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Entertainment Weekly
From the get-go, The Recruit is one of those thrillers that delights in pulling the rug out from under you, only to find another rug below that.
As a thriller, The Recruit is merely an entertaining ride. But remember: Nothing is what it seems. It's the subtext -- two actors from different generations faking each other out with skill and affection -- that counts.
San Francisco Chronicle
A labyrinthine brain twister.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Probably better than anyone else working today, Donaldson knows how to knit a thriller. Each time you think this taut yarn is about to unravel, that's when he pulls the wool over your eyes.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's the kind of movie you can sit back and enjoy, as long as you don't make the mistake of thinking too much.
New York Daily News
So much is so good about The Recruit that you'll wish the ending were better. It's like opening the last lid in a Chinese box and having a clown figure pop out on a spring.
It suddenly morphs into one more overly slick, empty show.
Miami Herald
The sort of movie you enjoy much more while you're watching it in the theater than when you're deconstructing it on the way home.
New York Post
May have a storyline as generic as its title, but in the explosive Pacino and the smoldering Farrell (who nearly stole "Minority Report" from Tom Cruise), it has a pair of stars who are not as easily dismissed.
A less-than-middling melodrama whose subject matter and talent never click as much as its credits portend.
Wall Street Journal
Al Pacino is his own venue as yet another flamboyant, self-ironic, self-dramatizing, self-parodying, self-selfing quasi-Mephistopheles. His performance isn't very good, but it's big.

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