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Season 3

12 Feb. 2003
Fairy Tale Ending
Claire is home from her stint in hospital, but it's far from easy for the single mum-to-be. She has to face the truth about her baby's father, the lies she and Alex have concocted, and the fact that Drover's has stayed afloat without her instruction.
19 Feb. 2003
Better the Devil You Know
Alex and Claire's secret brings one family together and brings another to the brink. Tess and Liz clash over the lie âEUR" each with their own family's best interests at heart âEUR" while Jodi arrives home with a secret of her own.
26 Feb. 2003
The Road Home
After months of searching, Becky finally finds out what happened to Brick. She and Jodi discover the horrible truth after Becky is led to Brick by a dream.
5 Mar. 2003
An Affair to Forget
It seems Sally is taking advantage of Nick's absence in town by inviting a stranger over to Wilgul. Claire warns Tess against putting her nose in, but she just can't resist.
12 Mar. 2003
Put to the Test
A careless prank on the groom threatens to put a stop to the impending nuptials of Jodi and Alberto. Meanwhile, Claire's expanding waistline is causing her all kinds of problems!
19 Mar. 2003
The Wedding
The Wedding Day is here and nearly everything that can go wrong does go wrong. But for one couple, it will be a day to remember for all the right reasons!
2 Apr. 2003
Gone to the Dogs
When Becky and Jake are forced to steal a horse, they find new depths to their relationship and Alex is dismayed when Claire starts buying up old nags from the sale yards.
9 Apr. 2003
The Ghost of Things to Come
Claire discovers a hidden treasure which brings back ghostly memories of her mother and unleashes the fear that she too will die in childbirth.
23 Apr. 2003
A House of Cards
A thirtieth wedding anniversary is no protection for Liz when Harry, suspicious about Claire's baby, discovers an even bigger lie.
30 Apr. 2003
Three Little Words
Alex struggles with the truth about his family as Harry tries to win his son back the only way he knows how. Sally comes to the realisation that her relationship with Nick is going nowhere and she makes a heartbreaking decision.
7 May 2003
Repeat Offenders
An old friend of Tess' makes a visit to Drover's planning to portray the lives of the woman in her next article. Becky and Meg clash over Jake's appointment as Killarney's new overseer.
14 May 2003
Sins of the Father
Jake's true identity is revealed after his father and brother turn up wanting him to come home. Whilst weaning Phoenix from Blaze, Claire starts to realise that the lie about her baby isn't right and cannot last forever.
21 May 2003
Jokers to the Right
Sandra Kinsella is back and her meddling brings Alex and Claire to the brink. Will they go their separate ways and end the lie?
28 May 2003
Chain Reaction
After Jodi tears up a chain letter, things start to go wrong at Drover's. As Dave shares his grief with Tess, Alex and Claire start to mend their wounds despite Sandra's presence.
4 Jun. 2003
The Awful Truth
Harry is back in town and up to his old tricks. Sandra Kinsella's influence continues to spread, but just which Ryan man is she manipulating this time?
23 Jul. 2003
Seeing the Light
The appearance of mysterious Min Min lights over Drover's Run coincides with events that will alter the course of Claire & Tess' life forever.
30 Jul. 2003
A Slight Interruption
An emu plague interrupts life at Drover's Run. As Claire chooses to battle alone with her baby, Meg gets caught in a crossfire.
6 Aug. 2003
Old Beginnings
Peter returns to Drover's Run during the naming ceremony of his and Claire's baby, leading to a very important decision. Tess and Dave set out on an impulsive trip to the altar, which has an unexpected result.
13 Aug. 2003
Where There's Smoke
As Claire discovers more about her new neighbour, Jodi is determined to prove herself at the Fire Service training weekend âEUR" but it's going to be far more difficult than she anticipated.
20 Aug. 2003
Perfect Match
Jake's ambitions with Storm Cloud threaten his relationships with Becky and Claire. Speed Dating doesn't provide Claire with a match, but an internet ad reveals a rather interesting perfect match.
27 Aug. 2003
Let the Best Man Win
Both Nick and Alex practically fall over each other trying to win the affections of a newcomer to the district âEUR" but they are both in for a shock as the competition heats up.
3 Sep. 2003
Majority Rules
Claire is coaxed into running for the Gungellan Farmers Council by Vince, but she won't win if Sandra Kinsella gets her way.
10 Sep. 2003
The Ties That Bind
When Claire and Alex hit big smoke, a long-lost father is found and a hidden passion is finally ignited. Will Alex finally acknowledge his true feelings?
17 Sep. 2003
One Step at a Time
Claire and Alex are still in Melbourne with Charlotte and making plans to extend their stay. At Drover's, Tess discovers a lump on her breast and fearing her mother's fate, tells no one...not even Dave.
24 Sep. 2003
Time Frame
Tess and Dave reach a crossroads, as her cancer scare reveals that Dave is not completely over grieving his wife Leanne.
1 Oct. 2003
Body Language
Drovers Run hosts the Regional Young Farmer of the Year Award and Becky is surprised to find herself competing with Jake. As the old spark between them returns, Becky is torn between the man she loves and Drover's Run.
8 Oct. 2003
To Catch a Thief
Surgery is not the only worry for Tess in this episode, as her fear and worry about cancer is compounded by the unsettling arrival of Claire's old friend, Stevie Hall.
15 Oct. 2003
My Noon, My Midnight
Joy at Tess' biopsy result soon turns to tragedy, when Claire, Tess and Charlotte are involved in a serious car accident and one sister must make the ultimate sacrifice.
22 Oct. 2003
The Long Goodbye
Tess is struggling with Claire's death and survivor guilt, but a surprise visitor may help when she needs it most.
29 Oct. 2003
Tess is having a hard time getting along with Stevie. But when Charlotte's life is threatened, Tess and Stevie put aside their differences to save her.

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