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moviereviewer-522 December 2007
(***) of four The film focuses on two criminals: Plato and his closest friend. Suspected of being involved in multiple bank heists, the two are placed under constant police surveillance. The pressure becomes too much for Plato, though, who soon seems close to cracking. As his world disintegrates around him, Plato finds himself descending more and more into madness and he soon believes that violence is his only way out. The movie is a low-budget DV feature shot in London that really manages to reach outside of its restraints. Roffe-Barker directs with style, keeping the viewer wondering what will happen next. Acting is also excellent, which elevates the movie further since it relies heavily on watching the psychological states of the characters. Though it already runs at a lean 84 minutes, some sequences still seem a bit overlong and I wonder if there isn't a fantastic 70 minute movie hidden in here somewhere. Additionally, some of the "split-screen" flashy editing seems somewhat misplaced in an altogether non-flashy movie. Still, minor problems can easily be ignored thanks to the intelligent script and the gripping acting. The movie will very likely not find much of an audience outside of Britain, but it deserves more than that.
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