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I am disappointed with NBC

Author: mothership37 from Michigan
18 July 2002

I dont understand why NBC doesnt give more of a chance to shows airing on Thursday nights. This was a good show with a terrific cast and it was cancelled so quickly. Why? If ratings were low they should have given it more time to build an audience. Just because a show is following "Friends" doesnt mean it will do as well immediately. Doesnt quality count for anything? I was also wondering why you dont list Lisa Edelstein among the cast. She was one of the stars of the show.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful: a rolling stone

Author: batgirl1780 from Omaha, Nebraska
28 March 2002

"Leap of Faith" is intelligent, clever, sexy, and fun. I have always enjoyed Chris Mundy's articles (Yes, many of them in Rolling Stone) and it is great to see some of that wit on television. Music geeks will also greatly appreciate each episode's soundtrack, it goes beyond the pseudo-hip "adult alternative" that TV is so fond of. Sharp and glossy in style, I pray the gods this doesn't get cancelled anytime soon.

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I really enjoy this

Author: stocey_sauce from Canada
1 March 2002

This is a great show! I'm not a usual TV watcher cause of all the crap out, but this was one tv show i enjoyed. The characters were interesting It was funny witty and all and all seems to have a good story line...*AND* It's right after Friends(bonus)

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Finding this show funny would be a HUGE Leap of Faith!!!

Author: ( from West Hollywood
28 March 2002

Wow! This has got to be one of the WORST "sitcoms" I've ever seen. After the first few minutes, I thought that NBC was pulling a stunt by broadcasting a half-hour drama after Friends. I tried to be as open-minded and receptive as possible, but I think Schindler's List had more humor than this piece of schlock.

The main problem here is that this show - and most sitcoms in general - are typically nothing more than a writer's medium. It's less about the relationships between the characters than it is about the, ahem..."witty" banter. The constant ping-ponging back and forth of one-liners is so unbelievable and unrealistic, that we end up not believing in the characters at all. It simply hampers the actor's ability to respond truthfully and what you end up with is a bunch of talking heads.

Note to producers and network execs: for the love of god, turn to Nickelodean and check out All In The Family and The Golden Girls. There's a reason these reruns are still popular.

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Sex and the City for TV...

Author: (Kristi7897) from Indiana, USA
2 April 2002

Not only is this show on right after "Friends," (BONUS), but it's funny, fresh, and amazing to watch. It's only 30 minutes long, but when it's over, you feel like only 10 minutes have gone by, it's just that good. Sarah Paulson is one of the best underrated actresses on television, she is perfect in this part. From the writers of Sex and the City, Leap of Faith is a leap worth taking.

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Author: notstudyinglaw from Cambridge, MA
4 April 2002

Compared to other shows that have inhabited this doomed slot, "Leap" is already miles ahead.

On the good side- a diverse cast that takes diversity for granted; it is refreshing to see a sitcom with black and white cast members where the black woman isn't the sassy sista'! Additionally, the dialogue is getting better- but if you want "Golden Girls" this simply ain't aimed at you. This is, however, aimed at me, and I like the banter- this is how my group of friends sounds, or at least how we would like to sound.

On the not so good side- the storylines still need work, but are also getting steadily better. They seem to be playing down the over-the-top Ally-neurosis of Faith. Thank God. There's a reason no one watches Ally anymore. I also believe the anti-marriage bits were a phase. I simply took the digs as the kind of things we say, but only half mean. I gave it all a knowing laugh.

If the writers do want to look to a classic sitcom for guidance, maybe they should check out "Designing Women." They could take the smart women, smart talk, happily single, happily married elements; leave the annoying stereotypes and shoulder pads behind; and add a dash of 21st century wit and worldliness. Of course, every sitcom must make it through the minefield of sitcom stereotypes. "Leap" is trying, and doing better than most.

Give this a chance, it actually has potential, unlike "Inside Schwartz," "Stark Raving Mad," "Cursed," etc, etc. Of course, I realize that's not saying much.

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Has this show been canceled? I sure hope so!

Author: wynkerts from Boston, MA
30 April 2002

Another of those wannabe 'cool' shows with oh-so-smart one-liners all over the place. It's just not funny and as usual uses sex, sex talk, and sexual innuendo for humor. All this so early in the night too.

This is another certain cancellation, like the rest of those awful 830p Thursday shows. TV really has sunk to even lower levels than in the late '90s.

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Too Bad, such a good idea gone sour....

Author: tbabe29 from SF Bay Area, CA
22 March 2002

I don't know if I have rolled my eyes so much in one sitting before. Man this show is such a disappointment, I really don't know where to begin, so I will just DIG IN: Sarah Paulson - NOT FUNNY and NOT OLD ENOUGH to be portraying an OVER 30 something. The woman is like 27. She is no Sarah Jessica Parker and I make that comparison because LEAP OF FAITH was pitched as a "tamer version of Sex and the City". I was excited, because I think Sex and the City is a bit TOO MUCH. But LEAP is a bit TOO LITTLE. THE WRITING. Hellooooo?? Could it be ANY MORE INSULTING to this 31 YEAR OLD SINGLE WOMAN? I am the target audience people!! DEVELOP A STORY once in awhile, okay? Especially the characters. WE DON'T KNOW THEM YET. Let us get to know them... I dunno what else. I had to change the channel. Another sitcom down the drain. Too bad.

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Author: ( from the ATL
1 March 2002

What a piece of garbage!!! What's the deal with all of these TV shows like "Leap of Faith" and "Ally McBeal" where the central female character is beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious; but at the same time stupid, selfish, and neurotic! Every stereotype is in full force here! Let's see. Besides the lead character mentioned, you have her high and mighty sister, her mother who thinks she might be gay because she's not married yet, the office tramp who will probably catch something down the road, and the ideal man, the stud with a heart of gold. As a single man, I'm sick and tired of seeing these so-called comedies rape the institution of marriage and family. To the writers of this show: why do hate marriage so much? Why do you make fun of people who want to be "complete" with someone else? Why do you think people "die" once they get married? Why do you think marriage is for "people who want to give up"? There are a few good points to the show: Tim Meadows was funny (give him his own show and take him away from this Crap) and, THANK GOD, the girls have a guy friend at the office who IS NOT GAY. It is refreshing to see that, even though I realize his waving to every girl he sees perpetuates another stereotype. It's really sad that TV shows can't depict a woman (or a man) who decides to sacrifice, give up some of their life, and, yes, do what is right!

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