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Sizzling hot thriller

Author: Damien-43
25 April 2002

An unexpectedly surprising thriller. What starts off as a typical Skinemax flick with plenty of beautiful naked women actually develops into a fairly engrossing political thriller. Decent acting, a good storyline and a uniquely interesting hitwoman make it a good rental.

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Enough going on to hold some interest

Author: mysteriesfan from United States
23 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A stripper/porn actress/call girl (Catalina Larranaga) sets up a video camera for her session with a hit-man client (she is a free-spirit making a "documentary" about her life). The tape keeps running after his boss (a corrupt land developer) and a bald, stocky henchman arrive to discuss a job that night and she is kicked out of the hotel room. Later, the hit-man shows up dressed as a waiter at a dinner party for a do-gooder mayoral candidate, and fires in the candidate's direction but instead wounds the city council chairman.

Plump, stubble-faced cop Daniel Baldwin is cooling his heels outside the mansion, punished for having in the past mouthed off to the P.R.-obsessed mayor. To further establish him as a crude, irreverent he-man, Baldwin's character relieves himself on some bushes. Upon hearing the gunshots, he circles the house, notices an open kitchen window, and tries but fails to catch the shooter.

When the hit-man later remembers the camera (for some reason he let the hooker set it up), and tells his boss it is now gone, the boss's slinky hellcat henchwoman (Laurin Reina) shoots him dead. The boss visits the set of a sleazy movie being produced by fat slob "Slim," who sometimes used Larranaga in his films. She soon arrives, dropped off by her concerned roommate, Angie Everhart, a bartender with a checkered past. Claiming to be a film producer, the boss abducts and kills Larranaga.

Baldwin pointlessly gives Everhart a hard time in the police interrogation room. For no apparent reason, he completely changes to a softy when he takes her home. In some awkward scenes, the two become romantically involved, as she falls into danger from Reina and the stocky henchman, who are searching for the missing tape.

Along the way, Reina turns on her boss. She attempts to lure low-life Slim into helping her find the tape, only to have him threaten to tell her boss (who he is already blackmailing), so she blows Slim away.

Conveniently, a neighbor's question clues in Everhart that her dead roommate had taken her VCR to a repair shop with a tape stuck in it. Everhart recovers them. But just as she is watching the tape, Reina and the henchman loudly approach the house where she is staying, and, after a seemingly endless car and foot chase, abduct her (but not before she slips the tape to a bystander who passes it along to Baldwin). Baldwin has also learned that the real estate developer wants a highway built to a casino project in the desert and has made enormous campaign contributions to both the incumbent and the challenger.

In the film's climax, Baldwin gives the tape to Reina in exchange for Everhart, who has "made a deal" with Reina (but what about the stocky henchman?). They rush to the scene of a victory dinner for the mayoral challenger and foil a clumsy attempt on her life by the developer himself, with the henchman back in tow with him. It turns out that the city council chairman was in the developer's pocket and would become mayor when the mayor-elect died. Baldwin and Everhart merely shrug as Reina runs scot-free over to a CNN news crew to sell the tape.

Amazingly, the movie manages to be mildly enjoyable. The cast is a bunch of unknowns, and the title, acting, and story are lame. Baldwin is not cut out for the role of a rugged, romantic leading man. He seems to jump in and out of trying to play a character and mostly ends up acting as if he had been hauled in off the street to play himself. He comes across best as a messy, soft-spoken guy with some problems. His romance with Everhart is rushed and implausible. Her performance skates on the surface of a thin role. With a line-delivery that sometimes seems to miss a beat, she tries a little too hard to be serious and purposeful. But I was more impressed with her seriousness than with her plainer-than-expected looks. A feisty female detective is okay, but Willie Gault is a total dud as Baldwin's partner.

The other characters, including Baldwin's gruff chief, are bland or exaggerated cardboard cut-outs. The developer acts like a big-shot but never does anything smart. His murder plot is based on a skimmed-over, cliché motive and is confusing and sloppy (he arranges either to make or fake an attempt on the challenger's life before she has even won; it is unclear whether shooting the councilman was even intended, and, annoyingly, Larranaga's tape sounds garbled on this point). The plan serves only to put the police on notice that she is a target, and the payoff is simply and unbelievably luring her out of a dinner party alone with a cell phone call for him to pull the trigger on her himself. He seems clueless in the tape search and about Reina's scheming.

Reina is sexy and spirited enough to be fun to watch. But to suggest, as one review does, that simply because, without explanation, the movie lets her get away clean with known, multiple murders, kidnapping, assault, and robbery, that this is some sort of profound statement about life, rather than just flip, half-baked writing, is straining to find meaning in all the wrong places. Whether or not something "happens a lot in real life" does not, as the review assumes, automatically make it meaningful, interesting, entertaining, or credible when made the subject of a particular work of fiction.

Overall, there are enough threads to the story, and enough colorful caricatures on the make on the wild side, to hold some interest. Because of the involved plot, and because Baldwin, Everhart, and Larranaga make likable enough "good guys" to root for against the various "bad guys," the clumsy weaknesses can more easily be taken in stride as something fun to laugh at. This is an above-average, 4-star entry in a low-budget, formulaic, exploitation genre.

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Not quite as bad as it's made out to be

Author: smatysia ( from Houston
24 May 2006

Not quite as bad as it's made out to be. You can't expect too much for a direct-to-video production anyway. It did have the egregious Daniel Baldwin (one of the less talented Baldwin brothers, and that's saying a lot!) acting to best of his (extremely limited) ability. Angie Everhart shows her chops (among other things) by credibly pretending to be attracted to Baldwin. Catalina Larranaga also shows that she can seriously act, and deserves a shot at some roles where she doesn't have to get naked. Don't get me wrong, I liked seeing her. A lot. But she is pretty enough, and talented enough to do better things. Good luck to her. Lauren Reina also shows some real talent. She doesn't seem to have much of a credit list, so who knows if she's still in the business? But both of these young women put in as good of a performance as the material allowed. The plot had some big holes, of course. But I've seen worse. Some of the supporting actors weren't very convincing, such as Willie Gault and Joe Costanza. The direction was reasonable. Overall, I couldn't really recommend this one unless you want to see it for the under-appreciated young actresses, or for the nudity.

By the way, I saw on a different website some talk of a Swedish version/edit of this film film with considerably more of the sex scenes. I understand about editing for TV, or theatrical releases, (apparently not an obstacle for this film) but why edit these films down for cable TV, or especially DVD release? I'd really like to see all of a movie, whether it involves sex or not.

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Barely Witless

Author: tedg ( from Virginia Beach
9 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers herein.

Naturally, you already know this is worthless.

The story is a simple shuffle of the `implicating tape' hassle -- its amazing how often this happens (this time with the killer's name scrawled in blood). There's other self-reference: Angie as a former `actress' that couldn't hack it. A fat slob that's her `producer' who is just like Baldwin only moreso. Her character's aversion to making sex films, precisely the opposite of the actor's.

I've slogged through a few of Angie's projects, and its interesting to see her work. Her job has nothing to do with the character, but to make herself look appealing. Any actress knows that film beauty is a manufactured product. Most work with a single facial feature and build a whole person around it. Angie acts with her hair. See how she arranges to have it lit according to the Hepburn formula. She has very little to work with actually.

There's a very minor role here by someone named Nellie Sciutto. She's a secretary and she actually tries to act. Makes everyone else look bad.

Ted's Evaluation: 1 of 4 -- You can probably find something better to do with this part of your life.

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Soft Core Porn,

Author: Warren Cosford from Windsor, Ontario Canada
12 May 2002

I hadn't rented a movie in a while and it was raining. So...I hop next door to the Video Rental place and write down the names of all the movies I think I might like. Then I run them through this data base.

Gee...almost all of them received good reviews.

Now...most of my all time favourite movies are outside The Hollywood Hype Machine....Tombstone, Heat (with Burt Reynolds), Something Wild, Searching for Bobby Fisher, The I'm always looking for something a little different.

Hmm...two good reviews for Bare Witness. Really? Oh hell...why not?

I quickly discovered many why nots. What was the lousiest part of the movie? Script, acting, soft core porn scenes? All of the above.

Whoever reviewed this movie before me must have had something to do with writing the script.

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Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
30 June 2015

A last-ditch entry into the 'erotic thriller' genre that started back in the early 1990s when the likes of BASIC INSTINCT popularised the genre. BARE WITNESS is lamentable in every respect: a rubbish, predictable storyline, gross sex scenes, cardboard acting, and thrills that'll make you laugh rather than jump.

The villain of the story is a corrupt mayor who attempts to murder a rival; unfortunately for him, the assassin is caught on a sex tape filmed by a high class hooker. Soon enough the hunt is on for the tape as the hooker's friend and a cop join forces to help bring down those responsible.

Everything about the film screams bargain basement and the shoddiness is unbelievable. The sex scenes are about as explicit as they can be in a non-pornographic production and yet they're deeply silly and/or sleazy, depending on your taste. Angie Everhart is about as appealing as a 2x4, while a chubby Daniel Baldwin wanders around and must be wondering what happened to his career. Unfortunately there's absolutely nothing to recommend about this one, which has to be the nadir in the careers of all involved.

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An Ultimate Waste Of Time Nothing More

Author: M MALIK from Pakistan
24 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I could have taken a shower or do some other work left but i watched this movie on disc then soon after that i thrown it in the garbage drum do you want to know why i did that here are some reasons below.

I love soft-core films i have seen plenty i know many actresses that i can name who do this better always for example Gabriella Hall a legend in this business but i guess i expected too much from this project like action & hot sex yes there are some scenes here but too short the director didn't even shot it properly the editing is done by some kids i guess leaving good scenes out of the final cut,i am just assuming but when you watch the film you will feel it that something is missing i will be honest here i pick up any Shannon Tweed film i enjoy it every time they are way better then this,the whole mafia type storyline here is laughable.

The Plot:a hit-man makes a mistake by allowing himself to be video taped by some actress Julie while having sex with her then gets killed,the police investigates with help from Carly Marsh but the bad guys are after her too how the detective Killian protects her & solves the crime the answer is in this film.

The Cast:the men in this film are worst at acting most of them are middle aged,& as for the ladies Lauren Reina,Catalina Martone & Angie Everhart impress but the script & characters are limited there are not much scenes of these beautiful women for the viewer to enjoy they just fade out soon once again i have to say i felt the scenes looked edited.

This film tried hard to do something like Steven Seagal do but it fails,if you are tricked by the poster,cast or hot scenes then please don't bother looking into this movie you will be disappointed,this is just an absolute waste of time nothing more.

Overall Bare Witness 2002 is not even recommended for die hard Angie Everhart fans it is boring,filled with pointless dialogs one top of that the runtime/length drags for no reason my rating for this is 2/10.Skipp It

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Political intrigue and murder in the big city

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
22 January 2006

(Some Spoilers) Doing a documentary on L.A prostitution striper and part-time call girl Julie Spencer,Catalina Larranaga, has all her "tricks" or customers taped with a hidden camcorder while their both doing "it".

Getting into hot and heavy action with her "John" a hyped up Gav Reed, Mark Silvertsen, the two are interrupted and Juile is told to wash up and leave. It turns out that big city real-estate tycoon Ian Hunter and one of his henchmen Nix, Even MacMenzie & Robert McRay, pay Gav a visit talking over a contract hit of mayoral candidate Mary Washington, Angela Sargeant, that's to take place that evening, all this is being secretly taped by Julie's hidden camcorder.

Rav goes to a campaign dinner, disguised as a waiter, for candidate Washington and shoots City Councilman, in fact the City Council President, Frank Constantine (Don Short) who got in the line of fire injuring him. Later Rav is killed by Hunter's hoods to keep him quite if he decided to spill the goods on, or blackmail, the person who paid him to assassinate, which he failed, candidate Washington.

Hunter later that evening goes to Julie's place of work, a sleazy L.A bar where she's a stripper, and asks the owner Slim (Joe Constanza), who's anything but, that he's a movie producer and want's to borrow her, at a good price, for the evening in a porno flick that he's doing. Julie like Rav ends up dead with a bullet in the head and dumped in a dumpster not far from Slim's bar.

It's then when Hunter somehow finds out about the tape and has his hoods break into Julie's apartment. After knocking out both her roommate Carly, Angie Everheart, and Det. Killian (Daniel Baldwin), who was there interviewing her about Julie's murder, they take all of her secret tapes. It's only later that that it's discovered that it's the wrong tape! Not the tape with Hunter giving Rav the letdown and instructions on killing Mary Washington. The films plot has bit more meat to it, besides the graphic sex scenes, then you would have expected from a soft-core porn movie with a good twist ending that you realize is coming long before the movie "Baer Witness" ends.

Both Danial Baldwin & Angie Everheart do their best to make the film believable with Baldwin's impression of a rebel ,do what I wanna do, cop and Everheart's of an ex-hooker with a heart of gold bartender and part-time stripper. Hunter wanting to have a road built from L.A to a desert casino that he owns plays both sides, running for L.A mayor, against the middle to get whoever gets elected to do his bidding.

The fact that the attempted assassination of Mary Washington was a failure and City Councilman Frank Constanstine, who was the one that Hunter really wanted to be mayor, was wounded played right into Hunter's hands. This all set things up up the real attempt to murder Washington at the end of the film.

Finding the missing tape in a electronic store where Julie had her VCR sent to have the tape, that was stuck inside, removed has Hunter and one of his cronies Marina, Lauren Reina, chase Carly all through L,A. Hunters attempt to retrieve and destroy the incriminating tape before it's made public eventually blows Hunter's grand plan to control whoever becomes mayor and pull his, or her, strings to do whatever he want's him, or her, to do.

Slim earlier got wise to Hunter's plans, after Det. Killian and his partner Det. Daulton (Willie Gault) paid him a surprise visit, ends up getting whacked by Marina to keep him from blackmailing her boss who she later sells out. Marina ends up selling the incriminating and politically explosive video tape to CNN News Network,for a hefty fee.

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Bottom of the Baldwin Barrel

Author: Mason1024 from Here
29 January 2004

Angie Everhart... Personally, I love her looks, accept her acting, and don't expect much from her films. This one, however, is pretty bad. Daniel Baldwin (of whom I'd never heard) is a HORRIBLE actor. He becomes this caricature of a man to whom this goddess of a woman is somehow attracted. Their love scene lacks credibility, to be polite. Showcasing beautiful Angie, it also blatantly tries to hide blubbery Daniel, this bargain-bin Baldwin. If you saw a graceful swan trying to make love to a bloated buzzard corpse, you'd find it hard to believe your eyes.

Rent "Sexual Predator" instead, though it has the same problem with her troll of a boyfriend. But there's muuuuch more Angie...

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A fire hot thriller that zings you to think

Author: warrior-21 from Seattle, Washington
24 April 2002

This movie is another example of a hot thriller that keeps you guessing to the end. Some hot scenes from all the actresses a wild and crazy ride watching this movie. But I do not advise this for the entire family(young children) because of the adult nature of the movie.

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