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The invasion begins

Author: avi0107
27 July 2008

Match 1: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Kurt Angle vs. Christian Not a bad start but I expected more, specially with Angle. It was still solid tho. 5/10

Match 2: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Edge vs. Rhyno Solid again but nothing great. 5.5/10

Match 3: WWF Tag Team Championship Dudley Boys vs Spike Dudley and ? Good choice of partner for Spike. A good match but again the level of the PPV was pretty average so far. 5/10

Match 4: King of the Ring Tournament Final ? vs. ? The final. I'm not a fan of King of the ring tournaments on PPV. At least, only the final should feature on the PPV. Still, a good match. I have the feeling it could have been better. Still good tho. 6/10

Match 4: WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac Two pretty spectacular wrestlers who never showed what they are capable of in the match. Again, it wasn't bad but still average, we expect more from a PPV. 4.5/10

DDP-Taker confrontation. The confrontation was well build up. It was pretty one sided but I actually expected it to be more brutal. Taker is worth more than being used for storyline builders on PPV. 6/10

Match 5: Street Fight Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon Match. Match of the night by far. Very brutal. Shane is impressive, very impressive for a non wrestler. The match feature a move that could have literally cost Shane's life. Amazing match. 9.5/10

Match 6: WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho Lots of speculations and rumors around this one. Well build up. Not the best triple threat match ever but certainly not a bad one. I know Austin is the heel..still, sometimes he appeared too weak, which is bad. So solid match for sure featuring the beginning of Invasion. The ending tho was a little disappointing. Still deserves a 7/10

Overall an average PPV. Angle vs. Shane comes out as one of the highlights of the year tho. Main event was good, the KOR final was quite good too but the other matches are all average.

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Average PPV except one match

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
26 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. KoR Semifinals Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Christian - Angle advanced after Shane O'mac helped him. match was quite exciting. 8/10

2. KoR Semifinals Match: Edge Vs. Rhyno - Edge won. Crowd wasn't much into that match, neither I. Couldn't say why. 7/10

3. WWF Tag Team Championship: Dudley Boyz Vs. Spike Dudley/Kane - There was terrible mistake, D-Von didn't catch to stop Kane's pin and referee stop to count after 2, looked like an complete idiot. Dudleyz won. 7/10

4. KoR Finals Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Edge - Edge was winner, great booking but match was plain. Some mistakes, and Edge needed help... So we are supposed to think he's weak. 7.5/10

5. WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Champ-Jeff Hardy Vs. X-Pac - Jeff retained, Haha, I have to laugh how X-Pac Jobbed in these days now. There were small and great mistakes. 6.5/10

Fight Between DDP and Taker - totally stupid feud. We knew that DDP got Kimberly and we should believe he stalked Sara :) He wasn't even treatment for Taker, he was supposed to be heel and Undertaker beat the s*it outta him. That invasion thing sucked in this feud as its best. 0/10

7. Street Fight: Shane McMahon Vs. Kurt Angle - They put some tough effort. Shane performed Shooting Star Press! And received enormous bumps. 10/10

8. Triple Threat WWF Championship: Champ-Stone Cold Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho - Average main event. SA of course won. 6.5/10

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Author: David Demarest ( from Beachwood, NJ
29 November 2001

This was an excellent PPV that sent a lot of careers going up and reestablished a lot of guys status as legends.

Kurt Angle-This guy is your olympic hero mine "Oh Its True Its True" but after watching him in this ppv he became one of my favorites, he was able to face two rising superstars in Christian and Edge(see below) and then if that isn't enough he was able to go through one of the most brutal matches i've ever seen in the street fight with Shane O' Mac. What a night by our olympic gold medalist, he deserved to be WWF champ for a lot longer than 2 weeks.

Edge-What a performer, if this guy doesn't have a serious run at the WWF title within 3 years there is something wrong with the WWF creative team. Not only was he able to put on a great match against another rising talent in Rhyno, but than able to put a stellar performance against Kurt Angle(see above). He is very well deserving of the title King of the Ring. He will also be well deserving of the WWF title within he next few years.

DDP-What a treat it was to see this great wrestler, who was rotting away for years in the old WCW, finally get a chance to shine in the WWF. What a good job by the WWF creative team to reveal that the man stalking the Undertakers wife Sara for weeks was this man was none other than the King of Bada Bing. Keep giving him angles like this and he will definitly be someone to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Booker T- What a way to come in, attacking the WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin during the main event. This man may be the most underrated performer in all of wrestling. Although his appearance in this show was brief it had a huge impact on the entire show. Look for more great things from this man real soon.

Shane McMahon-Wow this kid is crazy. Why does he do it he's a billionaire. The street fight with him and Kurt Angle ranks right up there with Rock-Mankind Royal Rumble 1999 "I Quit" match in terms of brutality. Shane never ceases to amaze with the bumps that he is willing to take in order to make his matches the best they can be.

All in all this was an awesome PPV, if not for anything buy it for the Shane-Kurt street fight that was brutal, as well as the PPV debuts of WCW stars DDP and Booker T, what a good show!!!!

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2 excellent matches.

Author: Gary Ballance from Dublin, Ireland
9 September 2001

2001's King of the Ring was quite enjoyable. While the actual KotR tournament wasn't great (it was a risky move putting 4 heels in the final 4), two matches in particular were outstanding:

- Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle (Street Fight). I am constantly amazed by Shane's in-ring skills (he could show some of the WWF's roster- X Pac, Dudleys- a thing or two). He puts in a lot of effort in this match, as well as Angle (who wrestles his 3rd match of the night). Very good spots in this match, esp. Shane's Shooting Star Press and a few nasty bumps (Angle's botched Overhead Suplex where Shane landed on his head, as well as an Overhead Suplex through a glass set prop.) A spectacular ending caps off a great match,which is the best of the night.

- Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Triple Threat Match for the WWF Title). Also a great match. Jericho, who has worked his ass off in the WWF for nearly two years, is rewarded with his first PPV main event, and it's a good one. Good technical wrestling between Jericho and Benoit (who manage to trap Austin in the Crippler Crossface and Walls of Jericho at the SAME TIME!) Features an appearance from a major WCW player and an extremely bizarre conclusion.

Other matches include X-Pac vs Jeff Hardy, Spike Dudley & Kane vs the Dudleyz, Diamond Dallas Page vs The Undertaker (non- sactioned brawl) and the KotR Tournament (featuring Edge, Christian, Rhyno and Kurt Angle)

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Recap of King of the Ring 2001

Author: wwe reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
30 June 2002

Match 1: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Kurt Angle vs. Christian Match starts off with Christian attacking Angle. Christian kicks Angle down in the corner. Slam by Angle. Angle kicks Christian down in the corner. Swinging neckbreaker by Christian for a two count. Ankle lock attempt by Angle. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Angle knocks Christian off the ring apron. Angle kicks CVhristian down on the outside. Angle shoves Christian off the top turnbuckle into the security wall. Back in the ring Angle is still in control. Spinning heel kick by Christian. Shane McMahon comes down to ringside. Angle clotheslines Christian. Angle notices Shane. Angle misses a top rope moonsault. Christian with an inverted backbreaker for a two count. Ankle lock by Angle but Christian makes it to the ropes. Christian hits the tomahawk but Shane pulled Christian off the pin. Angle olympic slams Christian back into the ring for the pin. Shane leaves with an approving smile. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 2: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Edge vs. Rhyno Rhyno spits in Edge's face. Spinning heel kick by Edge. Chops by Rhyno. Edge dropkicks Rhyno off the ring apron. Rhyno bounces Edge's head off the security wall. Edge crotches Rhyno on the security wall. Back in the ring Rhyno exposes a turnbuckle and sends Edge chest first into it. Rhyno with a corner spear. Rhyno with a running knee to the head for a two count. Rhyno with a body scissors on Edge. Rhyno with a knee to the gut. Rhyno hits a top rope splash for a two count. Edge drops Rhyno across the ropes. Clothesline by Edge. Neckbreaker by Edge. Edge with a top rope sunset flip for a two count. Spinebuster by Rhyno. Both men spear each other at the same time. Rhyno is the first to get up and gets a two count. Rhyno misses the gore. Edge capitalizes with the jumping ddt for the pin. Winner: Edge

Match 3: WWF Tag Team Championship Dudley Boys vs Spike Dudley and Kane Spike rushes the ring only to get beaten down. Kane comes in and clears the ring. Bubba press slams Spike onto Kane. Kane press slams Spike back onto Bubba for a two count. Spike with a drop toe hold on Dvon. Kane powerslams Dvon followed up by a big legdrop for a two count. Dvon pulls Spike down by his hair. Bubba with a sidewalk slam on Spike followed up by a Dvon legdrop. Bubba witha high back body drop on Spike. Bubba misses a sit down splash. Bubba powerbombs Spike for a two count. Dvon misses a top rope swan dive on Spike. Kane tagged in and cleans house. Kane with a neckbreaker on Bubba for a two count. Kane throws Dvon out of the ring. Kane powerslams Bubba for a two count. Kane clears the ring. Kane press slams Spike out of the ring onto Bubba and Dvon. Back in the ring Spike hits the dudley dog on Bubba but Dvon makes the save. Dudleys double suplex Kane followed up by the whassup headbutt. Spike hits a double missile dropkick. Dvon counters the dudley dog and he and Bubba hit Spike with the 3D for the pin. After the match Dudleys bring a table in the ring. Kane powerbombs Dvon and chokeslams Bubba through the table. Kane carries Spike to the back. Winners: Dudley Boys

Match 4: King of the Ring Tournament Final Kurt Angle vs. Edge Before the match Angle tells Edge he is sorry for what he said last week. Angle and Edge shake hands. Angle tells Edge there is no way he is beating him tonight. Angle tries to convince Edge to forfeit the match so Angle will be fresh in his match with Shane and so that he doesn't have to hand Edge's butt to him. Edge answers with a punch and the match is on. Edge kicks Angle down in the corner. Dropkick by Edge. Angle over head belly to belly suplexes Edge out of the ring. Angle follows out and sends Edge into the ring steps. Back in the ring Angle hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Edge with a rollup for a two count. Angle with an over head belly to belly suplex for a two count. Angle hiptosses Edge out of the ring. Angle drops Edge over the security wall. Edge crotches Angle on the top with a dropkick to the knees. Edge follows up with a top rope huricanrana for a two count. Clothesline by Edge. Edge catapults Angle into the corner. Christian runs down to the ring and distracts the referee while Edge had a pin. Angle with a rollup for a two count. Edge knocks out the referee by accident. Ankle lock on Edge. Edge taps but the ref is out. Shane McMahon comes to the ring and spears Angle. Shane leaves. Edge hits the jumping ddt for the pin. Winner and 2001 King of the Ring: Edge!

Match 4: WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac Jeff with an arm drag takedown. Jeff with a head scissors takeover. Jeff walks the security wall and comes off with a clothesline on Xpac. Back in the ring Jeff misses a corkscrew moonsault. Xpac hip tosses Jeff out of the ring. Xpac hits a springboard crossbody to the outside on Jeff. back in the ring Xpac hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Xpac hits another spinning heel kick for a two count. Xpac kicks Jeff down in the corner followed up by a missed bronco buster. Jeff with a dropkick followed up by a clothesline. Jeff drops the legs in the groin area of Xpac. Jeff hits a corkscrew moonsault for a two count. Jeff hits a top rope crossbody, Xpac rolls through and gets a two count. Xfactor on Jeff but he gets his foot on the ropes. Xpac thought he had it won. Jeff counters the xfactor with a powerbomb. Jeff hits the swanton bomb for the pin. Winner: Jeff Hardy

(DDP Special Appearance) DDP arrives in the ring. DDP says he is right here, not out there. DDP enters the ring and says he is right here and he demands that Undertaker get out there now! More footage is shown of DDP in the locker room area. Sarah is shown on the Titan Tron. She says it is now time for DDP to become famous. Undertaker's music hits. Undertaker walks slowly to the ring but not before putting on his black gloves. Undertaker enters the ring and the fight is on. Both men trade punches. Undertaker mounts DDP and punches him in the face. Undertaker kicks DDP down in the corner. DDP gives Undertaker a low blow. Undertaker knocks DDP out of the ring. Sarah comes down to ringside with a handheld camcorder and films the action. Undertaker rams DDP's head into the ring steps. DDP hits Undertaker with a chair. Undertaker spears DDP over the announce table. Back in the ring Undertaker punches DDP in the corner. Undertaker taunts DDP in front of Sarah's camera. DDP calls for time out. Undertaker kicks DDP out of the ring. DDP leaves through the crowd.

Match 5: Street Fight Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon Match starts off with an Angle spear. Belly to back suplex by Angle. Angle with a knee to the gut. Shane with a dragon screw leg whip. Angle has a cut above his right eye from a right hand from Shane. Angle with a gutwrench suplex. Angle with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle with forearm shots to the face. Shane kicks Angle in the gut. Shane counters a wastelock and sends Angle out of the ring. Angle chases Shane around the ring. Shane comes off the security wall over the announce table with a clothesline on Angle. Shane hits Angle multiple times with a kendo stick. Shane posts Angle. Shane clotheslines Angle over the security wall. Shane drives Angle into the ring apron. Shane spears Angle into the ring steps. Back in the ring Shane hits an elbow drop. Shane puts weapons in the ring. Shane hits Angle in the back with a sign. Shane counters the enzeguri with an ankle lock. Angle breaks the hold with a kick to the face. Shane with a ddt followed up by the sharpshooter. Angle uses the kendo stick to free himself. Shane with a straight right hand for a two count. Shane hits Angle in the head and chest with a trash can. Shane lays the trash can on top of Angle. Shane goes up top and misses a shooting star press, hitting the corner of the trash can. Angle dumps Shane out of the ring. Angle kicks Shane up the entrance aisle. Shane counters a suplex and hits one of his own. Angle sends Shane into the side wall of the staging area. Angle overhead belly to belly suplexes Shane into the stage wall. Angle does it again, this time sending Shane through the glass. Angle suplexes Shane up against a partition. Angle throws Shane through the glass partition. Both men have cuts all over their bodies. Angle puts Shane on top of an anvil case and pushes him back to the ring. Back in the ring Angle gets a two count. Shane low blows Angle followed up by trash can lid shots. Shane hits the olympic slam for a two count. Angle catapults Shane into the corner. Angle hits Shane in the back with a sheet of wood. Angle places the wood across the top ropes in the corner as a platform. Angle gives Shane the olympic slam off the platform for the pin. Shane gets a standing ovation as he is helped to the back. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 6: WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho If Austin loses the title, the Vince McMahon/Steve Austin alliance is over Austin stalls to get in the ring hoping that Vince will arrive. Benoit and Jericho run out and attack Austin. Benoit and Jericho double team Austin out in the crowd. Back in the ring Austin stomps on Benoit. Benoit and Jericho double chop Austin in the corner. Jericho pulls Benoit off a pin. Jericho accidently hits Benoit with a spinning heel kick. Jericho helps Benoit up and kicks him down in the corner. Austin and Jericho kick Benoit out of the ring. Benoit breaks up the walls of jericho on Austin. Benoit suplexes Jericho out of the ring. Benoit with a snap suplex on Austin. Austin throws Benoit out of the ring. Austin with a knee drop on Benoit for a two count. Austin runs Benoit into Jericho. Benoit counters the stunner and gives one of his own to Austin for a two count. Benoit hits Austin in the head with the belt, Jericho breaks the pin. Jericho and Benoit trade punches on the outside. Jericho posts Benoit. Austin escapes the walls of jericho by getting to the ropes. Jericho suplexes Austin for a two count. Austin hits Jericho with a spinebuster for a two count. Austin with a side russian leg sweep on Jericho for a two count. Austin brings Jericho to his knees with a sleeper. Jericho counters with a belly to back suplex. Austin and Jericho trade punches. Jericho with a flying forearm on Austin. Jericho missile dropkicks Benoit off the ring apron. Jericho with a bulldog on Austin followed up by the lionsault on Austin's knees. Austin with the Lou Thez press on Jericho. Benoit accidently hits Jericho in the head with a chair. Austin gives Benoit the stunner. Austin gets a two count on Jericho. Austin superplexes Jericho. Austin superplexes Jericho again, for a two count. Benoit gives Austin five german suplexes. Austin counters the sixth one with a mule kick. Jericho puts Austin in the walls of jericho at the same time Benoit puts Austin in the crossface. Austin taps out. The referee breaks the hold and says there can only be one champion. Benoit puts Jericho in the crossface. Jericho gets out and unsuccesfully looks for the walls of jericho. Benoit snap suplexes Jericho for a two count. Benoit baseball slides into a chair in Austin's face. Jericho suplexes Benoit out of the ring. Booker T shows up at ringside and attacks Austin. Booker T sidewalk slams Austin through the spanish announce table. Booker T leaves through the crowd. Jericho counters a third german suplex with the walls of jericho, Benoit makes it to the ropes. Jericho slams Benoit from the top. Jericho hits Benoit with a bulldog followed up by the lionsault for a two count. Jericho and Benoit fall out of the ring. Jericho hits Austin with the top of the announce table. Jericho puts Austin back in the ring. Jericho hits Austin with a top rope moonsault, Benoit breaks the count. Benoit hits Austin with a top rope swan dive, Jericho pulls the referee out. Benoit with a top rope belly to back suplex on Jericho. Austin rolls over on Benoit for the pin. Winner: Steve Austin

Just would like to say that this PPV was crap. The only good match was the Shane vs Kurt Angle street fight match. All the other matches weren't very good, especially the main event. That match went on too long and it was a stupid idea to begin with. This PPV deserves a C- (minimum pass)

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Great Event

Author: Jason Cunnington from Daventry, England
27 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

King of the Ring 2001

My Muscles Ache. My Mind is Spent. My Body is Broken. Lead Me To My Throne.

Best King of the Ring ever and finally Edge is set on his road to Greatness.

KOTR Semi-Final: Kurt Angle defeated Christian

Good match with both giving it their all

KOTR Semi-Final: Edge defeated Rhyno

Again a good match with both giving it their all and setting up a fantastic final

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) defeated Kane and Spike Dudley to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship

Nice twist having Kane as Spikes mystery partner and a good match to go with it better than expected.

KOTR Final: Edge defeated Kurt Angle to win the King of the Ring tournament

Good match with Shane McMahon helping Edge pick up the victory and getting more build up to the Angle Vs Shane Match

Jeff Hardy defeated X-Pac to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

I'm not X-Pac's biggest fan whilst he's a Heel but this was a good match and gave us all a further insight to Jeff Hardys potential as a singles competitor

Kurt Angle defeated Shane McMahon in a Street Fight

Absolutely brutal match with Shane taking some nasty bumps, you couldn't even tell Kurt had wrestled two other matches

Steve Austin defeated Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat match to retain the WWF Championship

Good match which saw Austins dominance of the WWF continue, great interference from Booker T to get the InVasion rolling

Overall a good PPV with a new king and a brutal Street Fight for highlights

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best King of the Ring ever

Author: mark adams
7 August 2002

The most enjoyable king of the ring ever the first i saw live on sky sports. The street fight was the best match of the night. Kurt was lucky to beat shane. And the Booker T jump in at the main event the wcw champ taking out the wwf champ great show

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