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I thought Kelly was actually retarded for the first half hour.
AstarothCY17 July 2006
I wasn't sure if it was a serious film or not for a very long time, what with the horribly ridiculous acting/plot/dialogue/direction. I was kinda hoping it was just a shitty Scream/Scary Movie clone but no, this is a completely serious film. It's quite amazing that this film was even produced, you would have thought that no one would take on such an embarrassingly bad script, but I guess some people are just too desperate for cash.

The amazing Elisabeth Moss delivers a truly stunning leading role that is a masterclass of bad acting. She has this retarded half-grin on her face in every single scene, even when she wakes up scared in the middle of the night, or when she's talking about her mother, CONSTANTLY.

I was pretty impressed by how they managed to have every single actor in this film completely suck at acting. It's pretty hard to decide who was actually the worst actor but they were all exceptionally unskilled. I laughed out loud on several occasions. I even had to change the channel a few times cause it just got embarrassingly bad.

Easily the worst film I have ever seen. Let's hope all the people involved in this never work again. Ever.
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Brush that freaking hair!!!
Jennifer2 July 2016
The one thing that drove me crazy about this movie is the fact that Kelly always looked like she needed to brush her hair. Drove me freaking crazy!!!! Could they not afford a hair and makeup person? Or did she never look in the mirror. She looked like she rolled around in bed and walked on set. Maybe she did not own one!! It was so distracting to see her hair like Einstein in ever shot there was no way I could take anything seriously. I might have gave it 5 stars if the director had made her brush that mop. The story was okay. I think this might have been a lot better if they would have cast better actors.I think the little girl was the best actor in the whole movie. The only thing you heard her do was laugh!
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Don't waste your time.
cruisinsuzy25 October 2002
Ghosts with unfinished business stick around haunting the living. Bad acting, bad everything. Mr. Hardesty just makes me laugh in a non-comedic movie. Oh the drama! The whole relationship between the girl and her rebel teenage neighbor Cole is no surprise. Very predictable movie.
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