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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • 1) The first movie.

    2) The segment AIM TO PLEASE. It takes place right after the wedding.

    3) The third movie. Therefore, everything that happens next is part of the new timeline that LADY TREMAINE creates with magic.

    4) The segment AN UNCOMMON ROMANCE. ANASTASIA has already gotten her redemption, which is why CINDERELLA is nice to her. Also, the post-credits scene of the third movie reveals that LADY TREMAINE & DRIZELLA eventually became human again after being turned into frogs.

    5) The scenes in-between segments of this movie.

    The segment TALL TAIL takes place either before or after #4.

  • At the end of the third movie, THE FAIRY GODMOTHER felt that it was unnecesary to restore the original timeline. But that doesn't mean that she couldn't talk about it with the mice.

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