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Akshay-Sunil Jodi's first film
superindrajit30 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty have both acted in many mindless action films during the 90s. Both of them are good action heroes but both of them took time to get noticed and applauded by audiences. Initially, there films weren't anything great, but it those few films like Khiladi(1992), Gopi Kishen(1994) that got them noticed. Waqt Hamara Hai is the first time these two were seen in a movie. However, the film wasn't anything compared to Rajiv Rai's Mohra. With that said, the film was still better than other films like Hum Hain Bemisaal(1994) which was a dud despite some good action sequences. Their combination didn't have great movies but some were worth watching and in the 90s they acted in 4 films together. Waqt Hamara Hai(1993), Mohra(1994), Hum Hain Bemisaal(1994), and Sapoot(1996). From this list, only Hum Hain Bemisaal was a flop at the box office.

Waqt Hamara Hai isn't anything novel but it isn't a bad movie for its time. Obviously people from this generation will not like movies like this. However, for a 1993 release, the film isn't bad. I tend to like films from the 90s so this one wasn't a painful watch for me.

Waqt Hamara Hai has a simple story and for an action film, the story is predictable and extremely typical. The first half is all 90s college style with Akshay shown as a troublemaker who cheats his parents and gets his pocket money. Sunil is shown as a typical smart student who Akshay likes to bother. After a major fight, both become good friends. Then the film shifts from the initial comedy and romance to action and saving India from a nuclear weapon type thing. This Krypton thing is what the villain wants and he also wants to hunt down the minister of India. Akshay and Sunil with their girlfriends Ayesha and Mamta are the ones who will stop the criminals. While Ayesha and Mamta dance, Akshay and Sunil fight. This is how the rest of the movie goes, and the end is predictable. However, one would not expect the hilarious finale of Akshay cutting Rami Reddy's head of. That scene is stupid, it's like Rami shoots Anupam Kher and makes a run for it on his bike. However, Akshay takes a blade and swings it towards Rami's head. The bike moves and Rami's head falls off. However, Anupam survives because he had something hard to ensure the bullet didn't hit him when it was fired.

Direction by Bharat Raghachary is OK, he handles several scenes in both halves well. However, the first half is slow and it is the Krypton twist which gives the film a boost from the initial slow and boring moments. Bharat did a better job with Takkar(1995) a Sunil Shetty film which flopped.

Akshay Kumar does what is required of a 90s action hero. He shines in action scenes, his mischief act is hilarious. However, he overdoes the comedy at times. Sunil Shetty makes you smile and ridicule him at the wrong places. His acting wasn't that great and Akshay has an edge over him in this film. In Mohra, Sunil had an edge over Akshay because his acting was much better in that film. Before Gopi Kishan, Sunil wasn't much of a good actor. Even in films like Dilwale(1993), Ajay Devgan was the reason of the film's success. Ayesha Jhulka's pairing with Akshay has clicked quite a lot. Despite acting in flop films like Dil Ki Baazi(1994) and Jai Kishan(1994), they have Khiladi(1992) and this film to their credit. Their chemistry was better in Khiladi though. She looks beautiful but her role is limited. Mamta Kulkarni also looks beautiful but her role lacks the meat. Anumpam Kher is good, he provides us with light hearted comedy scenes. Rami Reddy plays the villain, he does a decent job. The rest provide functional support.

Music was good, Haan Ji Haan Maaf Karna was a big hit, other songs like Kami Nahi Hai Ladkiyon Ki Sehar Mein and Kachi Kali Kachnar Ki were good songs but were just like fillers. Action is good, and it is the main plus point of the film. However, the climax has Filmy and stupid action especially the ending when Rami Reddy looses his head. That end scene is unintentionally hilarious.

On the whole, Waqt Hamara Hai is a fairly good film with some clichés. The film does drag with comedy and romance in the first half. However, that is forgiven with some good elements like the comedy which is good in the first half.
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Complete entertainment Movie have everything .
Asim6 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Complete entertainer movie .All the character were nice . The Film is basically of the Col Chikara who need krypton for his bomb .And plans to steal it .And his goons manage to steal but they hide it in Akshay kumar jeep .And then it starts. But before that that Sunil Shetty who was rusticated form different college joins Akshay Kumar College and was bullied by Akshay Kumar and later they become friends. Also Anupam Kher and Tiku Talsania were great . Complete family entertainer and that last climax song in which Anupam kher was dressed as some col and buli buli songs and later danced .Also the miserly behavior of Anupam Kher and his comic style dressing was nice. The films ends with col chikara being killed by akshay and sunil and anupan kher who was dressed as collie finally wokes up as he had billa .
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Laugh out loud movie
silvan-desouza29 March 2009
Films were so funny and stupid in 90's especially action films like this

The film has a very funny plot and the villain looks like a joker with an expressionless face but that is Rami Reddy in all his films

The film has Akshay and Suneil playing college guys with weird costumes and 1 weird song and they first fight and Akshay troubles Suneil and they fight and then become friends

The film has some weird characters like Anupam Kher who dresses like a superman in 1 scene The krypton part gives a good twist when Akshay and Ayesha are kidnapped The impact doesn't be much strong though and the film ends in a clichéd manner

Direction is average Music is okay Camera-work is okay

Akshay Kumar is okay, this role is an extension of his role in KHILADI and he does well but he wasn't that good an actor and his dial wasn't that effective Suneil too makes you laugh at many places due to his weird dial delivery but is okay Ayesha and Mamta are okay Rami Reddy is hysterical in a negative role for wrong reasons Anupam is funny Tiku Talsania and others are okay
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