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Could've been a little better
lildisser1029 June 2004
I am a fan of rap music, the only type of music I listen to so I know Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg very well, I have seen their previous movies. Before watching the movie, I knew it was going to be a horrible one, but not as bad as expected.

The synopsis of the story is about two friends, Sean (Dr.Dre) and Dee Loc. Sean gets fired from his previous job and has no money and they also have a three day notice before they get evicted out of their house. With no job and desperation of money, Dee Loc insists that Sean comes to his work and try to get a job there, a car wash called "The Wash". The Wash is a type of place worked by dumb people who only steal from customers, smoke weed, chase girls, etc. As Sean goes there and takes opening assistant manager job from the owner of The Wash, Mr.Washington (George Wallace). At the same time, Mr.Washington is going through a hard time at The Wash getting threatening phone calls from a previous employee at The Wash who was recently fired, Chris (Eminem). The employees at The Wash cant believe Mr.Washington had fired Chris because they all knew Chris was crazy.

The plot of the story was kind of stupid, but the actors did what they could to not make it as horrible as it would've been, except Snoop Dogg. And didn't like his acting like in all of his other movies, because almost at least 50% of the time, hes always a gangsta sort of type of person and it doesent seem to work in the movie. But there are some upsides to the movie. It actually delivered some okay humour especially from a character named "Slim" (DJ Pooh). His jokes are idiotic but has to make you laugh. But there are other jokes in the movie that don't execute due to it being played out. There are a lot of cameos such as Ludacris, Kurupt, Eminem, Xzibit and Shaquille O'Neal.

After watching the movie I was at least pleased it wasn't that bad. The only thing for next time, don't make Snoop Dogg play the same role for a different movie again.

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The laughs aren't really there, but the style is cool
MisterWhiplash19 November 2001
The Wash is like hip-hop eye candy- it looks cool and even tempting, but when you try and hear the jokes it registers that it's stupid a lot of the time. The Wash, from co-writer of Friday, also did 3 strikes which was interesting some of the time but not totally as funny as it should've been. Pooh's new film is like that, yet instead of being interesting it's hip and flashy.

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre star here (not there first film together, the better film Training Day comes to mind) as two guys who usually have what most young urban professionals want- weed, hoes and uh, bling bling. But the money well has run dry and a 3 day notice has just been put up and in order for dre to pay his half of the rent he gets a job with the car wash Snoop Dogg works. He starts to realize Snoop at work is a complete slacker as tensions start to build between the two, but this changes when their boss (played mostly dead-pan by George Wallace) gets kidnapped.

Sometimes it's laugh out loud, other times it's so quiet in the theater after a bad joke you can actually hear crickets chirp. In other words, it's stupid, low brow fun with many cameos- Tommy Chong, Eminem, Shaquille O'Neil, Pauly Shore, Tiny Lester, writer/director Pooh as one of the kidnappers and a couple of minor characters from Friday and 3 strikes. Between B- and C+
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On contrary to other people's view, I thought this was funny.
DominqueZarinha13 July 2003
Now I know many people might not agree with me but then again, I don't give a s**t. This movie had me laughing at nearly every scene, especially Slim Shady who played this mentally deranged prank caller. I laughed so hard at everything. Some parts left me in wonder but whatever, I couldn't help but laugh. I liked it and honestly I would watch it again and again.
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They Got Jokes, But Not A Movie
gonzoriffic14 November 2001
watching "the wash" is kind of an odd experience. you laugh, you like the characters, but you wonder what the plot is really supposed to be. the jokes are there, so "the wash" is definitely a funny movie. in that respect, i enjoyed it. it seems that when d.j. pooh co-wrote the classic "friday" with ice cube, he definitely knew how to create hilarious situations and funny roles. but when he's on his own ("3 strikes" was his previous solo effort), something doesn't quite come off right. my main problem with "the wash" is the VERY ABRUPT ending. everyone will be like, "'s over". they don't even bother to really wrap things up. it's just BAM...credits. the ending is weak, it could have been better. they set it up like the end of "next friday", where a couple different antagonists are brought into one situation at the same time. but the audience doesn't get much of a payoff. as chris rock might put it, "the wash" will take your clothes off, but will not f*** you.
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OPMaster25 September 2002
This movie still makes me laugh every time I watch it on video! Snoop is at his comedic talkin the talk finest and Dre makes a great straight man. For some good giggles, check this one out. It's worth a rental.
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Grits-N-Gravy29 November 2006
This is a good movie that is purely funny. It Stars Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre with George Wallace,Bruce Bruce,Tommy "Tiny" Lister and DJ Pooh. This is a very west coast movie. If you loved "Friday" then you will love The Wash. Good acting and funny script. And it's refreshing to see Snoop and Dre hating each other. I almost forgot that they are friends in real life. This movie is really underrated. All the comedians play their parts well and Eminem's character is hilarious. The soundtrack is also great. My only complaint is that the ending didn't have much closure. All in all The wash is a great Comedy that's laid back and filled with cameos by Ludicrous,Xzibit,Pierre,Kurupt,Shaq,Pauly Shore, and Tommy Chong.
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Rooster9914 November 2002
This is the lamest, most boring, stereotypical piece of crap ever made. What a bunch of zeros. I can't believe a movie this bad can be made!! Who pays money to produce this drivel? There is no story, no action, no jokes, no comedy of any sort, nothing in the least bit interesting, absolutely nothing, just a bunch of zipperhead rappers who have smoked too much dope to realize how bad their movie is. LOSERS!
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Absolutely HORRIBLE and HUMORLESS. Don't waste any money on this!
stargirlrk6 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
One of the main reasons I saw this film is because I love Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and this looked interesting. But it was anything BUT that. It had no humor at all. Basically, the whole film Dre was trying to get laid and Snoop was smoking weed all day at the car wash where he worked. Eminem is only in the film for one scene, where he comes out at the end with an AK-47 and shoots up his boss's car (who had fired him from the car wash where he worked). So the whole film they are in the car wash hanging out (nothing funny happens) and then two thugs kidnap their boss at the end, demanding $50,000 for his release. So of course, Dre and Snoop break into the kidnappers' house and rescue their boss, and Dr. Dre gets a major cash reward from his boss and finally pays his bills that he needed to pay. If you would like a stupid and not-funny-at-all movie about a bunch of retards hanging around a car wash and getting in fights and smoking pot, then by all means see this film. But if you are a normal person who likes Dre and Snoop and would like to see this just because they are in it, DO NOT!!! This is a complete waste of 2 hours of my time and I should storm up in the theater and demand my eight dollars back, even though I saw the film two years ago. HORRIBLE!!!
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The Wash, was nothing more than washed up.
pepivanni52 August 2003
I couldn't wait to rant as much as I could about this sorry excuse for a comedy. Some objetionable stuff like nonstop drug use and profane language made this movie worth not getting up and walking out of the theater, or taking the dvd out of my set and heaving it out window, but only those things saved it from getting a -2 out of 10. This entire script had absolutely no creativity or thought put into it, it felt like something you come up with at the top of your mind for a grade school project, like a novel at a preschool level of thought. If you listen closely to the dialogue, it's as simplistic as if the goal intent was to make this script 100% foolproof. In addition, there are way too many "run ons" in this movie, with small flaws that prevent the characters from sticking to the plot, as well as irrelevant little add-ons that have absolutely no point or place in the task at hand. I'm a big fan of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, but this movie was, I'm sorry to say, a low point in both of their careers.
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