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Philadelphia Inquirer
A compelling existential tableau: sweating bodies, creaking mills turned by numbed oxen, people facing the daily and seasonal cycles of life with little hope of breaking free. Behind the Sun is forceful stuff.
When a culture offers little more than death upon death, appreciating life's everyday beauty is as good an answer as these characters -- and this filmmaker -- can provide.
Salles is a master storyteller, and the film's pacing is flawless.
A powerful allegory.
This tale is both redemptive and tragic, if occasionally melodramatic.
This is a deeper film, delving into the twisted motives that rule lives, the lethal cycles that shackle progress, and, ultimately, the courage it takes to choose life.
New York Post
A gorgeously photographed, sun-baked fable.
New York Daily News
The story, which was inspired by an Albanian novel and the Greek tragedies of Aeschylus, ends with a literary patness. But it's still a potent tale of fraternal love and the loss of innocence.
A film with a bare-bones story told with such potency that its occasional flights of heavy-handed symbolism are easily excused.
Chicago Sun-Times
It has some of the simplicity and starkness of classical tragedy, but what made me impatient was its fascination with the macho bloodlust of the two families.

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