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Thrice is Nice!

Author: bbethel66 from Buffalo, NY
27 June 2003

Sonic 3 picks up on what happened to Dr. Robotnik's Death Egg after it was destroyed in Sonic 2. This time, the mad scientist continues the mayhem on different grounds.

On Mobius' Floating Island, Dr. Robotnik's Death Egg is in need of repairs. But this time, he has someone to help him. This is where Knuckles is introduced, who would become Sonic's friend/rival later on.

Although there are less zones here than in Sonic 2, there's still just as much ground to cover. First, there's Angel Island Zone (the tropical region), Hydrocity Zone (the underwater region), Marble Garden Zone (an ancient garden community), Carnival Night Zone (entertainment in the big city at nite), Ice Cap Zone (the arctic region), and Launch Base Zone (area where Robotnik's ship is being restored, as can be seen in the background). The last zone has three tough bosses that upon defeating again destroys the space ship before it even goes into outer space.

All six zones have two acts, both of which are really long. This time, each have two bosses.

Knuckles is convinced that Sonic and Tails are the bad guys, and as the two are out to stop Robotnik yet again, someone is around to make the mission more difficult. Meanwhile, Robotnik is given more time to fix his ship, using the chaos emeralds. Here, the emeralds are the sources for the power of the Floating Island. In between the mission, you have to recollect the seven chaos emeralds (since Knuckles steals them from you at the start of the game) before Robotnik gets them.

Sonic 3 isn't quite as powerful as Sonic 2, but it's still a very good game.

Next up: Sonic & Knuckles!

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Third Time's A Charm!

Author: ( from U.S.A
24 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Sonic the Hedgehog and his two-tailed fox companion, Tails, head for Angel Island because they got word that Dr. Robotnik was seen causing trouble so they've come to stop him, but this time, Robotnik has help. Enter Knuckles the Echidna, whom Robotnik brain-washed into thinking Sonic and Tails were the enemies out to destroy the island, so he pops up every now and then throughout the game to cause trouble. Sonic and Tails begin their quest and soon travel to Hydrocity Zone, Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base and at the end of each level, Dr. Robotnik awaits our heroes in yet another hover craft with even more weapons and at the end of the first part of the level, a robot co-boss awaits. Just jump at him to defeat him. When Sonic and Tails finally reach Robotnik's Launch Base, they discover his Death Egg has been prepped and ready to be launched into space and Knuckles awaits to stop the heroes. Sonic alone must take on Robotnik who has three dangerous hover crafts awaiting, but if Sonic is successful, he'll foil the Death Egg's launch and watch it explode in mid-air.

Play as Sonic and/or Tails. Use Tails' tails to fly to new heights. You don't get too far because Tails soon tires out. There are many obstacles in the game, most of them caused by Knuckles. Collect as many rings as you can and if you see a giant ring, jump in. It leads to a special zone where Sonic and Tails must get all the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik can. Collect all the blue spheres but be cautious. The game's speed picks up quickly and watch out for red spheres. If you touch one, you lose. Other than that, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a pretty good game. In this one, the rings look more 3-D and much of the music is different than that of the first two games. What's good about this game is you can save wherever you quit so you can pick up there rather than play through the game again.

I recommend Sonic the Hedgehog 3! It's a good game. It beats all the modern games. Check it out, won't you?


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Sonic the Hedgehog 3!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
23 September 2004

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous video games of all time! The characters, the jumping, the power-ups, and the sure thrill of adventure makes this entire series a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful. The backgrounds are really beautiful!

Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you''s find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: The music is great! Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved Sonic the Hedgehog! If you like excellent adventure games then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game check out!

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The 2nd best Sonic game in the series! it's one of my favorite video games of all time, and one that I play often

Author: callanvass
21 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the 2nd best Sonic game in the series! it's one of my favorite video games of all time, and one that I play often. One of my favorite features in this game is the big rings, because when you jump into them, your taken into this place with a bunch of blue spheres, red spheres and star spheres, The blue spheres are OK to get, and if you hit the star ones you just bounce right off them, however don't go near the Red ones otherwise you will lose. I played this over and over growing, up and still love to play it today, as it never gets old or tiring, plus The effects still hold up pretty decent today in my opinion. It gets more and more challenging once it goes on, and the three main bosses are extremely hard to beat, plus The music is extremely catchy. This is the 2nd best Sonic game in the series! it's one of my favorite video games of all time, and one that I play often, and if you haven't played it and still have a Sega Genises what are you waiting for? do so immediately you won't regret it!.

Here is what I think of the levels!.

Level 1. Angle Island Zone, this is a very easy level to play, as you should be able to coast right through it, be sure to jump into the big rings in order to get the 7 diamonds. The 1st two bosses are very easy just jump on them and watch out for the fire. The Main boss is also pretty to beat, just hit him and watch out for his big fire balls, and hit him at the right time, it's simple!.

Level 2. Hydrocity Zone. This is somewhat difficult level, but not really as you will get the hang of it very soon, but in Act two, at the beginning be sure to watch out for the moving walls, because if your not quick enough it will squish you. The 1st main boss is pretty easy to beat, just jump over it when it's coming at you, and when it stops hit it!. The 2nd boss isn't that difficult either, just watch out for the big white twister thing, and use the little explosions to jump onto it, or wait until it comes near you!.

Level 3.Marble Garden Zone. This is not that difficult to beat, as it's quite a fun level to play, just watch out for the sneaky grasshoppers and huge chain balls. The 1st boss is easy just avoid the falling debris and hit it. The Main boss is somewhat difficult as it comes from all different angles, it's all about timing here, you get that you should be fine!.

Level 4. Carnival Night Zone. I have always had trouble with this level for some reason, it's a fun level to play, but I always get lost, and really struggle, but you will get the hang of it (Gold Sonic really does help). The 1st boss is pretty easy to beat just watch out for the electric shocks, and hit it!. The 2nd boss is somewhat tough to beat, but not that hard, all in all a really fun level.

Level 5. Ice Cap Zone. This is a really cool level, it can be difficult, but not really, it's probably my favorite level in this game, as it's really fast too!. The 1st boss is kind of difficult but not really just watch out for the swarming ice balls, and dropping snow balls, and once that stops hit him!. The 2nd boss is not that tough either just watch out for the shooting freeze so you don'r get frozen, and then wait and hit!.

Level 6. Launch Base Zone(Final level). This is my 2nd favorite level, as it's the toughest, as it's very challenging, but also a lot of fun, you get to go in teacups, and all sorts of neat stuff, and you also get a chance to hit the pesky Robotnic a couple times. The 1st boss is very easy to beat, just watch out for his, arms with spikes. OK there are three main bosses, the 1st one isn't that hard, just be sure to use your timing wisely, and watch out for the shooting cannonballs and then hit!. The 2nd main boss, is a lot tougher, but very beatable still, just watch out for the shooting lasers, and once again use your timing wisely!.

The Final Boss is extremely hard to beat, but once again beatable, as I have beaten it plenty of times, but it's still always challenging, because you have to use absolute perfect timing, and you have no clue which direction he is coming from at times, and if your not careful it will grab you, and watch out for the spikes on top of the Robotnic machine, and be sure to have plenty of rings!, or a shield, as it's the toughest main boss in the series.

Overall if you still have a Sega Genises, and haven't played it, please do so immediately, your going to love it if your a Sonic fan!. ***** out of 5

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Third time, not the charm

Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
7 October 2011

Note: I base this upon the version that comes with the Sonic Plus Mega Collection for the PS2, which adds a saving system that can be used anywhere and anytime during this. Eggman attacks(dude never learns), and it's up to our blue protagonist to stop him. He's joined again by Tails, the helicopter-flying fox(who you can this time play as for the entire thing... you can also choose not to have him tag along(leaving it open for a second person to join in, for help with airlifting and the fact that he can't die)). Other than the adequately long single player portion, this allows a multiplayer mode for two people; racing with a couple of rulesets. Other than the two aforementioned characters, you can also choose the villain's new henchman, a creature similar to our lead... Knuckles(who you unfortunately can't use for the regular campaign... not until the add-on, though it was clearly supposed to be available here; one might complain about this including yet another animal as something other than regular enemies... the first had 1, second one had 2, obviously the third has 3... I personally love that red... whatever the heck he is(fellow hedgehog?), in spite of how often he hinders you in this one). This decision gains it some replayability, something it otherwise only earns by being remarkably challenging(the worst of the trilogy in that regard... or best, I suppose; it definitely gets downright frustrating, a lot), and thus, you will have to try it several times, likely starting all over again, until you know all of it well enough to be prepared(yes, it's one of *those*) for what's coming. This is of course eliminated when you can store and load your progress anytime. Where the first sequel had an epic ending, this tries to cram in that kind of attention-grabbing *everywhere*(it badly wants to be memorable, and ends up trying way too hard, being almost embarrassing... I'm not sure if they were worried it wouldn't live up to the other two, or if they figured otherwise most people would give up before completing it). Each level(other than a boss fight... *yeah*) has something new and/or cool. If half or more were eliminated, that would be fine(and don't get me wrong, they do tend to be fun). The very nature of some of the areas is "we hope this wows you!", even redoing the casino thing and a massive shuttlecraft from StH 2(and another forest? *really*?). We do get nicely done ones, such as an polar ice cave with stalagtites and stalagmites. This changes the music, and I have to say, it was much better before. The gameplay is essentially the same(Jumping puzzles, platform action adventure, speed is vital(and like the second one, it goes by at a high speed a lot of the time, with the buzzsaw rush intact)... and you can still attack just by being "round", and this continues to suddenly break out of that at a moment's notice, irritatingly), although it freshens it up since the others. The brown-ish sidekick can go where the hero can't(like, up. A lot), and the latter has a quick attack when you double-press hop. That's when he doesn't use one of the power-up bubbles(that you can get regardless of which you play as, just only he can use their second advantage). There's a plain one that enables bouncing(several, it's like a personal trampoline! It's also the only one you won't lose by contact with water), a firey one that you can use to ram yourself at, well, anything you want(to either side, not upwards) for a brief float(Flame On and It, combined at last), and an electric one that attracts Rings(collect 100 and gain an extra life! They toss those at you in this, by the way, I had around 45 when I cleared this) and allows you a single boost to your aerial travel per launch into the air. Uh... magnetism. Science. Stop looking at me like that! All of these also function as a sort of shield, absorbing one(counted) hit by something harmful. There are two types of bonus areas in this one(and both rock, far superior to those of the others). The resurrect stations lead to... the inside of a giant gumball machine, I think, where you can get the aforementioned shields, 10 Rings at a time and extra lives. It's a long, narrow, vertical tunnel that has you falling down... at first, there'll be springs at the bottom, but those will only save you once, and then you have to stay up(or get them back, which can also be done... they will only work once per time, however). Both sides are lined with a bunch of, well, a sort of pinball machine flippers, and they are all one-use, each, as well. The ones at the top then let a dispenser fall down(when both the left and the right one is "spent"), and whenever it drops(and also at other times, not certain what else triggers it), it will open and let out one of the mentioned bonuses, an empty air bubble or a black ball that is a physical presence(the others are pick-ups), meaning you can use it to go up, or it can shove you down. When you discover large gold circles(they're all hidden), you go to the second kind. In this you run around a large globe with three kinds of orbs... blue ones that you must touch that then become red ones(and when they've all turned into those, you've completed it) that you must avoid(or you'll be kicked back out), and white ones that block your path. Each of these that you complete will get you one of the Chaos Emeralds, and if you get all 7, you get the Super form, where you can go higher and further, and are essentially invincible. Enemy designs are decent. Graphics haven't evolved since the original. There is nothing offensive in this. I recommend this to every fan of Sonic and this series. 7/10

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One of the best Sega Genesis games I have ever played

Author: Grace Zeh ( from Chantilly, Virginia, USA
3 March 2008

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3, in my opinion, is one of the best Sega Genesis games I have ever played. Even though I haven't owned a Nintendo Wii for very long, I still enjoy it very much. In addition, even though I've never made it to the last level, I still enjoy the game very much. However, I made a promise to myself that I am going to figure out how to beat this game. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the people at Sega Genesis know how to keep video game fanatics entertained. Now, in conclusion, if you're a video game fanatic, this is definitely one you'll want to play and own, so when you can, buy a Nintendo Wii and download this game.

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A Classic Game...

Author: Dinkadoo85
19 December 2003

"Sonic 3 & Knuckles" is one of the most epic games I've ever played. Knuckles' story tends to be more dramatic, what with the 'shadowy Dr. Eggman' (Dr.Eggman/Robotnik with a helmet on), fighting Metallix (AKA Mecha Sonic, AKA Metal Sonic) twice and finding fun hidden passages around the ruins of Angel Island that Sonic and Tails can neither access (unless you're using the handy-dandy debug setting). There isn't an act in the game that I don't love, but my absolute favorite is The Doomsday Zone Act 2 in which starts out in silence with Sonic/Tails/Knuckles spinning through one of the reverse polarity machines (Which turns the sprite of your choice upside down). Many SNES "Donky Kong Country" fans hate the soundtrack to this game because DKC had more dimension. I, for one, wish that a composer and a DJ would collabarate and turn the tunes into music preformed by live instuments.

I feel influences of Michael Jackson's "Keep it in the Closet" in the Carnival Night Zone theme and I'm feeling a bit of Phil Collins' 'Both Sides' album style and Genesis' 'We Can't Dance' album style mixed in the 2-player selection music. A lovely mix of music and epic gaming that after 10 years I still cannot put down.

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Somewhat truncated as a result of the split

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
30 May 2010

It's no secret that Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were supposed to be one gigantic game but developing time and cartridge ability forced the project to be split into two halves. Back in the 90s I only ever played Sonic and Sonic 2 on my Mega Drive. I remember when Sonic 3 came out in about June 1994. It was out of my price range at the time and by the time I had enough money to invest the Mega Drive was already losing ground to the next-generation consoles so I never bothered.

Now that I'm trying to catch up with all the games I missed I am a little bit disappointed with Sonic 3. The first sequel was released to unprecedented hype in the run up to Xmas in 1992, while Sonic 3 seemed to just appear in shops with little to no fanfare.

The gameplay is nearly no different from the previous games. Sonic jumps, dashes, spins, accelerates and smashes as usual. The special stages have been changed again. The rotating labyrinths and speedway chases are gone and in their place there is the cruelest, hardest level I've ever played in any video game. Sonic runs around on a giant sphere collecting blue spheres and avoiding red spheres, all in giddy, disorientating faux-3D. It's the kind of thing that provokes seizures. And unless you have the reflexes of a superhuman gunslinger and have a control pad with responses far beyond what the Mega Drive was capable of you'll never, ever manage to succeed at them all.

The music is also a bit of step-down from Sonic 1 and 2. Those tunes were catchy and fun, while the tunes in this game are just kinda middling and mediocre. A bit of a missed opportunity.

And don't get too excited about the ending. The game just...STOPS. There's no epic climax, no eye-candy, no credits recap. It just ends. I do realize that this is because the game is really only halfway finished but the developers still could have put in something...anything! A cliffhanger perhaps?

Despite the disappointment, I'm still looking forward to Sonic & Knuckles. It's got a lot to make up for. Afterwards I'll revisit Sonic 3 with the lock-on and see if it makes for a better experience.

Graphics A Sound B Gameplay B Lasting Appeal B-

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Knuckles the cocky rival

Author: famelovingboy68 from Ammon, Idaho
8 July 2003

Sonic 3 takes off exactly where the second phenominal game ended, like the back the future movies, where we land on Angel Island after the Death Egg gets blown to pieces, and there's the sweet music playing, where all the animals fly to paradise. This game has Knuckles, an annoying cocky enemy who picks on Sonic, and is was convinced here that Sonic's his enemy. This games the shortest and easiest in the series, and back in the day I would of been so excited to own it, it's my least favorite in the series, although there's a new sound when you get an extra life, and when you get the spheres that make it so nothing can hurt you temporarily. The final boss on Launch Base zone is easy. first he's Robotnik going up and down with a few small moons, then he comes back big, with a pointed long spike claw that can grab you and take all your rings away, and continues are hardest to get here, you have to save the game. There are six zones, with only two acts: Angel Island, Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival, ice Cap, and Launch Base zone. On Ice Cap zone, is the most amazing, special level on the game, you get to go extreme skiing into an ice cave, which is the level.

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A step down from the first two

Author: dsengel from USA
13 October 2001

While I still enjoy playing Sonic 3, there's something missing from this one that was in the first two. Maybe it's the fact that they changed all of the music around. Maybe it's the fact that they added yet another character to the Sonic franchise. Maybe it's just after the success and enjoyment of playing the first two Sonic games, the third can't live up to the same level. One interesting feature is you can attach this game to Sonic & Knuckels, the 4th game in the Sonic series, and play non-stop from the 1st zone in Sonic 3 to the final boss in Sonic & Knuckels. Also, for all the Tails fans out there, you can choose to play with Tails alone, or for all the Tails haters out there, you can choose to play with Sonic alone.

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