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Inside Scientology 5.2 26
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.2/10 X  
Columbine: Understanding Why 5.0 15
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.0/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Coup D'Etat
1.2  The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Forces of Darkness
1.3  The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Cover-Up
1.4  The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Patsy
1.5  The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Witnesses
1.6  Prostitutki
1.7  Is It Safe?
1.8  Video Vultures
1.9  Toxic Free, TX
1.10  Journals of War
1.11  The Halcion Nightmare
1.12  Watching the Detectives: Bo Dietl
1.13  Watching the Detectives: Logan Clarke
1.14  Watching the Detectives: Bill Dear
1.15  Kuwait Oil Fires: Hell on Earth
1.16  DEA: Undercover Eddie
1.17  DEA: The Big Match
1.18  DEA: Cali Cartel
1.19  DEA: The Birthday Party
1.20  DEA: The Rat's Nest
1.21  DEA: Michele
1.22  F.D.N.Y.: Brothers in Battle
1.23  Ivan the Terrible
1.24  The Gander Crash: Why Did They Die?
1.25  Mobfathers: Part 1
1.26  Mobfathers: Part 2
1.27  Mobfathers: Part 3
1.28  Japan Goes to Washington
1.29  Crack Doctors
1.30  Who Killed JFK? On the Trail of the Conspiracies
1.31  Water Wars
1.32  The Living Room Campaign
2.1  The Key to Watergate
2.2  Patriot Missile: Hero or Hoax
2.3  Murder in Mississippi
2.4  Prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton
2.5  Los Angeles: Anatomy of a Riot
2.6  DEA: The Ant and the Elephant
2.7  The Royal Soap Opera
2.8  The Mafia in Italy
2.9  The RFK Assassination
2.10  The Killing Culture
2.11  The Healing Mind
2.12  Why Women Kill
2.13  Sins of the Fathers
2.14  On the Track of the Elephants
2.15  Undercover
2.16  The Assassin: Inside Story
2.17  The Women Trade
2.18  Gambling on the Future
2.19  Execution at Midnight: Death Row
2.20  Execution at Midnight: The Last Hours
2.21  Terrorism: Target America
2.22  L.A. Behind Bars
2.23  The Bear Hunters
2.24  Dogs of War
2.25  Fire: In the Heat of Battle
2.26  Bad Blood
2.27  Joseph Cicippio: Chains to Roses
3.1  Bad Cops: Part 1
3.2  Bad Cops: Part 2
3.3  Trophy Kill: America's Poacher Wars
3.4  Eye of the Storm
3.5  Mafia Boss
3.6  The Beirut Bombing
3.7  Stalkers: Assassins Among Us
3.8  Seven Minutes That Stunned the Navy
3.9  Out of the Gulf, Into the New Navy
3.10  Dying for Sex
3.11  New York Law
3.12  Trial by Television
3.13  Anatomy of a War: Part 1
3.14  Anatomy of a War: Part 2
3.15  Hostage
3.16  Pirates & Treasure: The Gulf of Thailand Incident
3.17  The Hunt for the Red Ripper
3.18  Let Her Die
3.19  Space Warriors
3.20  Prime Time Violence
3.21  The Real Story
3.22  M.I.A.: The Long Journey Home
3.23  Jack Anderson: JFK, the Mob and Me
3.24  Suicide Killers
3.25  Thalidomide: The Drug That Came Back
3.26  Nuclear Airplane
3.27  Naked Washington
3.28  Women in Prison
3.29  HUD: America's Slumlord
3.30  Can We Still Trust NASA?
3.31  Chappaquiddick
3.32  Adoption Vigilantes
3.33  The Killer and the Candidate
4.1  Bad Trip to Edgewood
4.24  Plague Monkeys
9.112  First, Do No Harm
10.3  Red Light District
10.19  Gang Girls
11.1  Parole Board: Illinois
Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded
Anatomy of September 11th
Baby Beauty Queens
Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Goods
Cadets: Life of a Student Recruit
Campus Insecurity
Classrooms in Crisis
Cold Case Files
Cops on the Edge
Copycat Crimes
Criminal Evidence
Cybersex Cop
Danger on the Rails
Deadly Guns
Death Penalty on Trial
ER: The Real Drama
Earth in the Hot Seat
Flying Blind: Small Plane Accidents
Healing and Prayer: Power or Placebo?
Hooked on a Dream: America's Lotteries
Hunt for the Killer Flu
Hype and Glory
IRS Horror Stories
In the Line of Fire: The Protectors
Inside Alcoholics Anonymous
Inside the NRA
Insurance Fraud
Intimate Deception
JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation
Jonestown: Mystery of a Massacre
L.A. Riots Revisited
Long Arm of the Russian Mob
Military Weapons: Buy Now, Test Later
Murder on the Tracks
New York Justice: Beat Reporters
New York Underground
Parole Board: Iowa
Parole Board: Kentucky
Parole Board: Louisiana
Parole Board: Nevada
Parole Board: New Hampshire
Parole Board: New Jersey
Parole Board: Oklahoma
Parole Board: Rhode Island
Parole: The Pros and Cons of Early Release
Peace, Love and Murder: The Ira Einhorn Story
Playing to Extremes
Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohammed Atta
Prescription to Cure Medical Mistakes
Punishing the Pedophiles
Range War
Risky Business: The Day Traders
Road Warriors: The Brotherhood of Bikers
Robert Durst: Millionaire Murderer
San Francisco Vice
Selling the Dream: Stock Hype and Fraud
Solitary Confinement
Street Racing: The Need for Speed
Suicide Bombers
Tabloid: Inside the New York Post
Teen Wilderness Camps
Teens Under the Gun
The Agony of Ecstasy
The Gun Makers
The Hate Network
The Junkie Next Door: Women and Heroin
The Secret White House Tapes
The Shattered Mind
Two Young Americans: The CIA Agent and the Taliban
West Bank Diary
Wilderness Therapy
Wired for Sex