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Damaduende2 September 2003
I really liked this show. The only thing is that I watched it on Hallmark Channel, and in here, sometimes this network cuts the movies so they can fit them in the two hour range they have. So, even though I watched the two parts, I´m not really sure if all the pieces that I find missing, are really missing or if it is a problem of the network. All in all, with missing pieces and all, I find it a pretty well acted tale, with a great story, romantic where it should be romantic, and tragic where it should be tragic. I tape it, and if I can find an original copy, I´ll buy it.
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Lilibetp26 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers ahead. This movie was soooooo bad compared to the original series. Did the producers really think we weren't going to notice they moved production from Tennessee to the Canadian Rockies?????? Give me a break!!! Lauren Lee Smith, the girl who played Christy, was *not* Christy. She was this pretty little insipid thing with zilch talent who should never have been cast in this role. Stewart Finlay-McLennan is so chemistry-laden just on his own, that I would have thought he could have chemistry with anyone. Unfortunately, there was nada chemistry between the two of them. The scene where Fairlight died was so overwrought and hammy it was almost funny. That wouldn't have happened if they'd kept Tess Harper in the role. The actors who did stay in their roles were fine and Diane Ladd was good as Miss Alice, but the other recast actors were all just awful, the *only* exception being James Waterston, who should have played David in the series - he was quite impressive, fit the character as Marshall wrote him much better than Randall Batinkoff (I'm not knocking Batinkoff as an actor- he's very talented, he just didn't work for me as David). My advice: watch the series and read the book, but don't waste your time with this bit of dreck.
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