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Former Fox News Host Calls Network’s Audience ‘a Cult’ Led by Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Former Fox News host Eric Burns described the network’s audience as a “cult” while weighing in on the developing scandal surrounding Bill O’Reilly, who he called “the head of the cult.” “I think the way to understand this is to make a distinction between culture and cult,” Burns, who hosted “Fox News Watch” for a decade, told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday. “I’m saying that the people who watch Fox News are cult-ish. Because for many years, conservatives have been extremely upset in this country because the only newscast that they had to watch were liberal,
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Fox Panel On Hillary TV Projects: No ‘Firewall’ Between News And Entertainment At NBC

Saturday's Fox News Watch roundtable took on Rnc Chairman Reince Priebus's threat to CNN and NBC over their proposed Hillary Clinton projects, with Judith Miller dismissing the controversy as way too premature. The panel also clashed a bit over Oprah Winfrey comparing the cases of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till, and whether that was a "fair and balanced" assessment.
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Fox News Watch Trashes Newspaper’s ‘Irresponsible’ Fox-kkk Editorial: Shows Liberals Hate Opposing Views

Fox News Watch today tackled the ongoing saga of Anthony Weiner and the media coverage of the sext-happy mayoral candidate. But after the fun and games, they also had some choice words for the New Haven Register for publishing an editorial likening Fox News, Ted Nugent, and Ann Coulter to the Kkk, only to offer an apology after being called out by Bill O'Reilly. Host Jon Scott suggested this may be a "signal that liberal media just doesn't like opposing views."
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Kirsten Powers Battles Fox Panel: Right ‘Obsessing’ About Black Crime So They Can ‘Stick It To Black Community’

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers sparred with the panel of Fox News Watch on Saturday afternoon over the specter of black crime, which conservatives have been using as a foil for the media's alleged obsession with the racial elements of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Powers accused the right of being insincere in their sudden handwringing over black-on-black crime now that the subject can be invoked every time the Martin case comes up.
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Fox News Watch Mocks Media’s ‘Overkill’ Coverage Of Zimmerman Trial: ‘So Clearly Sad He Might Get Off’

This Saturday's Fox News Watch panel has had just about enough of the George Zimmerman case, unanimously agreeing that the case is over-covered, especially with events in Egypt and elsewhere vying for national attention. "With all this stuff going on in the world, Egypt, Obamacare, Nsa, this is wall to wall," said guest host Eric Shawn. "All we're seeing is Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin," Judy Miller said. "I'm sorry, I think it's overkill. I know it gets ratings, but it doesn't reflect what the country should be thinking about."
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Mediaite’s Joe Concha On Fox: Cable News Doma Coverage Too ‘Lopsided’ In Favor Of Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court striking down Doma was an unquestionable victory for gay rights this week, but the panelists Fox News Watch wondered whether the media was being too celebratory in its coverage of the case. Host Jon Scott contrasted that coverage with the more straight-faced and grim manner in which they covered the Voting Rights Act. Mediaite's Joe Concha argued that the cable news coverage of gay marriage was way too lopsided in favor of it.
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Kirsten Powers Battles Fox Panel Over Snowden Leaks: He Hasn’t Caused ‘Any Damage To United States’

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers dissented from the majority opinion on this Saturday's Fox News Watch, refusing to condemn Snowden as a "naive narcissist" along with the rest of the panel, and much of the media. After Judy Miller and Jim Pinkerton had welcomed Snowden to celebrityhood and compared him to disgraced communist spies, respectively, Powers stood up for the Nsa leaker, saying, "His complaint is completely valid."
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Howard Kurtz joins 'Fox News Watch' after leaving CNN

To some in the news business, Fox News chief Roger Ailes looms large, viewed with a combination of fear, loathing, fascination and (at least in cable-news-ratings terms) envy. But when it comes to staffing Fnc and its sister cablenet, Fox Business Network (Fbn), a relationship with Ailes is often the secret ingredient.

Thursday (June 20), Fnc announced that it has hired longtime media reporter Howard Kurtz, who has anchored CNN's weekly media-criticism show "Reliable Sources" since 1998. He has also been the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for The Daily Beast and Newsweek.

Fox News also recently re-upped with right-wing political firebrand Sarah Palin, no fan of what she calls the "lamestream media." The former Alaska governor and 2008 Gop vice-presidential candidate made her reappearance on the network on Monday's "Fox & Friends."

Contacted via email for comment on Kurtz joining her in the Fnc stable, Palin wrote, "Well, no one can accuse a
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Howard Kurtz Leaves CNN For Fox News, Will Anchor Weekend Media Program

A month after he came close to losing his CNN job, Howard Kurtz is leaving the news cable network for rival Fox News. Starting July 1, he will anchor a version of Fox News Watch, which focuses on the media, with a new format during the weekends. That is in line of Kurtz’s current duties as host of CNN’s Reliable Sources where his current contract was reportedly up. Fox News Watch‘s anchor Jon Scott will move to the specials unit where he will serve as anchor. Additionally, Kurtz will serve as an on-air analyst for programs throughout the week, while also writing a regular column on FoxNews.com, commenting on social media news, industry trends and the intersection of media and politics. “Howie is the most accomplished media reporter in the country,” said Fox News Evp Michael Clemente. “He’s also a master of social media trends, information good and bad,
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Fox News' Kirsten Powers has become 'the cop on the beat' for the media

  • Pop2it
These aren't happy days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Obama White House has been handling a bundle of controversies lately -- from the fallout from the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last Sept. 11; to the IRS targeting conservative and other groups for scrutiny; to the seizing of the phone records of Associated Press reporters and Fox News Channel correspondent James Rosen (who also had his email accounts accessed); and now revelations that the Nsa has been archiving the phone records of millions of Americans.

One reason the West Wing is on edge is that mainstream news outlets are jumping aggressively on these stories -- something that hasn't always happened in the recent past.

For Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers, it's about time.

"They [the White House] make reporters send quotes for approval," she tells Zap2it. "They do interviews through email. This is what the White House Press
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Fox News Watch Blasts Media: ‘Obama’s Prom Picture Got More Attention Than IRS Scandal’

Jon Scott led a Fox News Watch roundtable on Saturday afternoon on media flippancy over the IRS scandal. "Are the media taking this seriously?" he implored. "I think the media are taking this seriously," reporter Judy Miller said, "because this part of a trifecta of scandals, and one of those legs involves us." "I think I heard Judy say that the media are giving this adequate attention," said Jim Pinkerton...
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Does Obama Still Have The ‘Juice’? Fox Pundits Take On The ‘Feckless’ President’s 2nd Term ‘Fizzle’

Host Jon Scott began Saturday's edition of Fox News Watch by looking at a question President Obama received from ABC News' Jonathan Karl at this past week's news conference. Karl asked Obama if he "still has the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this Congress." The Fox panel weighed in on whether the president should be considered a "lame duck" just 100 days into his second term.
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Fox News Panelists Note Progress In Media Coverage Of Fox’s Jana Winter

On Saturday's Fox News Watch, a panel led by host Jon Scott discussed the case of Fox News reporter Jana Winter finally getting some attention by the mainstream media. Winter's exclusive July 2012 story revealed the existence of a notebook James Holmes, the accused in the Aurora theatre shooting, allegedly sent to a psychiatrist five days prior to the shooting. Winters is being pressured by Holmes's lawyers and the case judge to reveal her sources and faces possible jail time. Winters has steadfastly refused to divulge her sources, citing her rights as a journalist to preserve her sources, but, until recently, her plight had received little attention.
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Kirsten Powers Backs Megyn Kelly’s Tough Treatment Of NRA’s Lapierre On Fox: ‘Not An Honest Broker’

The top story on Saturday's edition of Fox News Watch concerned the media's treatment of the gun control debate, and in particular Megyn Kelly's interview with NRA executive Wayne Lapierre Thursday. Contributor Kirsten Powers commended the Fox host for grilling Lapierre on his organization's opposition to policies like expanded background checks and magazine limits that gun control advocate believe could save lives.
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Kirsten Powers And Panel Hit Media Hard On Sotu: They Fawn Over ‘Every Stupid Idea Barack Obama Has’

Fox News Watch, Fox's media bias program, took on the media coverage of the State of the Union and Marco Rubio's awkward water bottle moment in his response. Kirsten Powers went after President Obama the hardest, criticizing the media for fawning over every single speech Obama says and derisively saying that being a liberal is more than just liking "every stupid idea" the president has.
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Kirsten Powers And Fox Panel Slams White House Press Corps For ‘Swooning’ Over Obama

This afternoon's Happening Now "Fox News Watch" panel took on Michael Hastings' report that the White House Press Corps engages in "juvenile and amateurish" behavior when around the president, impeding their ability to ask tough questions. Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers said despite her repeated criticism of the media's fawning over the president, even Hastings report "surprises" her. "I think we need to hire grown-ups to cover the president," she said.
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Judith Miller Accuses Chris Christie Of ‘More Often Than Not’ Yelling At Women

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has developed a reputation for not having too much patience with those who try them, to the point that many are beginning to ask what this will mean for his political career. On today's Fox News Watch, Judith Miller took it a step further by noting that most of Governor Christie's altercations seem to involve women, something that suggests his lack of respect for some is gendered.
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Kirsten Powers Blasts ‘Disturbing’ Bill Maher Nyt Profile: He ‘Says The Most Vile Things’

Perennial offender Bill Maher was the topic of conversation on today's Fox News Watch today, this time for calling Americans "stupid" and arguing that most of America will be Mormon in the future because it's a "stupid religion" and thus are "made for each other." The conversation took a turn when the point was made that, despite his behavior, Maher received a positive profile in the New York Times this week, one Kirsten Powers described as "disturbing" and describing "a person who does not exist."
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Fox News Panel: In Booker Case, ‘Chris Matthews Was The Disciplinarian Of The Democratic Party’

The attacks on Mitt Romney over his time at Bain Capital and his vast wealth have been paramount in the news this week, and on Fox News Watch today, the panel began the debate with Newark Mayor Cory Booker's comments last Sunday that the Obama campaign's fixation on Bain was "nauseating," and the subsequent "hostage tape" he made qualifying his remarks. While the entire situation was strange to most panelists, Judith Miller pointed out that the most bizarre thing for her was Chris Matthews' reaction, which made him the Party's "disciplinarian."
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Fox News Watch Panel Tackles Hilary Rosen ‘Grenade’ Thrown Into 2012 Race

Given its objective to cover the week's biggest news stories, the Hilary Rosen/Ann Romney feud took up plenty of time on Fox News Watch today, as the panel explored the connection between Rosen and the White House and the perceived fallacies of her logic. On the program today, Jim Pinkerton and Judith Miller noted that 35 visited to the White House made her more than a friend to the administration, while Kirsten Powers argued that, by Rosen's logic, First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton shouldn't have a say in politics, either.
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