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15 Feb. 2006
Lost & Found
Alex returns to Drovers with his new fiancée Fiona breaking Stevie's heart just as she was about to tell him how she felt about him. Tess receives two pieces of news - one from the embassy telling her that they have found Nick's remains and the other from Jodi confirming that she is also a McLeod. In the midst of all this Harry, just released from hospital, doesn't take too kindly to Alex turning up on his doorstep again as his prize racehorse escapes. Finally, he swallows his pride and asks Alex and Fiona to stay.
22 Feb. 2006
Truth Hurts
Stevie reacts badly to Alex and Fiona's wedding announcement and following on from a suggestion by Dave she searches for details on Fiona and finds that she was engaged to another man weeks before - a fact that Alex didn't know about - and when put to Fiona makes her run away. Jodi moves into the main house with Tess but it doesn't work out too well. Preoccupied by the loss of Jodi to the main house, Kate is distracted during a difficult birth of a lamb, with the result that the lamb dies. Angry with herself and compensating for missing Jodi, Kate becomes obsessed ...
1 Mar. 2006
Kiss of Death
Rob finds out that his dad has passed away whilst he has been in hiding and turns to Jodi for comfort. He tells her about his old life and that his name is Matt Bosnich not Rob Shelton. Terry discovers that Moira has set up home at work because she had to sell her old house to pay off her ex so he suggests to Tess that they could come to some sort of arrangement that is mutually beneficial so Moira moves into Drovers. Meanwhile, at Killarney, a turf war between Sandra and Fiona begins to take hold, one which Fiona seems to be winning. Elsewhere, in a bid to get over ...
8 Mar. 2006
Luck Be a Lady
The bank threatens to foreclose on Drovers because of the crop-dusting incident. Stevie takes the feed money from Tess and uses it to get into a poker game which she loses. Harry offers to bail Tess out but he has one condition - that Stevie leave Drovers forever. Tess emphatically refuses and then sets about getting a buyer for her organic lambs but Sandra, seeing her chance to impress Harry, undercuts Tess and Tess is left looking for another buyer as time runs out. Tess confronts Harry about his double-cross but he knows nothing about the deal Sandra did. Meanwhile...
29 Mar. 2006
The Real McLeod
Tess decides to give Jodi half a share in Drovers and sends Jodi off to get their new concept of "Gungellan Fresh natural beef" on the agenda for the Farmers Council Meeting but she doesn't get the support she's looking for. Leo Coombes, the pilot who dumped pesticide on Drovers, returns to plead with Harry Ryan to remove the black ban but when he refuses he goes to Drovers but they refuse to help him either. Next day, Harry's prize bull is found poisoned and Harry believes Leo is responsible and then bullets with Harry's name on them are mailed to him. Meanwhile, ...
5 Apr. 2006
The Calling
Tess meets new landowner Greg Hope but mistakes his friendly manner for flirting. She also finds out from the Embassy that they are days from identifying his DNA. Harry and Tess disagree on the finer details of Nick's repatriation home. Fiona's freelancing hopes fall through so she asks Alex to let her help out at Killarney but her help at mustering puts Tess's life in jeopardy when she falls in a well. Kate falls and after refusing to go to the doctor Dave kidnaps her and brings her to the doctor. Later, Kate rings the dermatologist to make an appointment because of ...
27 Apr. 2006
What Lies Beneath
Tess's excitement about Nick's return is tempered only by an underlying fear that it's all a dream. She finds it hard to believe that, just as she'd accepted he was never coming back, he will be here this very morning. Stevie promises the nightmare will soon be over - everything will be okay once Nick is here. And when he arrives at the air strip it seems they are right, although Nick seems a little overwhelmed by the joyous welcome of family and friends. For them his return is nothing short of a miracle but for Nick it feels like there has been a strange time jump. ...
3 May 2006
Where the Heart Is
Growing bored because he has little to do Nick re-leases Wilgul and try to start the cattle breeding programme he didn't get to start in Argentina. Meanwhile, a man named Tom Braiden turns up at Drovers and latches onto Jodi firstly asking her questions about Nick and then about her boyfriend but is there's a lot more to Tom than meets the eye. Meg and Terry are finding it hard to make the first move to meet each other again. Tess decides that she and Nick should give Argentina another try and leave Drovers. Jodi finds out that Tom Braiden knows who Rob is and goes to...
10 May 2006
Deliver Us from Evil
Tom Braiden gives chase and causes Jodi and Rob to crash their vehicle leading them to escape into the bush. Tom shoots at Rob and hits him in the shoulder. Meanwhile, Dave's brother Patrick turns up with a surprise "present" for Dave - a dozen "liberated" goats! Elsewhere, Meg and Terry are set up on a dinner date by Jodi and it goes very well leading to Meg finally proposing to Terry. Jodi and Rob make it to Drovers but Tom is already there but Stevie manages to overpower him and he is arrested. Rob tells Jodi that he loved working at Drovers but after the trial he ...
17 May 2006
The Big Commitment
Meg's writing has hit a stumbling block and after finding postcards belonging to Terry's dad they decide to travel around Australia and hopefully both find something that's been missing from their life. Patrick's goats are eating into Drovers funds so Stevie tells him a day of hard labour with them will pay off the tab. But in trying to do more than he should he temporarily loses his sight whilst welding and has to rely on Kate to help him until it returns. Meanwhile, Alex asks Stevie to buy a horse for Fiona and both end up gaining new respect for one another.
24 May 2006
Biting the Bullet
Jodi and Tess's cousin Regan arrives back at Drovers in a panic looking for Tess. When Jodi tells her she is in Argentina with Nick she leaves without telling them what's wrong. She suffers a flat tire and is helped out by Fiona who herself hurts herself changing the tire and has to be taken to hospital. Whilst there the doctor tells her she has found a tumor in her uterus and wants to do a full investigation the following day. Fiona lies to Alex and tells him she's going to look for a wedding dress but instead has the procedure. The doctor tells her the tumor wasn't ...
31 May 2006
Second Best
Regan receives a letter from the daughter of one of the men who died in the mining accident which upsets her greatly. Fiona and Alex's wedding invites are sent out and Fiona asks Alex to find a best man as Nick is unable to make it home. He asks Stevie to be his 'best man' and she eventually accepts but later changes his mind and manages to persuade Stevie to be Fiona's bridesmaid. Harry's prized stud ram "The Colonel" is stolen and the Drovers ladies find that the young sheep rustler is Chloe Sanderson. When Harry finds out that his ram may be infected he races to ...
7 Jun. 2006
The Trouble with Harry
On her way to meet the Japanese delegation interested in their concept of "Gungellan Fresh natural beef" Jodi crashes into Harry Ryan whilst momentarily diverted by her mobile phone. When she reaches his ute she finds him dead and she collapses by the roadside. Alex, at first, doesn't believe Harry's dead until he sees his body in Fisher. The delegation initially decide not to proceed after hearing of the accident but after Stevie helps the Japanese delegate's Australian wife Amy Tanaka reconcile with her husband and her new life in Tokyo they decide to go ahead with ...
14 Jun. 2006
The Legend of Harry Ryan
Whilst trying to compose a eulogy for Harry's funeral service Alex finds a boxing medal belonging to Karl Weatherdon in Harry's belongings. As Sandra, Alex's mother Liz and Fiona swarm around Killarney Alex becomes obsessed about finding out about Karl and leaves. He finds a man named Eric Weatherdon who, at first, refuses to speak to him about Karl but who then turns up at Killarney and after seeing a picture of Harry tells Alex that Harry was once known as Karl Weatherton. Meanwhile, believing that she caused Harry's heart-attack Stevie keeps her distance from Alex....
12 Jul. 2006
Second Chances
Jodi's long-lost father Kevin turns up at Drovers and he doesn't know that he's not Jodi's real dad. But he overhears Jodi talking about being an owner and Jodi tells him that she is in fact Jack McLeod's daughter. Later, it transpires that he knew all along that she was a McLeod and he had lied about starting a new life on a tuna boat. Fiona's mother Trudi turns up at Killarney to help Fiona with her wedding plans but her presence serves to show the gap between Fiona and Alex. Jodi makes a mistake in an order for Gungellan Fresh and has to have 500 sheep sheared by ...
19 Jul. 2006
Secrets and Lies
The day before the wedding and Fiona has gone to stay at Drovers so as to avoid Alex. Whilst there she falls off a horse but doesn't seems too concerned. Stevie tells Alex who rushes over and tells all that Fiona is pregnant. Stevie begins to wonder if Fiona is lying and gets her answer at a 'Truth or Dare' game at the hen's night. She tells Fiona she must tell Alex before the wedding or she will. Next morning, Fiona has left and sensing something is wrong Stevie races to Killarney but too late as Alex and Fiona have exchanged vows early. Later, Fiona tells Stevie ...
26 Jul. 2006
The Life of Riley
Sandra moves back into Killarney and starts making radical changes including trying to sell Alex's prized herd. Stevie has trouble getting through to Alex to advise him so the Drovers ladies decide to temporarily 'steal' the cattle so that Sandra cannot sell them and put them on Wilgul. When Sandra finds out the cattle have disappeared she fires Patrick and threatens to have the Drovers women arrested. Regan and Moira decide to go into the fuel-carting business together when Sandra decides to sell the truck-stop and they hire Patrick as their driver. Elsewhere, Kate ...
2 Aug. 2006
Wild Horses
Stevie and Riley's Brumbies partnership hits a few snags after Stevie puts pressure on him to have a horse broken for a buyer. He eventually helps her out but tells her he will not do that type of horse breaking again for her. Regan's inability to ride a horse is proving to be a problem so when she sees a quad bike for sale she thinks she's found a way around the problem. But when she has an accident she realizes she can't go on resisting. Patrick has to pass a safety exam in order to keep his job hauling diesel for Moira, but he can't study. Kate makes it her mission...
9 Aug. 2006
The Great Temptation
Drovers Run is about to host the first Gungellan Fresh Cross Country Challenge and Regan's horse-riding lessons have paid off making her confident in mustering cattle for Jodi which are part of a contract for Worthingtons. However, Regan leaves them in the wrong paddock and they stray through a broken fence onto Killarney land, where Sandra finds them and plots revenge on Jodi who stole a beef contract from her. When Regan and Jodi claim their cattle back from Sandra Regan notices that one of the herd has a cold and gets Dave to inspect them before shipping. ...
16 Aug. 2006
Suspicious Minds
In preparation for a hot date Kate secretly borrows a top from Stevie's wardrobe and finds death threat notes with bullets attached similar to ones that were sent to Harry Ryan before he died. She tells Jodi but tells Kate not to say anything. Kate asks Stevie about them and she tells them they were from Leo but that Leo was away from the area when Harry died. Whilst at Killarney Kate sees archive footage of the day that Harry died showing Stevie's argument with Harry. Riley's brumbie partnership with Stevie is already reaping financial rewards but he is angry when he...
23 Aug. 2006
Days of Reckoning
Stevie and Kate's friendship remains strained and she decides to move out. Alex arrives back earlier than planned and is stunned to find out that Sandra is living at Killarney and that Stevie has been questioned about Harry's death. Alex goes to see Stevie and reassures her that he doesn't believe she killed Harry. He later fires Riley as an overseerer and tells Sandra to leave immediately. Fiona panics when Alex brings back gifts from Argentina and feigns a miscarriage. Alex rehires Riley. At the Farmers Council Meeting the members vote to have Stevie removed from ...
20 Sep. 2006
Scratch the Surface
Stevie becomes obsessed with keeping herself busy on Drovers as Kate searches frantically for evidence to get Stevie off the hook. Jodi takes the initiative and brings them to the market at Gungellan but Stevie runs into her nemesis Leo Coombes there and a fight ensues. Later Stevie and Kate team up to stake out Leo's place of work and when he leaves they search his lodgings and find a handgun in a locked suitcase together with newspaper clippings about Harry's death. Leo comes back and the ladies are nearly caught rifling through his belongings. Fiona undertakes a ...
27 Sep. 2006
For Better or Worse
Drovers has been offered a renewal from Ramsays for a very lucrative cattle program. The Drovers women debate whether or not to take it if Stevie ends up in jail. Fiona and Alex vow to try to make their marriage work and keen to impress Fiona pulls out all the stops starting by organizing a top QC for Stevie's defense. Alex finds out that Fiona's dad is paying for it and is furious that Fiona has lied to him yet again. Meanwhile, Moira is horrified when her petrol tanker has a dangerous fuel spill at Drovers and is relieved when Riley turns up and saves the day. Fiona...
4 Oct. 2006
The Eleventh Hour
Stevie gets a phone call from her solicitor telling her that her trial date has been moved up and so begins to tie up loose ends at Drovers before her trial begins in Adelaide. Gates are mysteriously left open all over Killarney and Alex blames Riley until Alex discovers a very calm Sandra is to blame. Fiona attempts to show Alex she can fit into the community by joining Jodie in the CFS. Her first day on the job takes her and Jodi to Kinsella's where Sandra's possessions have been set ablaze-deliberately. That night turns out to be a stormy wet night and Kate ...
11 Oct. 2006
Old Wrongs
Kate finds out that Phil is lobbying to keep the Drovers women out of Gungellan Fresh. Jodi is mad that Phil is keeping a representative of McLeod's out of the Gungellan Town Founders Archive Photograph. Jodi vows to research her family history and finds a diary that tells her the founder of Drovers Hamish McLeod's widow Harriet was fighting her own battle against Phil's ancestor Joseph Rakich but she overcame his devious behaviour and managed to keep Drovers going. Jodi interrupts Phil's celebrations to tell the real truth about the Founders of Gungellan. Elsewhere, ...
18 Oct. 2006
Handle with Care
Rose makes the acquaintance of Leo Coombes and begins to see him secretly unaware of the history between Leo and her mother Stevie. The sparks begin to fly between Jodi and Riley during an overnight muster and he finally reveals a bit more of himself to Jodi. Elsewhere, Patrick discovers a ring-box in Dave's jeep and tells Kate about it who believes Dave is about to propose to Reagan.
25 Oct. 2006
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Leo Coombes continues to manipulate Rose to get at Stevie and gets invites to dinner at Drovers. But Rose doesn't tell any of the Drovers women his identity until he arrives. Stevie is beyond shocked to find out who Rose is dating but Reagan persuades her to be cool with him as he will only expect a negative reaction. The dinner does not go well and Stevie kicks Leo out, upsetting Rose. Meanwhile, Kate and Jodi compete against each other for the prestigious award "Young Farmer of the Year" and Dave and Regan's relationship becomes strained.
1 Nov. 2006
One Perfect Day
Riley causes some trouble for Jodi while she is trying to market new stock to Phil and Gungellan Fresh. Meanwhile, Dave and Reagan struggle to get back on track after the proposal. Fiona still wants children but Alex is still thinking about the kids. Rose and Stevie shop for dress for her formal dance before she returns home.
8 Nov. 2006
Winners & Losers
Alex returns from the city but Fiona accompanies him back, something Stevie wasn't expecting. Alex tells her he planned to tell Fiona whilst away but there was no right time. Later, Alex tells Fiona that he cannot make their marriage work resulting in Fiona leaving on a motorbike and crashing. Meanwhile, Patrick and Jody argue over how well each know Kate so Kate sets them a multiple choice question test to see who knows her the best. Elsewhere, Dave and Regan bury the hatchet after their breakup and agree to remain friends.
15 Nov. 2006
Damage Control
Riley enlists Jodi's help in tracking down a missing Brumby but when they find the injured horse the blood triggers memories of Rob/Matt and makes Jodi act irrationally. Meanwhile, Fiona is released from hospital and demands a divorce from Alex. Dave tells Stevie about the divorce but when Stevie goes to Alex he throws her off Killarney after telling her he saw her with Drew. Stevie is heartbroken. Elsewhere, Kate gets shortlisted for the Young Farmers Award and uses Patrick as her sounding board who gets help from Dave on what she should do and say.
22 Nov. 2006
Dave considers his future when he is offered a two-year research job in Kenya, Africa. Kate and Patrick hit a bumpy patch in their relationship when he gives her gerbers which she's allergic too, a fact he should have known from their quiz. Phil Racich pursues a newly divorced Moira at the Young Farmers Award 2006. Alex and Stevie agree to work together for the same of Drovers and Killarney but their relationship looks doomed. Despite Phil judging the Award Kate wins. Dave decides to go to Kenya just as Kate realises that her feelings for Dave have changed. Back at ...
29 Nov. 2006
Twenty Questions
Fiona comes back to Killarney demanding half of Killarney and proceeds to remove half the furniture out. Alex is furious and contacts his real father Bryce Redstaff. Bryce suggests paying off Fiona which she agrees to. Alex tells him he can't pay him back the amount of money but Bryce tells him he would like to be a silent partner in Killarney instead. Kate realises her feelings for Dave are the real thing just as he is about to head for Kenya. She attempts to tell him the truth but buckles out afraid that she will get her heart broken. She settles to writing him a ...

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