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Pretty great for a late-night cabler!

Author: vhsiv from washington, d.c.
3 January 2005

First things first - let's lay out the dirty linen: I avoided this thing during normal waking hours, given the 'noir' log-line and the Jim Belushi principal. But between 3 and 5 am, this film was pure gold. Sometimes things just work out that way, especially if you miss the first 10-20 minutes, as I did; years of insomniac viewing have taught me that some beginnings are better missed than seen.

Such was my approach to 'One Way Out' - and it paid off.

How could I have expected Jim Belushi to pull off a Michael Chiklis-like transformation and play a corrupt cop, caught between a rock and a hard place? In fact, the performance is so compelling that it threw me off of the main arc of the plot: While the story may be a bit formulaic, Belushi's performance is a wonderful distraction - I didn't even see the denouement coming, until I was watching it on screen.

In my opinion, this was a far, far better film than the Paltrow/Douglas/Mortenson vehicle of 'A Perfect Murder', as the actors here play against type, and triumph over the material.

Highly recommended! Furthermore, Angela Featherstone, Jason Bateman and Guylaine St. Onge provide excellent support. Not a dull moment.

While I'm not sure that I could recommend this film for viewing during the light of day, I *highly* recommend this movie for it's late night/early morning consumption. A qualified 8/10.

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An OK variant on the bad cop morality play

Author: bernie minim ( from Chantilly, Virginia
3 August 2002

Ever since "Thief" Jim Belushi has been one of those names that draw me past the mediocre reviews to give the movie a chance. Here, Jim plays a morally bankrupt police Inspector who is forced to participate in planning a murder. Things go awry, and eventually he is pulled into the investigation. A couple of coincidences add to the plot complications, and events unravel from there. Except for the opening scene (I mean, how often does this ever happen, except all the time in the movies) this is a reasonable, unpretentious movie, not really a whodunnit in the classic sense, but develops such elements later on. The acting is pro forma, but not bad; the cliches are no worse than normal, and the ending was, to me at least, predictable without being telegraphed. For a low budget, filmed in Canada (Montreal) movie, it was OK. 7 of 10 for meeting expectations, 4 of 10 for general quality.

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For maximum enjoyment, turn off brain before viewing

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA
14 July 2002

Flawed on all levels, "One Way Out" plays out with the look and feel of a low budget t.v. drama. Belushi is at the center as a homicide detective with gambling debts who finds himself on the wrong end of a murder investigation. With pervasive mediocrity, the tortuous plot is the only reason to spend time with this flick and it is so full of plot holes as to require a sort of viewer numbness to be all it can be which little more than is a nice little time waster. For couch potatoes only. C-

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No Way Out? One Way Out? Title Rip-Off?

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
27 January 2004

Clumsily-plotted thriller that has framed innocent James Belushi stumbling along trying to piece together the clues that prove he is not linked with the murder of a woman. Tired script relies on cliches and Belushi--a talented comedian and just plain funny guy--is way out of his league as a serious guy who has to show real emotions. I like Belushi--I don't like this movie.

Mediocre to an extreme.

2/5 stars.

- John Ulmer

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Medium TV entertainment for a modest product

Author: from Naples
20 September 2003

One Way Out, the new James Belushi movie is a direct to the video flick and it's developed and conceive such as common product nothing to more. The story of the Detective Harry Woltz and his double life between murders and night club can be much more interesting and good writer, with more intelligence, threatening expression and human evil. Also the leading role is too low and normally good for be believable and fascinating. The movie starting low with stereotyped characters, then grow up with more suspense, good facts and tension till to the end when all the good thinks fall in a sugary and foolish love story. James Belushi is good but too old for this charming and fine role, much better when he do the sympathy scoundrel as in `Made Men' or the totally obscure police man of `Gang Related'. Nothing to very bad, the movie leave it till to end, but good only for the video or TV movie. My rate is 5.

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Mediocre in many ways but the plot had potential

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
28 January 2004

Harry Woltz is a homicide cop with a gambling problem; a problem that leaves him owing a great deal of money to the Russell brothers. To clear the debt they ask him to train John Farrow to murder his wife, Evans, without leaving the usual clues or making the usual mistakes. However when Harry's ex-partner is put on the case, she begins to get closer than Harry had thought before the case takes some unexpected twists.

Despite the fact that it never saw the inside of a cinema in the US never mind here, I still gave this film a go. The plot is pretty weak but is noir-ish and could have worked better and been darker than it was. Sadly it is quite obvious and so full of holes that you could put your head through to see what was on the other side! This isn't helped by the fact that the film tries to create a dark, noir mood by having a rubbish harmonica soundtrack all the way through - supposedly played by Harry. In the end it all comes down to just where you expect it to and, while the ending would have worked well in a better film, it has no emotion here.

It is not just plot that the film shows it's low values. The direction is workmanlike, the sets are average, the shots let the boom come into view far too often and so on and so forth. The whole thing feels like a TVM at best and I can see why it never reached the cinema! The cast follow this trend with a series of performances that at best are average. Belushi would like to think he can play a dark cop in a noir but he can't - he is miscast and struggles. He is the reason the ending lacks punch and he also takes away from the noir effect of the film. Bateman is OK in support despite not looking as good as he projects with all that stubble. The rest of the support cast are just wallpaper whether in big roles or small.

Overall this film is not awful, it is just poor and uninteresting. The plot and the delivery suggest it wanted to be some sort of noir but it is faking it and doesn't convince. The mood is plastered on in a fake and unimpressive manner, the plot is full of holes and the actors are only average, with a big piece of miscasting and bad acting when it comes to the lead role of Harry.

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Author: mveach2001 from United States
21 July 2014

I watched parts and the ending. Glad I didn't watch anymore cause it would've been a total waste of time. I feel dumber from just the parts I did watch. If you want a good laugh just fast forward to the final scene and get a small bag of popcorn. It's like a lot of movie endings but just shot in the worst way possible. And once thankfully the movie is over your left wondering what the hell just happened. Did that really just happen. Let me go kill myself. Anyway Jason Bateman also doesn't fit in this movie at all. And him being a bad guy just doesn't fit. Are there any good guys in this film? It just seems like everyone is backstabbing each other. I don't understand what the one way out is all about either. Seems like there's a way out of the movie theater or the stop button on your DVD player. Don't waste your time. Please I'm warning you. Stay away from this film and watch the blues brothers.

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Watchable but predictable

Author: David Anderson from fife, sco
28 June 2014

I have to admit i am a fan of James Belushi in his Comedic film roles, but he does a decent job in this thriller as top homicide detective Harry Woltz.

Due to spiraling gambling debts he is forced into training a husband(Jason Bateman) who is treated badly by his rich wife, on how to commit the perfect murder without leaving any clues behind.

Their are a good few plot twists to keep you interested to the end of the movie, but most are predictable to us as we have seen them in many other similar movies.

Overall i would give the movie 6/10

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Suspense, twists and tension in this exciting thriller

Author: ma-cortes
28 December 2007

Homicide Detective Harry Woltz(James Belushi)is a tough cop with dubious morality and has some gambling debts to the wrong people, the mobsters Russell brothers. They suggest Harry train unhappy husband John Farrow(Jason Bateman) how to kill his spouse without leaving clues and get away with it. As an added incentive, they threaten Harry's partner, the cop Gwen(Angela Featherstone) who is put on the issue. But the subsequent assassination investigation encounters evidence pointing Harry's way.

This is a noir crime-drama with suspense, thriller, shootouts, unexpected twists and some moment entertaining. It's a modest film with middling budget and has its good moments here and there. The film is well set in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Agreeable and enjoyable casting, specially formed by trio protagonist: Belushi, Bateman and Featherstone. Excellent James Belushi as corrupt policeman,his career achieved success with ¨Blues brothers, K9,Salvador,Principal¨ however today is failed, playing TV sitcoms as ' According to Jim' and he's usual voice for cartoon movies. Justine Bateman is fine as greedy hubby, Bateman is habitual television actor such as 'Arrested development'and his greatest hit was 'Teen wolf too'. The motion picture is professionally directed by Allan A. Goldstein. He's an usual television movies director: ¨Snake king, Loss of faith,Crossbow¨and occasionally cinema director ¨2001: A space travesty,Dorian, When justice fail¨and director for revenger as Charles Bronson: Death Wish IV, Brian Genesse and Brian Bosworth vehicles. Rating : Average but entertaining.

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mediocre but enjoyable thriller

Author: anitamich from United States
24 June 2006

Convoluted thriller with comedy star and beautiful female police officer reminiscent of another female who I can't remember her name is not up for any academy awards. Despite the lack of reviews found anywhere, I found it to be an entertaining and intriguing film showing the trouble a human weakness can get you into. I've never seen a film where the protagonist is being taken down and yet not guilty due to self defense. You don't know all this til the end when you finally come to realize the truth of the killing. For me, I was surprised on how it all ended and enjoyed the journey to finding it out. The ending was disappointing as usually the main character lives to tell the tale, and goes on with his life. After all this is a movie, and happy endings are still in vogue.

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