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Season 5

9 Feb. 2005
No Man's Land
Nick and Tess struggle to stay together. The arrival of Sally with Harrison, Nick's child, stresses their already strained relationship.
16 Feb. 2005
Little White Lies
Struggling to deal with the continued presence of Sally, the mother of Nick's newborn child, Harrison, Tess throws herself into various preparations for an upcoming Wool Board Expo. She places all her hopes for a successful Expo showing for Drovers in a sheep named the Colonel, and their plans to create a new line in organic wool with his progeny - plans which are placed in jeopardy when the Colonel develops a serious infection. Jodi is very excited about the event - she has been selected to model some creations by a local fashion designer. Stevie, who at the last ...
23 Feb. 2005
Rules of Disengagement
Alex and Stevie do their best to reunite Tess and Nick, but things do not go as planned.
13 Apr. 2005
Old Flames
A reunion is set up by Daniel Ponter, a former teacher at Kate and Jodi's high school. He thinks that it is a good idea for a group to get together in which they go on a hike. Jodi's nemesis turns up and Daniel Ponter happens to be a student teacher who Kate was going out with. Kate isn't prepared for the old feelings it's about to stir up. Jodi isn't thrilled to see her nemesis, Natalie, again, but it's Kate herself who's in for a shock when her first love and ex student-teacher, Daniel Ponter, arrives. Although Daniel insists he has something he needs to talk to her...
20 Apr. 2005
Body Blows
A brush with death causes Harry to reconsider his plans for Killarney. Alex has an ulterior motive offering Jodi a job parading his new bull while Meg's political career hits an unexpected snag.
11 May 2005
The Pearl
Jodi is excited about her growing love for Luke, unaware that at the same time he is making a deal with a local criminal to deliver stolen cigars. When a policeman chases after Luke for speeding, he is forced to transfer the contraband to the back of Stevie's Ute and she unwittingly takes off with it before Luke can stop her. When Stevie discovers the cigars she burns them immediately, despite Jodi's protests that there must be an innocent explanation. Kate and Stevie are put in the uncomfortable position of keeping this mess from Tess. And Stevie, her own ...
18 May 2005
The Prodigal Daughter
A new member of the McLeod family is on her way and Tess is naturally excited about the prospect of meeting her cousin Regan. The meeting sours in the rear drive however - Regan has a fear of dogs, and most other animals beside. Not a good start to a visit to the farm. Things deteriorate further as Regan is shown around the property. By the time she gets into the homestead and feels the full weight of history, her resentment of the treatment of Hugh takes over and she storms from Drovers Run, telling Tess she could never stay in a place where her father had been so ...
25 May 2005
Love and Obsession
As Dave and Regan fall for each other, Kate realizes Regan has a secret she'll do anything to protect. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to impress Tess by re-capturing her horse Phoenix, but Stevie is less-than-impressed when Tess gives the horse to Regan; Tess worries about Nick when she finds him sleepwalking.
24 Aug. 2005
Make Believe
Jodi is surprised when Kate reacts badly to news that her Nonna - Alessa Manfredi - the hero-worshipped matriarch of the family, is on her way to Drovers. Kate is forced to confess she has been sending letters implying she is the boss of Drovers, the head of the CFS and, worst of all, that she is practically engaged to the to the local vet, Dave. Alessa meanwhile, has a secret of her own and on arrival Kate is surprised to see her Nonna with a new look and traveling alone. What has come over her? Mortified, Kate has to confess the lie to Dave, asking him to go along ...
28 Sep. 2005
Betwixt and Between
The painful promise of keeping the truth from Rose about her parentage drives Stevie to throw herself into working on the new embryo transplant programme for cows. Having Rose to stay is now almost too painful to bear. Rose, however, is keen to have a family Christmas on Drovers now Stevie is settled down and wants Stevie to mend the rift with her parents, certain that whatever the falling out may have been over, it cannot be irreparable. However Rose senses her enquiries re the estrangement are being brushed off, increasing her curiosity. She tries plumbing Kate for ...
9 Nov. 2005
Twelve and a Half Hours Behind
Tess returns home to Drovers Run with news that she's pregnant. But her joy is soon turned to grief when Nick's plane crashes and he is presumed dead. Meanwhile, Jodi attempts to verify that she is Jack McLeod's daughter.
16 Nov. 2005
Tess holds a celebration of life for Nick. Stevie, Jodi, and Kate try their best to help give Tess what she needs as she come to term with Nick's death. Alex and Harry struggle as they grieve for Nick.
16 Nov. 2005
Body and Soul
Alex struggles to deal with Nick's death, and he disappears, worrying Stevie. Tess worries that her mourning may harm the baby.
23 Nov. 2005
New Beginnings
Stevie realises she's in love with Alex, but can't bring herself to tell him. Meanwhile, Jodi gets the results of her DNA test and Tess has a strange recurring dream about Nick.

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