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Wall Street Journal
Truly transporting film.
You may as well watch the movie too, if only so that another of life's astonishing possibilities won't have entirely passed you by.
You're paying for the view, and it's truly breathtaking.
Chicago Reader
The 3-D effect is fun: during a thrilling launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, hurtling debris cracks the camera lens, and I found myself checking my goggles for damage.
New York Post
This is what IMAX was made for: Strap on a pair of 3-D goggles, shut out the real world, and take a vicarious voyage to the last frontier -- space.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The film is a vertiginous experience of hanging 350 kilometres above the Earth.
Charlotte Observer
Worthwhile IMAX look at the ways nations cooperated to build Space Station Destiny, and what they hope to achieve.
The film's greatest moments take place in space. There, words are unnecessary, the images transfixing.
The film is sponsored by Lockheed Martin with the cooperation of NASA, both of which are deeply involved in the development of the ISS, so it's not surprising that none of the questions that have swirled around this project -- like, who'll foot the bill if any one country defaults on its contribution? -- are answered, or even addressed.
Yet it fails to enchant for a reason that might not be fair, but that's just how it is: We've seen outer space simulated so well in sci-fi movies that the real thing seems like old stuff.

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