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11 Jul. 2003
The Party
Peter's friend Max thinks he's finally getting accepted into a fraternity. But when it turns out to be a joke, Max is embarrassed, and runs off getting electrocuted turning him into Electro. Now he wants revenge.
18 Jul. 2003
Keeping Secrets
Spider-Man faces Talon, a female thief who has been stealing things around the city. Things get worse when he learns her true identity.
8 Aug. 2003
Spider-Man Dis-Abled
Peter Parker is covering a press conference where the Mayor of New York City and Tremaine, a visiting Euro-dignitary, are addressing the public. As they leave the event their limousine is shot with a dart bomb and Spider-Man comes to the rescue.
25 Jul. 2003
Tight Squeeze
3 former KGB agents have a bunch of people hostage. They only want Spider-Man. The only problem is Peter is one of the hostages. He must figure a way to turn into Spider-Man without blowing his cover.
15 Aug. 2003
Royal Scam
Spider-Man is tricked into stealing a valuable technology by the Kingpin.
22 Aug. 2003
Heroes and Villains
Spider-Man faces off against Turbo Jet, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Things get worse when the public starts to view Turbo Jet as the hero and Spider-Man the villain.
25 Jul. 2003
Head Over Heels
When Peters new lab partner Christina, tries to read his mind with her invention, it damages her brain, causing her to be obsessed with Spider-Man. She will do anything to be with Spider-Man. Nothing will get in her way, not even M.J.
18 Jul. 2003
Law of the Jungle
Dr. Connors experiments his reptile serum on himself turning him into The Lizard. Spider-Man must now try to stop his professor from going after Harry, blaming OSCORP for losing his arm.
29 Aug. 2003
Flash Memory
Flash Thompson gets tested by Dr. Zellner that will boost his IQ. However, this is a horrible side effect. Trying to find an antidote, they experiment on Peter, who already has a high IQ.
1 Aug. 2003
When Sparks Fly
Two teenage boys goof off in an abandoned power plant and stumble into a weakened ELECTRO / formerly MAX DILLON from ?The Party? episode (Ethan Embry). ELECTRO has been hiding in the plant plotting his electrifying comeback and only SPIDER-MAN?s (Neil Patrick Harris) timely arrival saves the two teens from becoming toast.
18 Jul. 2003
Sword of Shikata
A warrior with a magic sword is hired to capture Spider-Man for a private zoo, but she has other priorities.
15 Aug. 2003
Mind Games: Part 1
Spider-Man faces the Gaines Twins, while Pterodax and Silver Sable escape from prison. The mysterious Frank Elson meets Peter Parker.
22 Aug. 2003
Mind Games: Part 2
Spider-Man is hypnotized by the mental powers of the Gaines Twins. After Spidey is tricked into harming Indy he throws away his suit and contemplates his future.


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