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Movie-style romance may never look quite the same. Neither will flower petals.
This genre-busting movie has the appearance of a love story but morphs into a thriller, told cleverly in a nonlinear style. Think "Sliding Doors" crossed with "The Sixth Sense," with a little "Memento" thrown in.
L.A. Weekly
Mercifully there's more Hitchcock than Lacan in this slickly enjoyable little number, which cannily plays off the ingénue image of "Amélie's" Audrey Tautou.
May not change the world, but it's deeply creepy and richly satisfying.
Portland Oregonian
The film holds charms for everyone but in a very unusual way: If some audience members feel cheated at the halfway mark, others will feel that the film is finally getting started. Nifty!
Chicago Tribune
Though I wouldn't call He Loves Me a total success, it's smart, intriguing and quite ambitious, a first film by a talented young filmmaker that displays superstar Tautou's gifts in an eerie new light.
An interesting choice for a Valentine's Day outing, He Loves Me is a weird, bubbly cocktail -- effervescent charm and troubling pathology, shaken together.
The A.V. Club
It's clever enough, but it's mostly a contrivance to hide the fact that there's nothing interesting about the story itself.
Dallas Observer
Standing on its own, it's comme ci, comme ça, self-serious when it should be adventurous, coy when it should be revelatory. One must afford it props, though, for its proud celebration of insanity. Now that is truly creepy.
Boston Globe
Settles for the cliches of American suspense films, right down to an ending that leaves the door open to a possible sequel.

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