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Recap – Chuck 3.12 "Chuck vs. The American Hero"

Did you miss last week's episode of Chuck, "Chuck vs. the Final Exam"? Well, check out a recap here.

"Chuck vs. the American Hero" begins at the Department of National Intelligence in Washington, D.C. Chuck, having received his orders to come to D.C. for finalization of his spy credentials, reaches the elevator, but can't seem to remember the floor General Beckman is on. When an agent (played by Roger Cross of 24 fame) gets out of the elevator, Chuck asks him where the General's office is, but is ignored. Leaving Chuck to find his own way, the agent makes his way to the morgue, where he is met by a lab technician. The agent makes his way over to a body the tech is working on. It's none other than CIA traitor Hunter Perry. The agent begins to scan Perry's body, over the protests of the tech. When the
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MSN, Reveille launch Web 'Debate'

MSN, Reveille launch Web 'Debate'
NEW YORK -- MSN and Reveille on Monday debuted The Big Debate, the first original series to emerge from their partnership, which was announced in May.

The daily show, described as a "pop culture version of 'Crossfire, ' " is the first of 10 shows that the Microsoft-owned Web portal and Reveille, the producers of The Office and Ugly Betty among other shows, will produce together.

Debate, sponsored exclusively by Cingular, will run between two and three minutes and will feature a moderator and two debaters -- comics and improv veterans who will discuss contentious pop culture topics and take questions and comments from viewers, who are encouraged to send them to the site throughout the day.

"This really fits into our broader entertainment strategy of continuing to invest in great entertainment content that people can actually engage and participate in," said Rob Bennett, general manager of entertainment and video service at MSN. "It's not just focused on a short video segment, but there's actually a deeper experience where people can actually get in there and argue it up themselves."

The first show will focus on the Golden Globe Awards, broadcast Monday on NBC, with comedians Regan Burns, who hosted Spike TV's Oblivious, and Whitney Cummings, who has appeared on Punk'd and Best Week Ever, tackling the subjects.

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