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6 Jan. 2005
Crocodile McChuckle
Paul and Barry go to visit their Scottish cousins, the McChuckles. Dougal is worried because Douglas thinks he is an Australian, having barbies and wearing corks on his hat. They follow him to the mysterious Mists of McIntosh, where Douglas returns to his old self, but another cousin, Duncan, has turned into an Australian.
13 Jan. 2005
A Job Well Done
The brothers are given three separate building jobs at three different houses. They are unaware that they are being secretly filmed for a television documentary exposing Britain's worst cowboy builders. Presenter Ruth England confronts them with her report. Could it get any worse? (That is, excluding the gravel that gets tipped on the secret filming van.)
20 Jan. 2005
Who's Minding the Store
Barry and Paul are minding Mr. Hersee's corner shop for him, but whilst their backs are turned somebody drives off in a van with all the stock from the shop. The brothers give chase and retrieve it but Mr. Hersee is not pleased with the result.
27 Jan. 2005
Funny Money
Well-off Uncle Richie gives Paul and Barry a wheelbarrow full of money to give away but they are pursued by another, aggrieved relation, Bob Beans Chuckle, who says the money should given to him. In the event the notes prove to be fake, apart from the ones Barry puts on a bonfire.
3 Feb. 2005
The Chuckle and the Pea
Paul and Barry have gone to visit Lettice, a deaf, elderly relative of Dan the Van. After dinner the brothers are loading the plates into the dish-washer when a pea rolls off a plate and under a cupboard. Paul insists that they retrieve it - "after all, it may have been a cabbage" - and in the process they almost demolish Lettice's kitchen.
10 Feb. 2005
The Vengeful Viking
Whilst the brothers are taking a country walk Paul wakes up Magnus the Viking, who has been asleep for centuries and does not take kindly to the intrusion, pursuing Paul overland and eventually getting him into a boat in preparation for a Viking burial. Can Barry, dressed as Magnus's mother, soothe him back to sleep?
17 Feb. 2005
Grande Fromage
Barry and Paul get jobs as shop assistants to Monsieur Fromage, the French cheese-maker, who is excited about an up-coming competition, where he is entering his new cheese. As ever the brothers cause havoc but inadvertently expose a rival cheese-maker who is trying to sabotage Monsieur Fromage by leaving a mouse in the shop to discredit him.
24 Feb. 2005
Price and Prejudice
Barry has painted the garden wall but every morning the brothers find that someone has defaced it with rude slogans and pictures of Paul. It turns out that the culprit is Paul, who is doing it sub-consciously. Barry plays psychiatrist to root into the brothers' past and account for Paul's hatred of walls.
3 Mar. 2005
The Purple Pimple: Highway Robbery
Paul and Barry find themselves back in the eighteenth century, where they keep getting robbed by a highwaywoman, whom they mistakenly believe is their friend, the Countess. The Countess rescues them after the highwaywoman has tied the brothers up and they race to stop her robbing the bullion coach.
10 Mar. 2005
Whilst working as eighteenth-century blacksmiths the Chuckle Brothers are approached by a smuggler to take a valuable French watch over to Dan Le Van in France, but they are relieved of it by Robespierre, who is now the landlord of a country pub. The watch changes hands several times before the smuggler is arrested by Customs man Ebenezer Bentparcel and the silly siblings go on their way.
17 Mar. 2005
The Real Purple Pimple
Sir Percy and the Countess have escaped from Revolutionary France but Robespierre captures the Countess. Barry, posing as the Purple Pimple, rescues her after a dual - playing tiddly-winks - but then Robespierre catches Percy and ties him up in a cellar which is filling up with liquid. Paul has to impersonate the Purple Pimple again to save him.
24 Mar. 2005
The Lift
After "repairing" a water dispenser on the top floor of an office block, Paul and Barry decide to take the lift back down. Unfortunately the lift breaks down, trapping them - and No Slacking - inside! Can they figure out a way to get it working again before No Slacking goes crazy?
31 Mar. 2005
The Diva
The Chuckle Brothers have got jobs in the household of self-absorbed pop diva Bettina D'Angelis, who keeps ripping up Paul's song-writing efforts for her. She is due to attend an award ceremony but is frightened of threats being made against her by the Egg-Stalker. Acting as her bodyguards ,the brothers unmask the stalker but reveal a little too much of Bettina when it starts to rain.
7 Apr. 2005
Let Them Beat Cake
Paul and Barry are taking part in a cake-making contest at a village fete, but there is skulduggery afoot, as overly keen contestants start to steal the cakes made by their rivals. An inspector is called in to investigate.
14 Apr. 2005
One's Bitten Two's Shy
The Chuckle Brothers are spending a holiday in the country with Aunt Petal. Barry gets bitten by a were-fox and, when the full moon comes up, strange things start to happen to him.

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