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Season 8

23 Jul. 2008
It is five days after the Christmas rain. The power and phones are out, the roads are closed, and the windmill is down. Kate is still searching for Riley, who is missing. Grace can't remember details of the accident. Phil is credited with pulling Grace out of the water but did he really save her? Tayler and Patrick make a discovery about their friendship. Ingrid reveals a secret.
30 Jul. 2008
The Pitfalls of Love
Kate helps Father Dan by caring for cantankerous elderly Mrs McEvoy who gives her sage advice. Marcus and Grace become trapped in a disused mine. Will they be found before hypothermia sets in? Tayler tells Patrick that she's not been with another guy, Phil ups his wooing of Moira and Stevie has erotic dreams about Alex.
6 Aug. 2008
Wild Ride
Stevie's wild at heart former rodeo mate Sharon visits Drovers and turns everyone's lives upside down. Marcus sacrifices his chances in a major horse endurance race to save Ingrid from an abusive rider.
3 Nov. 2008
Nowhere to Hide
Kate gets offered a new job, while Stevie is shown a new side to Sharon.
10 Oct. 2008
Stand by Me
Drovers are disturbed by a little intruder in the form of Lily Edwards who is living in a campsite with her father after they lost their farm. Moira realises the mini curse she put on Phil is causing him difficulty at the Truckstop. Tension continues to exist between Stevie and Grace over Sharon's revelations and in an effort to bond with Tayler's dog Noisy Patrick takes her for the day.
23 Oct. 2008
Close Enough to Touch
Alex arrived back from Argentina and Stevie is over the moon. But on their way home they stop and Alex is crushed by a falling tree trunk and dies from his injuries before Rescue can get to him. A distraught Stevie spends the night as an area she had prepared for Alex and goes into labour the following morning and gives birth to baby Xander. But she fails to bond with the baby initially until she discovers that Alex left her video recording before he died. Elsewhere, Ingrid and Marcus's relationship begins to flourish in secrecy until Alex's death and then Marcus ...
30 Oct. 2008
Bringing up Wombat
Stevie and her baby son leave Drovers and move to Killarney. But her single-minded determination in carrying out what she believes are Alex's wishes causes problems at Drovers and threatens the future of Killarney. Both Grace and Moira try to get Marcus to talk to Stevie but he's unsuccessful. It takes an incident at Killarney to make her see sense and move back home to Drovers. Meanwhile, Grace puts her heart on the line for Marcus only for him to tell her that he is now seeing Ingrid. Elsewhere, Moira becomes jealous when she sees Phil with Beth Martin.
6 Nov. 2008
Three Sisters
Regan and Grace's younger sister Jaz arrives in town at the same time as Stevie's cousin Ben and they don't meet eye to eye. Grace isn't too happy to see Jaz as she reckons she has an ulterior motive which is proven correct when she finds a letter sent to Jaz about cashing in her share of Drovers. Meanwhile, Patrick gets freaked again by Tayler when it appears to him she wants to have babies with him after she volunteers to baby-sit Xander.
13 Nov. 2008
Drovers are told that the Government are planning to dam the river to the west of them effectively spelling the end of Drovers and other farms in the area. Jaz is blackmailed by Terri Barker, a landowner supporting the dam, over an Olympic doping scandal involving Jaz which has yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, Patrick takes on the temporary job of overseer on Killarney but in his quest to prove himself worthy of the job full-time he overextends himself and decides the job is not for him. Elsewhere, Moira becomes jealous of Beth Martin in her rivalry for Phil.
20 Nov. 2008
Mother Love
Tayler's mum Jane comes back to Drovers but Tayler doesn't want to see her until Stevie makes her see that there are two sides to consider. Ingrid briefly moves in with Marcus but when Jim Selkirk drops her services along with other friends of his because of her supposed favourtism of Killarney she decides to move into the Shearer's quarters at Drovers. Lily tells Frank she wants to live with her mother because is sick of moving around and baby Xander smiles for everyone at Drovers except Stevie which they all keep under wraps from her.
27 Nov. 2008
Bright Lights, Big Trouble
Marcus, Frank, Jaz and Grace go to Adelaide to meet with Tim Ayres, the government minister responsible for the dam, but he side-blinds them at a conference making Frank angry which leads to his ex-wife suspending his visits to Lily. But Marcus uses his contacts from his AFL days to storm an opening at an Adelaide sports stadium and finally get the minister to talk to the affected landowners. Meanwhile, Marcus tells Ben not to use his horse Rocky whilst he is away but he ignores him and it is up to Stevie to find Rocky and save Ben his job so that he stays around for ...
4 Dec. 2008
Love and Let Die
An extremely bitter Frank Edwards launches an explosive attack on Minister Ayres as he tours the lands that may be affected by the dam and it is up to Grace, Jaz and Ben to stop him before he causes carnage.
10 Nov. 2008
Dog's Life
Missing Alex and fearing she is depriving Xander Stevie joins the Gungellan Mothers Group and although she loves it all the other women have partners and Stevie finds it hard to relate to without Alex. Meanwhile, Ben acquires a working dog but it belongs to a brute named Trevor Cherry who wants his dog back. Ben believes the dog is stolen which is proven by Ingrid. Tayler and Patrick fight over the dog trials.
10 Jan. 2009
My Prince Will Come
Jaz's friend and ex-boyfriend Prince Mischa arrives at Drovers from Europe with her show-jumping horse Anastasia and tries to persuade her to clear her name with his help. Meanwhile, Grace does her bit for the community by doing resuscitation training with Father Dan. Elsewhere, Phil and Moira makes plans to leave Drovers and go traveling until Moira discovers that she is pregnant.
17 Jan. 2009
Snogging Frogs
Grace threatens to report Mischa to the officials if he puts Jaz at risk by going through with his plan to discredit a stable hand so that Jaz's name can be cleared. Later Jaz discovers the truth behind the doping. Moira tells Phil she is pregnant and is surprised when he proposes. Marcus finally persuades Stevie set aside her grief and attend the charity ball and Tayler's new "study buddy" Wolfgang has Patrick concerned but Tayler's not too happy with his methods of interfering.
17 Jan. 2009
The Merry Widow
Rumors fly about Stevie and Marcus. Stevie leaves Xander alone overnight for the first time. Moira and Phil make plans for the future. Tayler sees a job application Patrick has completed for a position on the other side of the country.
17 Jan. 2009
Show Pony
New detectives arrived to investigate stock thefts, and one of them is Ingrid's violent ex-husband. Jaz tries to work out what is making Annie panic. Phil and Moira are trying to cope with their loss.
22 Jan. 2009
Every Move You Make
Drover's is hit by a cattle theft. Ingrid's husband watches Marcus. Tayler has difficulties with her studies.
24 Jan. 2009
Into Thin Air
Paul was released from the hospital three days ago and now Ingrid's brakes have just gone out on her ute, with Stevie in the ute with her. Ingrid is convinced it was Paul's doing and sends her ute over an embankment hoping to make it seem as though she has wondered off and died in the bush. She meets Marcus at a hotel and reluctantly devises a plan to get Paul nabbed for taking a shot at Marcus, but then thinks it's better to just disappear.
24 Jan. 2009
The Show Must Go On
Moira prepares for her starring role in Phil's musical but their personal relationship hits the rocks. Grace realises that Marcus doesn't feel the same way about her and is still pining for Ingrid. Stevie goes on a date with new locum vet Russ Connors but realises after the musical that she is still not ready to re-commit after Alex. Noisy gives birth to 4 puppies and Jaz tries to learn Ben to dance.
29 Jan. 2009
Into the Valley of the Shadow
One year after Alex's death Stevie admits that Drovers Run is in crisis because of the incessant drought and debt. Stevie tries to make ends meet but doubts her ability to make the right decision and thus involves the girls. Meanwhile, Jaz and Ben grow closer until his ex-girlfriend Monique arrives on the scene putting a spanner in the works. Elsewhere, Tayler receives high marks in her exams enabling her to study vet science at university but where will that leave Patrick. Grace sees Ingrid in town and finally tells Marcus - but who will he choose to be with? After ...
31 Jan. 2009
The Long Paddock
The Drovers team pursue their drove to Patterson's Field to catch the Queensland Road-trains despite a lot of obstacles including an unscrupulous cattle rustler but manage to make it on time. Ben tells Monique that there is no future for them and endeavours to make a new life with Jaz. Grace makes the hard decision to let Marcus be with his true love Ingrid. Phil comes back for Moira and Patrick and Tayler decide to go to Africa to be with Patrick's brother Dave. A very pregnant Jodi turns up at Drovers with her mother Meg and declares that her baby will be born at ...

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