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Never trust a Vardian
phbalanced12 April 2005
Though only one season in length, this Toronto-produced series tidied everything up in the end so viewers weren't left hanging waiting for a new season that never happened. Compared to The Highlander TV series, Adrian Paul is much different in this role as the energy sustained alien called a Cirronian. Interesting set of aliens which take the form of everyday human beings which AP's character Cole Hauser hunts down including ones that can disappear, others which need water to survive, and the most evil race called Vardians, one of which was played by Geraint Wyn Davies. An okay supporting cast of characters led by restauranteur Mel Porter and her side-kick Jess Brown, though the latter was written out midway through the season and replaced by a chatterbox yet comical alien named Nestov who was a Dessarian. Due to the cancellation of the series, the relationship between the two main leads didn't develop into anything more than just friendship. And isn't that a shame, since Cole was a fast learner. Good effort by Adrian Paul who combined a great sense of humour in his role of an alien learning to be human while battling aliens with the usual sci-fi stuff. And if you're lucky enough to be watching the series on Canadian TV, look for a behind-the-scenes featurette with commentary by some of the writers and director David Wu.
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Worth watching....
JALETOL-117 March 2002
Each episode is better than the previous one. It has been well planned and scripted. Worth watching. There is adventure, laughter, drama, comedy. Tracker is based on a story written by Gil Grant. Accordingly, 218 aliens (from other planets) enter earth thru a wormhole, land in Chicago. You do not see the aliens as creatures, since they were light beams and have taken over 218 human host bodies. The Tracker (played by Adrian Paul) did not take a human host, but rather transformed into a human body after viewing a advertisement on board. When he captures an alien, he doesn't kill just takes the light beam from the host body. There are fights, but no killing. I am not to good with words, but I can say that I enjoy this series tremenously. If you wish for a different type of show, give this one a chance, you will not regret it.
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Miss_MiChiMi4 March 2005
I was a fan of the Highlander series and definitely a fan of Adrian Paul. When it was announced that he was going to be in new series, I thought it was about time, he had been off the radar long enough. I anxiously awaited the premiere of this show. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

Unless just being able to look at Adrian Paul is enough to placate you as a viewer for an hour, this show was not worth the time it took to watch it. He didn't act, he just hung out in front of the camera. The other "actors" in the series need to hone their skills a little more. The premise, writing, sets, direction...all subpar. Skip this.
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Highlander revisited
Mikew300123 June 2006
Once there was a time - in the nineties of the last century - when a supernatural fighter, armed with a sword and long hair and played by Adrian Paul - took the heritage of "Highlander" Christopher Lambert and fought supernatural enemies on earth in a TV Series of the same name.

Ten years later on, the same actor, this time with short hair and without the sword, has to track down more supernatural enemies again on TV. This time, he's the "Tracker", comes from another time and space again, and has a super brain, super weapons and super power and tracks down several gangsters and killers with the same attributes all over the country... again, he's accompanied by some good-looking earthy Blondes and has to face the weirdest enemies in hard-fought fights after 45 minutes.

While the "Highlander" TV series was a big hit in Germany and was broadcast on RTL Television at prime time, "Tracker" runs on a smaller station early in the morning at 5am. It looks like a sci-fi remix of "Highlander" with some elements of "The X-Files", "Profiler", "Quantum Leap" and also with some "Star Trek" and cyberspace utopia. But all in all, it's a nice and entertaining series with some good ideas and a relaxed and cool Adrian Paul, whose biggest success will always be the long-haired man with the sword from the hills...
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Surprisingly low-key "thriller"
budikavlan30 June 2002
Rather blah if otherwise well-made sci-fi vehicle for "Highlander" star Adrian Paul. He's in control here, and this series was seemingly constructed around his personal charm, but to this point he's evidently shooting for subtlety. The performances aren't really bad, but bland; if the cast is holding back some "oomph" to be revealed later, one can only hope the show isn't cancelled before they get the chance. The action and suspense are low-key as well. And leaving aside the set-up and a couple of gadgets, there's very little in the way of science fiction present. I can't really say I dislike the show, but the producers had better hope it's not scheduled against very strong competition (it comes on at 2AM Sunday here).
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Good show, improving with each episode
Sheeza3 December 2001
I will admit that I am an Adrian Paul fan. I also love Science Fiction in books, film, and television. While this show may not be unique in idea, it does bring new things that haven't been utilized in other shows of its type.

Tracker starts out sort of rough, and doesn't answer many questions. But if you stick with it, those questions do get answered. Each episode explores Cole and Zin a little bit more than the week before.

The actors work well together. We all would love to see a show that feels like it is in its third season when it has really only just begun. Many television shows don't start out all that great, but then come into their own as they grow together as a cast and the story starts to unfold.

Give Tracker a shot. There are funny moments and great effects.
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Venus-2528 October 2001
I love to look at Adrian Paul, but I truly think his talents are wasted here. It does not look as though this series will make use of his better athletic abilities, and we will have to wait at least several episodes before his sex appeal will be truly employed. This prime asset is severely underutilized in a character who is terribly naive and clearly a fish out of water. If we are to believe that he possesses the intelligence to do what he is supposed to do, he will have to learn a lot of things awfully fast. It's as though he is trying too hard NOT to be Duncan MacLeod.

The premise of the series is a little too much like "Brimstone" but without the darkness and without the appropriately menacing adversary. The villains will be cartoonish and the stories will be formulaic. Diehard fans of Adrian Paul and Geraint Wyn-Davies will tune in, but this program needs a lot of work before it comes up to the level of these two actors, who certainly deserve better material.
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Misses the Mark
karenlynn127 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes for Highlander star Adrian Paul's new series when I had first heard about it. I had very high hopes that he'd have success equal to--or greater than--Highlander:The Series.

My biggest disappointment was in how wooden Paul's performance of Cole was; and how cliché the underlying romance between "Cole" and the Mel seemed.

"Cole" was an alien tracker, sent to rid the earth of evil aliens disguised as humans. Unlike the evil aliens who kill each human that they commandeer the body off, Cole steals the likeness of a picture on the billboard. A gorgeous male underwear model. As he's running down the road, completely oblivious to the fact that he should be wearing clothing, he is picked up by the lovely blonde Mel. Yeah, I know. DOn't pick up hitchhikers--especially nekkid ones.

Each episode--correct me if I'm wrong--always seemed to be 1/2 about Mel and Cole and their underlying feelings, and her teaching him to act more human. The other half was about him absorbing the life forces of his enemies into this little octagon shaped device.

It's an okay SciFi series. Not great, just Okay. But not nearly as great as Highlander: The Series, and nowhere near as wonderful as Farscape.
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Good Film for a Jockey Commercial
whpratt12 September 2005
This was a very entertaining TV series and Adrian Paul( Cole/Daggon),"The Breed",'01, was in complete control as the Tracker and started off in the film walking down the road as big as life in only Jockey briefs and Amy Price Frances(Mel Porter),"Our Fathers",'05 TV had her eyes almost pop out looking at this image of a man heading towards her. Mel manages to take him under her wing and eventually finds out what he is trying to do as an Alien Tracker. There are many fascinating fight scenes among fellow aliens and you at times, just wonder how the film will ever end, or if the tracker will accomplish his mission. If you like mild Sci-Fi and enjoy Adrian Paul and Amy Price Frances talents, this is the film for you to enjoy. There are even some very comical scenes with pin ups and an alien who looks like a hot sexy Pin UP with lots of curves in all the right places
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I really enjoyed Tracker!
hpt5 November 2002
I am a fan of Adrian Paul, so when I started watching Tracker, it was because of Adrian. But each show got better and better, and I loved the way they developed the characters and the overall premise of the program. I was disappointed when it wasn't picked up for a second season, because there was so much promise! However, thankfully, we can still see the show in re runs!
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