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Season 1

3 Mar. 2002
The Long Road: Part 1
Jeremiah, a mysterious nomad searching for his missing father Devon and the fabled Valhalla Sector, has a brief yet mysterious encounter with Ezekiel, "The thunder will change you forever - but everyone you love will fall at the end of the world..." The suddenly vanishes before he can ask him any questions. He soon befriends Kurdy as he enters the outskirts of Clarefield, a small town governed by Theo who is searching for clues to the "the end of the world" a place of endless electricity and weaponry. However Theo soon suspects Jeremiah of hiding something and ...
Mar. 2002
The Long Road: Part 2
Jeremiah and Kurdy uncover other tribes of young adults whose prolonged and unguided adolescence has divided them into distinct rival social groups.
15 Mar. 2002
Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass
Jeremiah and Kurdy meet a "superhero" while checking out a new area. Meanwhile, Markus is keeping a secret hidden from everyone at Thunder Mountain.
22 Mar. 2002
And the Ground, Sown with Salt
Jeremiah and Kurdy are sent to check out the town of Cranston, and run into an armed militia. The psychotic leader tries forcing Jeremiah to give up the location of "The End of the World".
29 Mar. 2002
To Sail Beyond the Stars
Jeremiah and Kurdy look into a group of people known as "burners". Kurdy helps a pregnant woman give birth while Jeremiah enjoys a carnival celebration, and meets a girl with a dream.
5 Apr. 2002
The Bag
Two brothers arrive in a town at the same time as Jeremiah and Kurdy. This episode centers around one of the brothers that claims to be a doctor trained by his father, and a sick pregnant woman who relies on him for the sake of her unborn child.
12 Apr. 2002
City of Roses
A brutal assault on a young woman triggers memories for Jeremiah and Kurdy who then take separate paths: Jeremiah to find a mysterious vaccine and Kurdy to find his past.
19 Apr. 2002
Jeremiah and Kurdy chase after some kidnapping suspects and end up capturing one, bringing him back to Thunder Mountain. He's suited up and surprisingly old, with a history at the facility. We also see some of the history of Markus.
26 Apr. 2002
Red Kiss
Jeremiah and Kurdy are carjacked, before running into some survivors living in an old amusement park. The duo are asked to hunt down vampires that are stealing children.
3 May 2002
Journeys End in Lovers Meeting
Jeremiah and Kurdy set out to continue announcing their help to various groups and people when they come across a group of people on a pilgrimage. Their differing views on faith creates some tension between them in regards to the group and their continuing mission.
10 May 2002
Thieves' Honor
Jeremiah and Kurdy are sent to Clairfield to find Elizabeth, and a friend, who were captured by Theo's jocks.
17 May 2002
The Touch
Jeremiah and Kurdy come to the town of New Hope whose occupants are forbidden to have any physical contact with one another.
24 May 2002
Mother of Invention
Markus needs Jeremiah to make contact with the leader of an unnamed, well-organized group, who runs her operation much like an underground railroad for supplies and materials. Unknown to Jeremiah, this woman is someone with whom he has a history.
31 May 2002
Markus wants to start making alliances with those who are able to oppose the encroaching forces coming out of Valhalla Sector. The valuable nuclear arsenal still held in the nearby town of Camden makes it a potential target.
7 Jun. 2002
Ring of Truth
After winning a woman her freedom in a boxing match Jeremiah and Kurdy help her reunite with her estranged young daughter.
14 Jun. 2002
Moon in Gemini
Jeremiah and Erin set out to help Erin's twin sister, Lauren, who has gotten herself mixed up with an abusive boyfriend, while Kurdy and Elizabeth challenge the ethical standards set forth by the leaders of a Black separatist group.
28 Jun. 2002
Out of the Ashes
Kurdy helps the self-appointed guardian of a downtown library protect it from book-hating zealots.
5 Jul. 2002
A Means to an End
Markus' position as leader of Thunder Mountain is challenged by two suspicious brothers who feel threatened by the decision to introduce community leaders from the outside to the protected inner world of the mountain.
12 Jul. 2002
Things Left Unsaid: Part 1
Jeremiah and Kurdy discover that Lee Chen is a traitor. When they find the missing page Lee stole from Simon's book, they search out the Brothers of the Apocalypse.
19 Jul. 2002
Things Left Unsaid: Part 2
In their mission to create a better world and forge stronger ties with other groups, Erin and Markus head to St. Louis for a big conference.

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