearing the possibility that he might've gained a sexually transmitted disease. Rocko pretends to be a virgin to gain Charity's trust, so he can make his former high school girlfriend jealous on her upcoming visit.
13 May 2001
New Friends
Nitz finds that Rocko, Gimpy and Cal are too wrapped up in their own interests to celebrate his birthday, So Jessie invites him to to meet her friends, would-be film student Rob Brody, profanity-spewing Crougar, and laughing fool Dan. Gimpy loses his minions to a rival named Spud, a hardcore Trekkie who vows to destroy everything associated with his Star Wars fan-dom. When Gimpy challenges Spud to a duel so he can regain them, the weapon of choice is the video game "Quake." However it has to be a team competition, and with only Rocko and Cal as his team mates, he may ...
8 Jun. 2001
After a day of binge-drinking Rocko starts seeing Bobby Whiskey(Josh A. Cagan), an imaginary six-foot tall talking whiskey bottle, and vows to stop drinking after a huge hangover. This does not help Nitz who needs to get into a bar just to meet Kimmy Burton, something he can only do if he can get a fake I.D. card. Gimpy comes to the rescue for him in that department, but when word gets out about his ability to make fake I.D.'s, it completely consumes his life.
15 Jun. 2001
Annoyed by the antics of Cal, Nitz decides to stay with Jessie, who he suddenly finds is very much a woman when her towel falls off in front of him. Speaking of women, Gimpy encounters a female on-line hacker named "She-Prime" who he originally views as a threat, then starts to form what passes for a relationship with her.
22 Jun. 2001
When Kimmy Burton might be transferred to England, Nitz tries to get her an elaborate travel clock. Two things stand in the way though; 1)Rocko gets thrown out of his frat house for the weekend and diverts Nitz's ability to order that clock by taking him out to as many bars as he can. 2)Gimpy and the rest of his minions get their Internet access cut off by Rita the R.A. Gimpy leads a student rebellion against her using a secret weapon to distract her -- that weapon is Cal.
29 Jun. 2001
Nitz and Gimpy, normally drawn together by a love of trivia, suddenly find they have to compete with each other in an on-line trivia contest for State U. and Teckerson Tech respectively. Cal volunteers his services as State U's mascot, who Rocko keeps beating up in order to instill school pride for his school, Central State Junior Community College.
6 Jul. 2001
Financial Aid
A bureaucratic mix-up causes Nitz to miss his most recent financial aid check, turning him into the symbol for the plight of apparently oppressed college students. Meanwhile Rocko joins the local R.O.T.C. and finds out they're all a bunch of nerdy wimps.
22 Jul. 2001
Identity Crisis
Just when Nitz thinks he has college life in the bag, he finds out that nobody recognizes him from first semester. When he tries and fails miserably to reinvent himself, he shuts himself off in his room and is dubbed by his fellow students as "Room Guy." Cal finds out there's an "I Hate Cal" website directed at him, and seeks self-improvement advice from Rocko, which backfires on both Cal AND Rocko.
29 Jul. 2001
Work Study
Nitz receives a credit card from his parents but the clique takes advantage of him and makes him go over his limit. To repay his debt, he gets a menial job at the school library, while Rocko, Cal, and Gimpy manage to get large amounts of money to pay Nitz back, in hopes that they can start doing it all over again.
4 Nov. 2001
Gimpy, Cal, and Rocko all devise an elaborate scheme to get Nitz to stay and play a game of Risk with them...with hilarious results.
Nov. 2001
Screw Week
The end of Freshman year is the last chance for Nitz to hook up with Kimmy Burton, which annoys the hell out of Jessie. Kimmy is an emotional wreck about her last days in college for numerous reasons, among them her unrequited love for her ever flamboyant classmate Mark. Rocko seeks off-campus housing for the clique, much to the chagrin of Gimpy who futilely resists leaving his dorm room. Cal gets R.A. training from The Duggler, while Brody and Crougar finally try to do something nobody on this show has ever done before... STUDY!


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