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If you only watch one news show a week, make it this one!
momule531 March 2007
Fox News Watch is the only news show I consider appointment TV. This show is thoughtful and thorough. The panel is made up of Cal Thomas, who was a reporter for NBC in the 60s and is now a well-known conservative columnist, Jane Hall, a respected journalism professor, Jim Pinkerton, a former Reagan administration adviser, and Neal Gabler, a liberal columnist. First and foremost, these people are journalists, and they take journalism seriously. This is not a typical talking head show where the conservatives and liberals shout at each other. They often agree with each other when it comes to attacking shoddy or lazy journalism wherever they see it. And Fox News itself is not beyond their purview. One of the funniest lines I have heard on TV in years was a line by Gabler when he prefaced his criticism of FNC a couple of weeks ago by saying, "I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me Kool-aid..." They cover the important stories of the week in a well-paced format that will keep you wanting more.
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