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Season 2

27 Mar. 2002
The Drover's Connection
Sean shows up at Drovers Run asking for Becky's help, but Jody thinks he is just after Tess' hemp crop to sell for dope, not knowing it doesn't have THC in it. Meg is trying too hard to show Terry she still likes him. Claire and Peter continue to send each other mixed signals.
3 Apr. 2002
Through the Looking Glass
An abandoned baby causes problems for Alex and Tess, and rabbits decimate the Drovers Run garden. Peter and Claire agree their relationship needs to stay strictly professional.
10 Apr. 2002
Desperate Measures
When some wild horses break out of the national forest, Tess herds them back rather than see them shot. Becky is thrown and injured when someone fires a rifle at her. Sean is tired of working at Killarney. Brian Cronin's widow blames both Becky and herself for the loss of her comfortable life.
17 Apr. 2002
The Bore War
Summer has brought the water table so low there isn't enough for both Claire's stock and Nick's crops. The women suffer from not being able to shower.
24 Apr. 2002
Hello Stranger
Jodi's father shows up at Drovers Run and what he has to say shatters Jodi's belief in her mother. Harry makes sure Nick can't get his sheep to the sale, so Nick and Claire organize an on-farm sale at Wilgul. Alex is torn between his father and Nick, while both Jodi and Meg fall under Kevin's spell.
1 May 2002
A Dry Spell
Kevin wants Meg and Jodi to come work with him on a tourist boat he's buying, but he keeps the details to himself. Meg misses much of the Miss Gungellan final because Kevin left urea in the cattle feeders and the women have to clean it out before the cattle are poisoned.
8 May 2002
Three's a Crowd
Jodi is angry at her father's desertion and Meg is regretting letting Terry go. Nick is working desperately hard to reclaim Wilgul. Tess tells Alex that Harry could have stopped Nick's accident, and Alex moves out of Killarney. Liz blames Tess for meddling. Harry's private detective makes a surprising discovery about Peter. Tess is concerned about Peter spending Australian Bloodlines' money on Drovers Run without knowing what Drovers Run is liable for.
15 May 2002
The Bridle Waltz
Harry guilt-trips Becky into telling Claire that Peter is married. Liz tries to reconcile Harry and the boys. Tess decides to leave Drovers Run and work in the café with Simon and Briny.
3 Jul. 2002
To Have and to Hold
Peter admits he's married and Claire tries to break up with him. Tess finds the café is not nearly as busy as Simon claimed. Nick appears at Tess' café. Claire follows Peter to Gungellan, where he's going to meet with his wife. Briony makes Simon tell Tess that the café is going broke.
10 Jul. 2002
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Tess' revamping of the restaurant's menu brings in crowds of customers. Claire's depression interferes with running Drover's Run. Simon intercepts Jodi's Emails to Tess, afraid Tess will leave the city. Claire announces she is selling Drover's Run and Harry Ryan agrees to buy it. Tess finally learns what is happening at Drover's Run and comes back. She tells Harry Ryan Drover's Run is not for sale.
17 Jul. 2002
Becky's brother Mark reappears, determined to drag Sean away from his wholesome life at Killarney. Mark knocks Nick out and coerces Sean into helping steal the Ryans' prize stallion, Wildfire.
24 Jul. 2002
A fox is killing lambs, and Terry provides Drover's Run with a pair of fox-killing alpacas that turn out to be stolen. Becky is furious that Brett has taken a new job in Queensland even though their relationship is progressing. Sgt. Da Costa arrests Terry and is determined to prove he stole the alpacas himself.
31 Jul. 2002
Steer Trek
The drought is starving the cattle at both Drovers Run and Wilgul, so Claire, Tess, Nick, Terry, and Meg take them on a drove to find food and water. Becky is left in charge at Drovers Run, but Jodi invites her friends to a big party at the main house. When the cattle develop eczema, Tess wheedles rancher Daniel to let the cattle onto his property. Becky breaks up Jodi's party.
7 Aug. 2002
Brave J
While Australian Bloodlines is negotiating a contract with Harry Ryan, the owner of Brave J wants Claire to resume training him. Becky's poor reading handicaps her in figuring a feed order. Peter wants Claire back, and Alex wants to keep her friendship more than he wants the training contract. Becky overdoses the sheep because she can't read the drenching label, and confesses to Claire that she can't read.
14 Aug. 2002
You Can Leave Your Hat On
A broken-down van strands a group of male strippers at Drover's Run, who say they are raising money for the crippled brother of one of the dancers. Alex disturbs Claire when he makes impossible promises to lure clients to their new horse-training service. When Jodi accidentally gives the strippers food poisoning, she recruits local men to take their place.
21 Aug. 2002
Stripped Bare
When Drover's Run and then Wilgul are emptied by thieves, the Drover's Run women use Killarney as bait to trap the thieves and get their belongings back.
4 Sep. 2002
Blame It on the Moonlight
Marty returns with the shearers and he and Claire seem to be getting along too well. Jodi's Italian boyfriend Alberto returns, and Jodi discovers Craig has been interfering with his letters. Tess has advertised, offering "working vacations" on the ranch, and her first guests arrive during the frantic activity of shearing.
18 Sep. 2002
Made to Be Broken
Becky takes up boxing. Claire and Alex are losing horse-training contracts because Peter spread an old story about Alex. Meg hears that Jody and Alberto are planning to travel the world and is desperate to keep her home. Nick and Tess acknowledge their mutual attraction.
25 Sep. 2002
Best of Enemies
An old enemy of Claire's steals her calves, and the only way to prove it is to steal them back. Alberto and Jody are broke so they throw a party.
2 Oct. 2002
Wind Change
When Harry insists on spraying his fields so newly-organic Wilgul is contaminated, Tess and Nick steal the chopper. Unable to pay the rent, Alberto & Jodi are evicted and move back to Drover's Run. Claire admits she is scared of jumping Brave J. Becky feels abandoned because Brick hasn't written. Tess invites the Ryans for dinner at Wilgul to try to defuse Harry's ire over the stolen helicopter, and Liz tells Tess she should dump Nick if she cares for him.
9 Oct. 2002
No More Mr Nice Guy
It's the annual Gungellan Show. Australian Bloodlines takes Claire to court for breach of contract because Peter denies she ever gave him a letter of resignation. Alberto and Jodi try to raise traveling money by selling homemade Italian sausage, but have to drop the price. Becky eagerly awaits Brick's arrival on the noon bus. Tess breaks into Peter's hotel room looking for the missing letter.
16 Oct. 2002
Future Perfect
Peter tells Claire he'll clear her legal problems if she will marry him. A rumor that Jodi is pregnant flusters Meg and delights Alberto. Sally makes it clear she is after Nick, but when Nick invites Tess to move in with him, she declines because she thinks Claire needs her. Becky leaves to find Brick. When Alex is injured and has to drop out of the cross-country race, Claire is determined to ride Brave J and whip Peter.

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