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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 2001 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Beauty and the Beach

2 June 2001
A writer covers a nude supermodel photo shoot and renews an old relationship.
David Banks ... Alaister
Juan Carlos ... Jeff Rand
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds

Nancy O'Brien ... Kim Shay (as Brenda O'Neil)
Madeira Turner ... Chloe
Mariana Valdez ... Michelle Claire

Season 1, Episode 2: A Most Dangerous Desire

9 June 2001
FBI-agent Paul Roarke enlists Thrills reporter Denise to help him investigate Mafioso Marcus Gamboni - she accepts in exchange for exclusive coverage in the magazine. Her preliminary strip search by a female agent, the stalk-out while he has his way with a kept girl, Denise entering to examine the suit-case he left with his girl-friend Laura to be caught by Gamboni who is eagerly dissuaded by sex and celebration of the catch back with the agents provide ample opportunity to cater for stripping, lust in action and graphic erotic fantasies, which started even before she entered the Thrills headquarters.
Carlo Alongi ... Marcus Gamboni
Lori Bach ... Kara
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Devinn Lane ... Denise

Paul Logan ... Brian

Autumn Reeser ... Allison
Jennifer Smith ... Lori
Christopher Vee ... Roary
Vince Vouyer ... Paul Roark (as Gary Tangellini)

Season 1, Episode 3: Sex & Sweat

15 June 2001
Will Roark, a former USMC reporter, needs an interview for a Thrills article on personal trainers. His personal friend Maggie Ford, who trains Hollywood - and sport celebrities, only agrees if he takes her fitness program after a stark naked 'inspection of his muscle groups'. He thus hears and experiences her formula commonly includes more intimate contacts then -and on tip off- full body massages, in his case extended to the bedroom.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Chino Jesus ... Tak

Angela Nicholas ... Maggie Ford (as Angela Davies)
Chris Prince ... Will Roark
Jill Sharp ... Jodi
Angel West ... Clarissa (as Angela West)

Season 1, Episode 4: I Was a Rock 'n' Roll Groupie

Lisa is sent undercover to get the story "A Day in the Life of a Rock and Roll Groupie" for the Greg Z Band.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Holly Sampson ... Lisa

Sebastien Guy ... Greg Z.

Antoinette Abbott ... Cheryl / Morgan
Sara Ashlyn ... Kiki
Julie Meadows ... Jordana

Zay Harding ... Peter
Charlie Adams ... Vance
Matt McGuire ... Mike J. (as Matthew McGuire)
Lindsey Keller ... Angie

Canyon Prince ... Andy (as Ryan Prince)

Season 1, Episode 5: The Ultimate Companion

Dan takes home a pleasure android for the weekend. The builders want him to test it and see how well she functions.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Jason Schnuit ... Dan Tagart
Teanara Kai ... Adriana (as Teana Kai)
Kimber Lynn ... Christy
Uri Kolokol ... Tyler
Melissa McKee ... Jacqueline

David Guzzone ... Jasper
Madison Gray ... Selena
Mary Shannon ... Dr. Barbara Teller (as Nicki Dolan)

Season 1, Episode 6: I Spy

Rumor Magazine has a spy implanted at Thrills Magazine. Security cameras catch several employees having sex in their offices.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Jessica Lee ... Raquel
Justin Kyle ... Sean
P. Adam Walsh ... David

Kira Reed Lorsch ... Cassandra (as Kira Reed)

Dillon Morgan Silver ... Gavin (as Dillon Silver)
Fleur Cooper ... Nicole
James Tindel ... Willy Raines
Sasha Peralto ... Tori

Season 1, Episode 7: The Taming of Felicia

When a male Thrills reporter returns from an interview with a jungle rebel commander he can't publish because it consisted solely of sex without any dialog, he finds boss Felicia is pissed off after rejection by a billionaire, but allows contractor Jamie to decide he's hired to redecorate the office, and proves himself her dream-lover even though he has an 'in-living' assistant. Meanwhile the reporter has his fun in the office with a nymphomaniac admirer in the copier-room.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
David Banks ... Alaister

Brad Bartram ... Jamie (as Brad Bartrum)

Iva Hasperger
David Johnson ... Thrills Employee
Jessica Lee ... Raquel

Irina Stemer ... Commander Lupez
Stella Yan ... Tanya

Season 1, Episode 8: Club Plasma

When hunky Thrills-reporter Rob Constantine examines Club Plasma, which even has a discount for 'non-mortals', his sexual intimacy with Portia Valera, a self-professed vampire whom he found to sleep with improbably hibernation-like metabolism, comes at the price of a vampire kiss - is he now one himself? At any rate the whole thing stimulates libido, according to Portia since she slept with Aurelius, the son of a Roman general...
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds

Antoinette Abbott ... Cheryl
Duke Champagne ... Rob Constantine
Charles D. Cherrier ... Vince
Darby Daniels ... Sex Ghoul #3 (as Susan Hale)
Logan Degan ... Sex Ghould #2
Anna Godwin ... Bartender
Rodrick Hersh ... Bouncer
Catalina Larranaga ... Portia Valera
Roland Martinez ... Aurelius
Raquel Ann Moore ... Sex Ghoul #1

Season 1, Episode 9: Easy Writer

Mason meets a mysterious rider at a biker club. At this club, the bikes are not ridden that much, but the bikers are.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Renee Rea ... Brooke
Justin Russell Hughes II ... Mason
Niece Baker ... Vicky
Jessica Lee ... Raquel
Kimber Lynn ... Party Girl
Robert Nassry ... Sultan's Bodyguard
Daniel W. Sielski ... Sultan
Alexandra Silk ... Yasmine
Chris Villa ... Harrison (as Christopher Villa)

Season 1, Episode 10: Sex & Fantasy

Felicia will be attending the 1st Annual Thrills Award show. One the writers Raquel is supposed to be attending as well. However, she delayed due to a modeling shoot, she get stuck at a farm way away from civilization.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Jessica Lee ... Raquel
Scott Beattie ... Mike
Scott Anthony Gould ... Darius
Daniel Anderson ... Oliver (as Duggan Hayes)

Alisha Klass ... Natasha
Stuart C. Kinzey ... Uncle Pete

Season 1, Episode 11: A Ghostly Affair

Felicia send two reporters Fred and Daphne undercover to the Rajahari sex commune. On the way their car breakdown, they end up seeking help in a creepy house.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds
Lance Moseley ... Fred
Ruby Bullock ... Daphne
Susan Anne Wall ... Pale Woman

Stephanie Swinney ... Henna Chick (as Stephania Lynn Swinney)
Mauro L. Metini ... State Trooper (as Mauro Mettini)

Nick Pellegrino ... Waiter
Howard Russell ... Nude Man

Season 1, Episode 12: The Muse

Felicia helps launch the career of a struggling artist who uses her body to paint her canvasses.

Season 1, Episode 13: Dr. Janet

Dr. Janet has a talk radio show about sex and relationships. She will be writing a column for Thrills Magazine. If the column is anywhere close to the heat in her fantasies, the building will burn down.
Lauren Hays ... Felicia Reynolds

Monique Parent ... Dr. Janet (as Scarlet Johansing)
Joey Jamieson ... Kal

Mia Zottoli ... Marissa

Timothy Stempien ... Cody - Boxer

George Thomas ... Kal (as Joe Jamieson)

Unknown Season

Eye of the Beholder

27 July 2001

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