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17 Nov. 1995
Danger on the Rails
This A&E documentary deals with train safety at railroad crossings, deadly train crashes and major railroad accidents.
6 Jan. 1996
Wired for Sex
An investigation of pornography on the "Information Superhighway" (specifically the Internet).
West Bank Diary
Documented two Jewish-American families as they moved from comfortable suburban lives in the US to the West Bank to become settlers.
Deadly Guns
Investigation about gun laws in America, focusing on the so-called "firearms freeway," Interstate 95. This highway runs from the southeastern US states, where gun laws are lax, up through the stricter northeastern states, and it is a popular route for straw purchasers who legally buy guns and simply drive them up north to be sold to criminals.
1 Mar. 1998
Peace, Love and Murder: The Ira Einhorn Story
One of the founders of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn was a leading light of counter-culture in the '60s. But his arrest in 1977 for the murder of his girlfriend transformed the hippie activist into a fugitive from justice. After powerful allies including current Senator Arlen Spector secured his release from prison before his trial Einhorn fled the country. For twenty years he eluded the authorities. Finally, in 1997, he was arrested but not jailed in France. Despite extradition arrangements between France and the U.S. and the fact that he was convicted of the crime in ...
New York Underground
A look at life underground in New York City. Looks at how the rules in a world without sunlight are enforced, follows captain Bryan Henry as he roams the tunnels as a community outreach officer for the homeless; and introduces the people who live and work underground.
Teens Under the Gun
Bill Kurtis spends two nights in Chicago's Cook County Hospital Trauma Unit where doctors treat victims of gun violence. He also takes viewers to a local gun range where NRA instructors are helping people make the personal decision of whether or not own a gun.
6 Sep. 1999
Baby Beauty Queens
Baby Beauty Queens" looks at the ultra-competitive world of pageants for kids, as well as "the parents who drive them with an almost religious ferocity." Included are profiles of four contestants and their moms, and the preparation that goes into competition.
Hype and Glory
Who are the people who bring us our local news on TV, and how do they do it? We go behind-the-scenes at KCAL-9 in Los Angeles during the May sweeps rating period to get the answers. For 20 days, our cameras follow the news director, producers, reporters, and anchors as they try to find the right balance between legitimate news stories and sweeps "stunts" that are only designed to win the ratings game.
28 Aug. 2000
JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation
Bill Kurtis puts the JonBenet Ramsey murder case under the microscope, seeking to discover the mistakes that were made and to understand a series of controversial decisions by the authorities during the investigation of the 6-year-old beauty queen's death.
13 Sep. 2000
In the Line of Fire: The Protectors
This episode provides behinds the scenes footage of the State Department's little know Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). DSS Agents protect foreign dignitaries visiting the US as well as US Officials overseas. This documentary includes an interviews with senior DSS Special Agents as well as an interview with Secretary of State Madeline Albright. It also contains behind the scenes footage of protective details operating in the US, Greece and Israel.
20 Dec. 2000
Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Goods
Documentary about counterfeit designer accessories. Each year, billions of dollars are diverted from legitimate companies as counterfeiters profit from shoddy, even dangerous, goods that are sold to shoppers on the streets of America. The program looks at the efforts of Customs agents trying to guard against illegal imports of knock-offs.
New York Justice: Beat Reporters
Follows journalists from New York City who investigate criminal cases, including "New York Post" crime beat reporter Mark Stamey and WABC Television chief investigative reporter Sarah Wallace. Each case unfolds as the reporters track informants, interview witnesses and try to uncover the truth behind the crime committed. Stamey's story follows the police slaying of Bronx resident Malcolm Ferguson, sorting out the conflicting accounts of a brutal police conspiracy and the consequences of the life of a repeat petty criminal. Wallace's investigation reveals the details ...
7 Feb. 2001
Cadets: Life of a Student Recruit
An unprecedented look into the world of military academies, and how their strict mental and physical training affects students. We'll focus on Norwich University in Vermont, one of the most prestigious military schools in the country, and follow the students from their first days as "rooks" through the emotional ring ceremony and graduation.
20 Mar. 2001
Criminal Evidence
Examines the unique world of Dr. Kathy Reichs, where forensic science and crime fiction collide. One of only 55 forensic anthropologists in North America, Dr. Reichs works under contract to the cities of Montreal, Quebec, and Charlotte, North Carolina. In basement morgues she identifies human remains.