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Season 4

21 Feb. 2005
The Secret Snake Club
It's school club day, and Billy, Irwin and Mandy all join different clubs. Irwin joins a macramé club, Billy a junior CIA club and Mandy the Secret Snake Club, which turns out to be merely a front for nerds to get revenge on cool kids.
1 Apr. 2005
He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot/Hog Wild
Billy is ordered by Mindy to look after the Endsville school mascot, with typically disastrous results. In "Hog Wild", Billy's flagrant disregard of the rules lands him in deep trouble when he messes with his father's new motorcycle, which he has been forbidden to touch.
8 Apr. 2005
The Bad News Ghouls/House of No Tomorrow
In "The Bad News Ghouls", when Billy's baseball team (that is playing against Mindy's own team) turns down Mandy as a new teammate because she is a girl, she has Grim disguise her as a boy named Manfred. In "The House of No Tomorrow", Billy, Mandy and Grim's outing to a character-themed amusement park goes south when they stumble upon and enter the abandoned House of Tomorrow.
15 Apr. 2005
Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears/Secret Decoder Ring
In "Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears", Billy, Mandy and Grim all meet a suspicious woman named Serisue, who gives Mandy a paying job as spokesperson for the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears, and soon, abnormal things happen. In "The Secret Decoder Ring", Billy finds a decoder ring in his cereal box which he tries to use to find the secret of the universe. However, he is not the only one trying to do it like this.
3 Jun. 2005
Wild Parts/The Problem with Billy
In "Wild Parts", a nose-less wizard searches for a new nose so he can smell again... and he selects Billy's bulbous proboscis for it. In "The Problem With Billy", annoyed at Billy's idiocy, Grim consults Billy's father on the subject, but he contradicts this by recounting Billy's life, in which Billy is claimed to actually be a genius!
10 Jun. 2005
Billy, Mandy and Grim stumble upon a skull that contains nine wishes, all of which must be granted before it can be freed.
17 Jun. 2005
Dream Mutt/Scythe for Sale
In "Dream Mutt", Billy's wish for a new dog comes true, thanks to Grim, but can this friendship between a boy and his dog last? In "Scythe For Sale", Billy inadvertently sells Grim's scythe to Irwin.
24 Jun. 2005
Jeffy's Web/Irwin Gets a Clue
In "Jeffy's Web", Jeff the spider lays a thousand eggs and asks Billy to take care of them. In "Irwin Gets a Clue", Irwin becomes Hoss Delgado's sidekick.
24 Jun. 2005
Duck/Aren't You Chupacabra to See Me?
In "Duck!", the spirit of a duck follows everyone in Endsville around making Bronx cheer noises. In "Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me?", Billy befriends a Chupacabra that lives in an enchanted VHS tape and can emerge into reality via the TV.
27 Jun. 2005
Zip Your Fly/Puddle Jumping
In "Zip Your Fly", a "wardrobe malfunction" on the part of a magic zipper causes Mandy and a fly to switch heads with one another. In "Puddle Jumping", Billy, Mandy and Grim have fun with an enchanted kiddie pool that has the power to transport them to other bodies of water in alternate dimensions.
28 Jun. 2005
Runaway Pants/Scythe 2.0
In "Runaway Pants", Nergal, Jr. turns into a pair of pants. In "Scythe 2.0", Grim tries to upgrade to a new scythe, with disastrous results.
29 Jun. 2005
The Firebird Sweet/The Bubble with Billy
In "The Firebird Sweet", Billy discovers a magical phoenix inside a box of Frosted Golden Apple Scraps. In "The Bubble With Billy", Billy receives from Grim some underworld gum, which must not be swallowed.
30 Jun. 2005
Billy Idiot/Home of the Ancients
In "Billy Idiot", Billy pursues his dream of being a ballet dancer. In "Home of the Ancients", Grim, Billy and Mandy are sentenced to community service in a retirement home.

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