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Season 7

7 Feb. 2007
Second Chances
Matt returns to Drover's Run unexpectedly, sending Jodi into a tailspin. Regan has her hands full covering for Tayler's mistakes, which include stealing Stevie's ute, and Riley and Matt must work together to avoid electrocution after an argument between them over Jodi causes them to lose control of the car they are in and drive into a pole, leaving live wires lying over the car.
14 Feb. 2007
All the Wrong Places
Jodi has taken over Kate's chores while she is away in Africa with Dave, and becomes obsessed with building a new dam for Drover's, nearly injuring Regan in the process. Bryce sends Marcus to Killarney to look over the books and keep an eye on things, but Marcus receives a hostile reception from Alex. Things are made even more tense between them when Marcus flirts with Stevie.
21 Feb. 2007
Digging Up the Past
When a Drover's sheep sale falls through, Matt organises for Jim Selkirk, who he now works for, to purchase the sheep to try and impress Jodi. Tayler organises to catch a possum living in the roof of the house, but in the process falls though the ceiling and finds herself trapped inside a hidden room. Alex and Marcus' competitiveness leads to them both being injured while herding in some cattle for a sale.
28 Feb. 2007
Thicker Than Water
Riley's estranged father Bill shows up at Drover's to see him, but when Riley doesn't want to have any contact with him, it's up to Jodi to try and bring them together before it's too late. Alex hatches a plan to buy Bryce out of his share of Killarney - he'll sell Wilgul, and Marcus reveals his secret to Alex: Bryce is his father also, he and Alex are brothers.
7 Mar. 2007
Reaching Out
Jodi is being haunted by visions of Emma McLeod. To try and get her mind off things, Matt invites her around to his place for dinner but they are interrupted by Riley returning home from the pub. Tayler tries to surprise Stevie by saddling an untrained brumby, but when she injures herself in the process, Stevie is furious. Alex is in denial about the fact that he and Marcus are brothers.
14 Mar. 2007
Returned Favour
Jodi's horse Tucker is bitten by a tiger snake while out retrieving Drovers sheep with Matt from the National Park. Stevie helps Marcus with a secret cattle deal, and is forced to lie to Alex to cover up Marcus' mistake. When Alex discovers Stevie's lie, their fragile relationship is shattered once more. Jodi finally makes a choice between Matt and Riley.
21 Mar. 2007
Of Hearts and Hunters
Matt is forced back into witness protection after discovering he is being stalked by a hit man again, and Jodi makes the decision to follow her heart and leave with him. She packs her bags and says her goodbyes to all the Drover's crew, but as Stevie, Regan, Moira and Tayler drive away, they hear an explosion - the car Jodi and Matt were leaving in has exploded into flames.
11 Apr. 2007
Climb Every Mountain
Following Jodi and Matt's deaths, Kate works towards uncovering the truth behind their murders. Meg makes her return to Drover's Run to attend Jodi's funeral. Alex goes to great lengths to prove to Stevie that he loves her. And Regan receives a surprise from Jodi's will.
18 Apr. 2007
Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
Regan encounters her estranged younger sister Grace Kingston at a brumby horse fair and tries to reconcile after Regan told her she inherited part-ownership of Drovers Run from Jodi. Stevie tries to convince Alex that she wants to keep their relationship a secret for a bit longer but they both find this hard to do and finally go public. Meanwhile, Kate throws herself back into work with a vengeance but her zealousness manages to get Marcus off-side. Elsewhere, Riley is seduced by sexy cowgirl Heather Richardson, with disastrous results.
25 Apr. 2007
Rules of Engagement
Alex's romantic plan to finally propose to Stevie goes horribly wrong when a series of accidents and disasters threatens to ruin their relationship. But when she least expects it and is covered in mud she finally gets her proposal. Meanwhile, Moira finds herself on a date with Phil Rakich and ends up enjoying herself much to her surprise. Elsewhere, Tayler once again develops a crush on Riley but it only brings more humiliation for her.
2 May 2007
Regan's sister Grace arrives at Drovers on a flying visit but ends up prolonging her stay when she and Steve take matters into their own hands after Drovers prized rams are stolen by unscrupulous sheep rustlers. Meanwhile, Kate becomes obsessed with organizing Stevie and Alex's wedding until Stevie reminds her who's wedding it is and this prompts Kate to consider going back to Africa. Elsewhere, Moira becomes more enamoured by Phil but refuses to admit to anyone who she's dating and Alex asks Marcus to be his best man when Nick cannot make it back to Killarney.
9 May 2007
Warts and All
Bryce Redstaff arrives at Killarney for Alex and Stevie's engagement and immediately sets both Alex and Marcus against each other. Beth Martin insists on bringing Stevie on the Women's Auxilary committee as Killarney's newest representative - a role Stevie detests. Phil surprises Moira with the news he has secretly bought the truck-stop but how will this affect their relationship? Elsewhere, Grace buys a billy goat for the herd, ignoring Stevie's choice, but the goat has other ideas and terrorises Grace and Tayler.
16 May 2007
Conflicts of Interest
Drovers has been short-listed for a proposed waste containment site which brings Regan back in contact with her former married lover, Lyle Irwin. But their re-connection puts her at odds with Grace who wants them to fight to stop the waste site. Meanwhile, Alex runs into trouble with the marriage registrar in Fisher and it takes a lot of persuasion before he gets it. Elsewhere, Phil and Moira hit a bump in their relationship when he supports the waste site.
30 May 2007
Flesh and Stone
Phil thinks Riley is having an affair with Moira and is determined to fight for her. Meanwhile, Grace's ongoing plan to stop the waste contamination site being sited at Drovers puts her in direct conflict with Regan, particularly when she suspects that Lyle is still with his wife. Tayler and Patrick use guerrilla tactics to stop the toxic dump going ahead. But when a bore hole at Drovers bears water the toxic dump cannot go ahead. This prompts Regan to think about her future at Drovers and decides to leave for a while and go back to her old job as a geologist.
6 Jun. 2007
All's Fair in Love and War
Stevie's estranged mother Helen arrives at Drovers with Rose who attempts a reconciliation between the two. But Stevie is very reluctant but when Helen is injured by an escaped Brumby Stevie finds out why her mother kicked her out when she was pregnant with Rose - Helen was pregnant with Stevie's sister Michelle before she married and she didn't want the same for Stevie. Stevie and Helen reconcile. Meanwhile, the Drovers women and the Killarney men take part in a Bucks and Hen game as part of the build up to Stevie and Alex's wedding - but who will win? Elsewhere, ...
20 Jun. 2007
Ever After
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27 Jun. 2007
Grace Under Fire
After Grace stops a sale for a mob of Drovers sheep because the price was too low a series of events begin to happen including a plague of locusts which decimates their good pasture, leaving them with hungry sheep and no feed. This causes Kate to believe that they are about to experience the ten plagues as forecast in the Book of Exodus. Meanwhile, a vindictive Ashleigh turns to Patrick to find out about Killarney when Marcus and Riley ignore her at every turn. Grace meets the new owner of Kinsella's Heath Barrett at the sheep sales and Moira reacts badly to Phil's ...
11 Jul. 2007
Gift Horse
Grace's beloved horse Baggins starts to behave viciously and erratically which Grace defends his behaviour until he bites her and she has to acknowledge that something is wrong with him and calls the vet. Grace is also again brought into conflict with Heath. Later, Grace finds Patrick passed out from a lizard-bite and with Baggins's help they are able to get to Killarney for help. But Grace is soon devastated when Baggins collapses and dies of a brain tumour leaving Grace inconsolable. However, when Riley gives her one of his brumbies to replace Baggins, Grace begins ...
18 Jul. 2007
Hot Water
Adam Gardiner, the new local bank manager, informs Grace that he can no longer extend the loan to Drover's Run. At the same time, another struggling local farmer Jeff and his pregnant wife Brooke, are waiting with a shotgun for Adam Gardiner to visit them. But Grace and Kate get to Jeff's farm first and he takes them both hostage. Moria has visions of Adam being killed. Someone will indeed be shot by Jeff . . . but who?
25 Jul. 2007
Leaving the Nest
Grace goes to Ashleigh for a loan but asks that Ashleigh tell no-one of their arrangement. When Ashleigh drops off the loan repayment schedule to her, Grace realises what she has got herself into and tells Kate who urges her to tell Stevie. Reilly trains a new horse for Grace and although reluctant to take him she finally does and names him Crackers. Meanwhile, Stevie's daughter Rose brings home a traveling companion, Kim, and begs Stevie to let her travel for a year. Stevie reluctantly agrees but after Rose is drugged at a party Stevie changes her mind. Rose finally ...
1 Aug. 2007
A Spark from Heaven
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8 Aug. 2007
The Courage Within
Killarney is robbed by two expert and violent con-men, Gaz and Arnie, but are nearly caught by the cops so they stuff the jewels in a teddy bear at the market in Gungellen only to have Tayler buy the bear for Rose. So they hatch a way to get the women away from Drovers so that they can get their loot back and so set fire to a fuel dump. But Grace believes that Phil and some of this cronies are responsible. But they haven't bargained with an incapacitated Rose as a house guest. Meanwhile, Marcus warns Grace about Heath's intentions but it seems Grace in heedless and ...
15 Aug. 2007
Divided We Stand
Stevie moves into Killarney as Alex prepared to come back and finds her loyalty tested when it comes to Grace's controversial drought-proofing scheme. Kate falls for Riley's ex-army mate Mitch Wahlberg who is harbouring a dark secret - he's gone AWOL from the Army. Riley makes a dangerous enemy when he rejects Ashleigh's advances as Tayler uncovers the name of the complainant on Grace's project - Ashleigh. Will she tell Patrick, knowing it will really upset him?
22 Aug. 2007
On the Prowl
Riley discovers that Mitch is trading in stolen army weapons after getting a call from the police. The women of Drovers team up with the men from Killarney to hunt a dangerous beast that is killing stock - is it a wild dog, or something more exotic like a jaguar as Kate suspects? Meanwhile, Tayler and Patrick break into Phil's truck-stop to get their owed wages that he refuses to pay and discover something that Phil didn't want them to find.
29 Aug. 2007
Fanning the Flames
Drovers Run and other local farms are the victims of a professional arsonist. Blinded by her love for her ex-Army lover Mitch Kate thinks about going on the run with him as the police give chase to Mitch because of the stolen goods. Marcus tries to find out why Riley has left as overseer of Killarney unaware that Ashleigh fired him. Grace gets spooked when she finds she is falling in love with Heath and puts distance between them. Meanwhile, Moira finds out that Tayler and Patrick stole the safe from Phil. On searching the contents of the safe they find details of ...
5 Sep. 2007
My Enemy My Friend
Grace and Tayler find that Jim Selkirk's prize bull Zeus has been poisoned on Drovers after being loaned to them. Ashleigh offers to drive Grace to the vets to get an antidote but on their way back they crash causing Ashleigh to dislocate her shoulder and for Grace to find out that Ashleigh is asthmatic. Meanwhile, Kate and Tayler break into Phil's home to try and find evidence of his takeover of Drovers and overhear a mobile phone conversation between him and an unknown person discussing the poisoned bull. Moira, Kate and Tayler soon discover that the caller was ...
12 Sep. 2007
Knight in Shining Armour
Heath proposes marriage to Grace during preparations for a Drought Relief Medieval Fair at Drovers leaving Grace shocked. Meanwhile, with Ashleigh having called in her loan to Grace and Drovers under threat, the girls decide to hold an auction to raise the necessary cash, selling off everything they can spare but Phil nearly scuppers their attempt by insisting his customers blackball the sale. Elsewhere, Tayler takes a job at the pub and does her best to make Patrick see the truth about Ashleigh but is it a losing battle? Marcus orders Riley to remove Ashleigh from ...
19 Sep. 2007
The Short Cut
While Grace takes drastic action to catch a cattle thief, Ashleigh has to face the impending death of her father. And local bank manager Adam Gardiner returns to deliver some devastating news to the girls at Drover's Run.
26 Sep. 2007
Seeing Is Believing
Heath springs some big news on Grace. She has to choose and an unexpected visitor helps her find her feet. Marcus meets the new district vet and things get off on the wrong foot. Stevie still hasn't told Alex the good news, and Taylor tries to avoid her birthday when Patrick intervenes.
3 Oct. 2007
Second Chances
Marcus and Ingrid go to Spencer to buy a horse and run into Heath and his property buyer. Marcus is suspicious. Kate and Riley come up with a plan to make both properties more money but things don't work as planned. Grace surprises Heath in his room in Spencer. Stevie can't wait any longer to tell Alex her good news. Taylor and Patrick are still figuring out where they stand after their kiss.
10 Oct. 2007
Mixed Messages
It's Christmas Eve at Drover's Run with lots of changes. Alex is on his way home, but is stranded. Stevie is in for her ultrasound. Phil has sold his property and Moira has mixed feelings about his leaving. Grace is off to Heath's family for the holiday. Patrick, Taylor, Riley, and Kate are stuck on an overnight muster. There are surprises in store for everyone and mistletoe takes more victims.
17 Oct. 2007
Silent Night
It's Christmas Eve, and Alex makes an surprise return from Argentina to visit Stevie. Christmas Day ends tragically when Grace, Riley, Tayler and Patrick are involved in a shocking car accident at the flooded river.

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