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A must watch for all those who love cinema. A terrific performance by MOHANLAL.
midhundas-kct13 July 2010
One of the best performances By Mohanlal and Thilakan. Backed up with a very good story and direction which leaves a raw image after u come out of the cinemas. I pity that friend of mine who mentioned about the film as just a mediocre one!!! Wonder why films aren't being made of this class in the current malayalam film industry. Its rated as Mohanlal's, who is considered as one of the finest actors in the industry, one of the best performance so far in his career. The Mohanlal-Thilakan combo scenes are a treat to be watched. Cant really rate who's better. Aaduthoma,the protagonist of the story, is one of the finely etched out characters by the Director-Writer Bharathan. The real life-like characters which used to appear in malayalam film industry as in Sphadikam is gone missing.
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Lalettan with his curled mustache
jinson_cme26 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
In Spadikam, Mohanlal dons the role of real-life rowdy Thomas Chacko aka Aadu Thoma. The film follows the account of Thomas and his father who he has grown estranged from in his childhood. Living under the same roof, they are unable to be father and son to each other. Thomas, the classic rowdy and his father the schoolmaster.

Mohanlal does an excellent job in the portrayal and this has to be one of his best works. The opening scene where Thomas appears from out of the wilderness and captures a goat is classic and will remain etched in the minds of fans forever. Thilakan is another great actor cast in a typical role. That of the father. His style is exceptional and does an impressive role as that of a harsh schoolmaster with mixed feelings of fondness and hatred for his son and his behaviour. The film does feature comedy and this is the movie with the classic scenes where Mohanlal beats up a police officer and finally removes his 'mundu' and tries to choke him. The fight scenes are typical though and the role of the witty and smart rowdy is done impeccably well by Mohanlal. Overall the film is exemplary of Lal at his violent best. Though not his best piece of work, it doesn't fails to draw applause. And as Rasikan goes, 'Spadikathe thomachane kandavano marakuvilla'.
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That rare masala movie with soul
Cinema_freak1 November 2015
This movie is filled with action and may be be best known for the signature Mohanlal-mundu attack, but the father-son relationship is the center-stage for the whole movie. Some scenes are very moving. For example, the scene where Thoma's father is to invite Thoma to his sister's wedding, Mohanlal driving the lorry in anguish, the hospital scene, and yes, the climax.

Mohanlal doesn't have a chiseled body or bulging biceps. But his gait, body language, dialogue delivery - all ooze masculinity. Wonderful acting by Mohanlal and Thilakan. This movie seems something at first, but turns out to be something else.

The story (based on a real-life person), background score and acting all fit into place. A definite watch and an all-time Malayalam classic.

This fine movie is director Bhadran's sole saving-grace.
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The movie represents the obscure relationship between a father and a son in the most legendary fashion and the result is one of the best Indian movies
Rajath Krishnan4 June 2012
Sphadikam, belongs to the class of south Indian cinema which is almost extinct at the present time. One of the most prodigal characters, Thomas chako aka aadu thoma along his father chako maash(kaduva chako) make the movie the most impactful psychological experience a south Indian can achieve. The kind of music, direction and cinematography we can spot in the movie is completely void from the south Indian film industry now. The striking dialogs and incredible acting make the viewer have goosebumps. Its a shame that Malayalam movies have gone a lot down from this kind of quality in direction and acting. Even Mohanlal(Thomas chako) has begun doing pathetic movies like Alexander the great and Kandahar. As for sphadikam, its the most kick-ass movie in Malayalam along with devasuram. Truly a legendary one for the directors.
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Tough one
raycas7 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Mohanlal dons the role of an extremely tough guy in this movie. Especially the fight scenes are pretty raw... you really see him jumping around on rocks and falling on benches and stuff like that. sometimes it really looks real (which is pretty much for Indian movies)... the father-son relationship is of course the crucial point of the whole movie, thats why i wouldn't decrease mohanlal's character to just a rowdy. even though the characters are build up typically (in a typecasting way, means father is really shown as a "bad" man completely disrespecting his son's talents in the childhood, whereas everyone else is appreciating it) and not subtly, its the exceptional dialogues that make this movie unique. they are all full with intelligent sayings... so they come with a certain punch. Mohanlal's larger-than-life characters started actually with "devasuram" and continued here, but these ones are masterpieces, whereas the ones which mainly came after "aaram thampuran" are unfortunately not worth watching...

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highly overrated
madathilkatt_sid5 April 2010
I've seen this movie twice and i still fail to understand why a hell of a lot of people treat this as a cult movie. This is just a melodramatic movie to say the least. It has a decent story, but it's not at all presented in a subtle manner. The acting from thilakan and mohanlal does leave an impression. But the direction is ordinary. The fight scenes i.e the one where mohanlal removes his mundu may fetch mixed opinions. I for one, was disgusted by that scene. At best, this is a commercial potboiler with a decent story. No class. Nothing great. The name of the movie and the characters are the best part of the movie, not the movie as a whole. Mohanlal has done much better action films where he is enacting a larger-than-life role, Devasuram, Aaram Thamburan and Narasimham.
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