Lan Yu (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

villa student
love gift
gay investigation
bar airport
architecture student money
smuggling cooking
shower russian
singing memory
bare butt kimono
father son relationship mercedes
pajamas cigarette lighter
playing pool first gay kiss
french restaurant america
cigarette smoking hay fever
male prostitute singer
pay phone loss of virginity
posing in front of a mirror waitress
arrest putting earrings on someone
visa pulling down one's pants
gay relationship college student
heartbreak death of boyfriend
taxi gay husband
food 28 year old
generosity restaurant
tears reflection
reference to mao tse tung car as gift
cell phone male frontal nudity
loss of lover wedding photograph
chinese new year east berlin east germany
neck scarf mobile phone
champagne sleeping in a car
reciprocity eating
spilling a drink bare chested male
implied blow job male rear nudity
crying rainbow
jail character says i love you
graduation present camera
business corruption first gay sexual experience
sex song
year 1988 beer
older man younger man relationship giving a toast
watching tv looking out a window
elevator construction site
death of mao tse tung nudity
illegal fundraising electric fan
kissing hugging
game playing death penalty
wine sleeping on a sofa
businessman brother sister relationship
naivety bisexual
slow motion scene reference to la vie en rose the song
chinese yuan bribery
business card friend
tragic event marriage
male nudity closeted homosexual
divorce kitchen
taking a photograph tofu
battery operated razor flowers
husband wife relationship pool table
telephone call fear
male male kiss tea
broken air conditioner boyfriend boyfriend relationship
interpreter drink
japanese whiskey
chopsticks the eating utensil reference to ryuichi sakamoto
gay asian rain
cook death of loved one
mirror gay sex
savings account scratching one's butt
gay lead character implied fellatio
bed underwear
office running
flash forward mount huangshan china
business failure public security bureau
shampoo kiss
subjective camera corpse
mother daughter relationship hong kong
bet year 1989
death of lover morgue
wrapped in a towel wedding dress
tiananmen square beijing japanese restaurant
co worker death
shanghai china male model
chance meeting construction accident
bicycle aunt niece relationship
jealousy gay couple
family relationships destiny
happy new year photographer
funeral mother son relationship
prologue 1980s
accidental death shaving
driving dinner
homosexuality jail visitation
lamb passport
mortgage gay kiss
earrings newspaper
friendship drinking
beijing china brother brother relationship
dead body death of father

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