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A fantastic version for the modern day!

Author: welsh_werecat from Wales
30 November 2004

I am an avid fan of the 'carol' movies, and have read the book more times than I can count. Some version of 'Carol' are terrible, some are brilliant, this movie goes into the latter choice. Kemp brings us a very believable Scrooge, a loan shark in a council estate. We see more of Scrooges love, Belle (or rather, Bella, in this new version), who fills out the character like I have never seen before. The ghosts were fantastically thought out, instead of being random spirits, these ghosts were close to Scrooge in their lives. The Ghost of Christmas-Yet-To-Come being the biggest shocker of all.

This is undoubtedly my favorite take on the 'Carols' so far, and I would recommend it to anyone. I really, really hope that one day, it will be brought out onto DVD, I don't think the recording I made of it when it aired will last much longer from being watched.

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A modernized version that works for this "traditionalist"!

Author: jschultheis ( from Keansburg, NJ, USA
12 January 2002

As someone who comes from a family of Christmas fanatics and HUGE "Carol" fans begging for a version that remains completely faithful to the original text, this updated version intrigued me like very few have. Although the use of Marley is unusual (he appears several times), I bought into the concept of Scrooge as a heartless loan shark and Bob Cratchitt as his assistant trapped in a job from which he cannot afford to escape. I especially enjoyed some of the modern, and very creative, approaches which will be better appreciated by those more familiar with the story. What captured my attention initially, was the opening scene in which the familiar, "Marley was dead..." is delivered in a totally fresh manner. If you love the "Carol" try to find this next Christmas on public television (which is where I found it by accident)!

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This movie is amazing...

Author: Tickleroftheivories from Canada
18 December 2006

I loved this "Christmas Carol"; I saw it on TV a couple years ago and today I found it on IMDb. Needless to say, I found this version to be quite amazing; it was compact and really made you get to know Scrooge as a character. I think this movie was really well done even though it had been adapted to modern-day; in fact, I think it's adaption contributed to the brilliance. The love interest was also very realistic. If you are a fan of the classics, you should see this first-class version of "A Christmas Carol". Altogether, I really enjoyed this movie and if it ever comes out on DVD or VHS, I will be first in line... anyway...MERRY Christmas!

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One Of the Best

Author: csrusso from United States
25 December 2005

I actually stumbled upon this version from 2000 by accident. It was Christmas morning, 2002 and I was laying in bed looking for something to watch. I just happened to click on one of the local public stations out of Long Island and immediately became transfixed. I wasn't even sure of what I was watching. Then it struck me. A modern day Christmas Carol, complete with the British accents! What a treasure. The only negative thing I can say about this film is that it's next to impossible to find it playing on TV here in the states. It's also not available in any media form (VHS / DVD).

This is my favorite version of the Dickens classic and every cold-hearted anti holiday Grinch would be served well by one viewing.

If anyone knows where I can find this, please email me!!!! Thanks

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Brilliant Adaptation!

Author: jackiem-3 from Wolverhampton, UK
26 October 2001

A modern take on the familiar Christmas Carol story. This time Scrooge is a loan shark on an inner city estate. He brings misery to everyone who knows him, until he's finally shown the error of his ways by the three spirits. I recorded it last Christmas, and will certainly be watching it again this year. Look out for it being repeated!

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UK Xmas Carol

Author: javadude67002 from United States
14 December 2005

This Christmas Carol was broadcast on the local PBS station here in Wichita about 2 years ago. It's no Alistair Sim version by any means, but it is a VERY well done up to date version that is rather dark. It's also sort of a tangent related to a similar version called "An American Christmas Carol" with Henry Winkler 1979 where he plays a similar loan-shark character. This UK version is very well done, and I wish it would come out on DVD.

I managed to get a hold of a VHS copy and treasure it.

Death is by far one of the best ghosts I have seen in a while.


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Amazing This version is a must!!!

Author: simon3818 from United Kingdom
11 December 2009

This version of A Christmas Carol is now a tradition - I cant stop watching it and it never grows boring.

Its a modern 21st century version of the story we know and love with Ross Kemp playing Edward (Eddie) Scrooge who, of course, is a money lender/loan shark who squeezes everything he can out of his poor clients.

Christmas eve night he gets the visit from Marley - His recently murdered business partner who announces the spirits. After each spirit, Eddie relives Christmas Eve in a chance to get it right.

He eventually does, meets up with his lost love and they have a son who is familiar to Eddie.

Its brilliantly written, directed and Ross Kemp is fantastic as Eddie Scrooge, certainly in the top 3 Scrooges of all time. Its on ITV3 during Christmas 2009 - catch it, its worth it.

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Give this version time to brew.

Author: ( from United Kingdom
25 December 2009

Heart. This version has heart. Which is more than I can say for the latest Jim Carrey one. But I've opinionated about that elsewhere. When I first watched it in 2000, as a die-in-the-wool Dickens fan and this particular story, I was not impressed. But I will admit, in my immaturity, my displeasure had a great deal to do with Ross Kemp whom I didn't (and still don't) consider an actor worthy of the story. But here I am in 2009 and as it was on, I watched it, and this time I was impressed by the fact that it remained true to the spirit of the story if not to the story itself. In fact, I'll blaspheme a little; I thought parts of exceeded the original story. Especially the ghost of Christmas yet to come. But I do wish an actor of better calibre had been chosen for the part of Scrooge. Dear old Mr Kemp, let him stay in his soap where he belongs. The music was easily forgotten, the lighting or sound was not celebratory. The director will not have a memorial placed after her. But full marks to Peter Bowker, the screenwriter. A dark version children can watch. And it is interesting I found; if this happened in real life, the people whom Scrooge had wronged, would not immediately forgive him for all the pain he had inflicted upon them as has happened in all the other versions. This is a true to life fantasy. Top marks. Molly Cutpurse.

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Scrooge on the tower block

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
16 January 2016

This modern reworking stars Ross Kemp as Eddie Scrooge, a loan shark in a council estate. He is mean but unlike other loan sharks he does not break your arms and legs or threaten to rape single mothers. He just throws down the television set from the 15th floor instead of selling it in Cash Converters for some ever readies.

On Christmas Eve Eddie is visited by the ghost of his late murdered business partner Marley who warns him that if he does not mend his ways he will face an afterlife of misery, presumably he will owe himself some money.

Marley tells him that Eddie will be visited by three ghosts. The first ghost is his father who harks back to his impoverished childhood and his later blossoming love life with Bell who is a nurse but who left him because of his increasing meanness.

However each time Eddie is visited by a ghost his life resets to that Christmas Eve which he relives like Groundhog Day and Eddie clumsily tries to improve his ways but with little success as his heart is not in it until he meets the third and final ghost.

It seems that Eddie needs to face up to hard truths such as his role in the death of Marley which is why he tries to avoid Marley's mother or his world-view of the feckless and deserving poor.

It is an interesting update on the Dickens tale. Of course Eddie comes across too much as Grunt Mitchell that famous character Kemp played in Eastenders and the ending is not as sentimental as the Dickens novel but the comic elements does not quiet work and Michael Maloney seems miscast as Bob Cratchett.

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A brilliant film

Author: Cameron Bater from Warsash England
26 December 2013

In my opinion this film will become another Christmas classic like the Snowman and its sequel The Snowman And The Snowdog which as we all know are mandatory to watch at Christmas. I saw this film for the first time this year (2013-14) (even though its release was 2000)and it has been my burden to track it down since, the story is all there but perhaps because of the modern setting it is more relatable (especially given the economic situation we're in at the moment)

I hope that none find themselves in the way of a scrooge figure as a result and I wish thy all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Western New Year :).

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