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24 Apr. 2004
Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei
Inuyasha visits Totosai's workplace by himself. The Tetsusaiga was broken by Goshinki, and Inuyasha's own fang was used to repair it. Inuyasha's fang isn't compatible with that of his great demon father, so the Tetsusaiga has become heavier.
1 May 2004
The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Technique
Ryukotsusei knocks away the Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha transforms into a demon. Totosai tells everyone to retreat because they are in danger, but Kagome decides to stay behind.
8 May 2004
Ishi no Hana to Shippo no Hatsukoi
In a certain village, Shippo meets a girl named Satsuki. Satsuki believes that her brother, who went to war, will come back. She shows Shippo the treasure her brother gave her, a sacred jewel shard. Unfortunately, it is only a flower made of stone.
5 Jun. 2004
Bishojo Shimai no Deshiiri Shigan
Sango returns to the demon slayer village and repairs her Hiraikotsu. She also lays her father and her comrades' ashes to rest. When she is about to leave, she is attacked.
12 Jun. 2004
The 50 Year Old Curse of the Dark Priestess
Naraku calls upon a priestess named Tsubaki. Fifty years ago, Tsubaki was defeated by Kikyo when she went after the Shikon Jewel. She is a dark priestess who sold her soul to a demon to maintain her youth and is now after Kagome's blood.
19 Jun. 2004
Kikyo the Dark Priestess
Kagome desperately fights the curse placed on her by Tsubaki, a dark priestess. Meanwhile, Kikyo appears before Tsubaki. Tsubaki is surprised and cuts off her curse.
3 Jul. 2004
The Red and White Priestesses
Tsubaki visits the onmyoji mansion where she once trained. She plans to open a forbidden door in order to train an ogre that was sealed away in the pagoda with the power of the Shikon Jewel. Momiji and Botan, two young priestesses, are tricked by Tsubaki into fighting off Inuyasha and the others.
10 Jul. 2004
Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower
Tsubaki is a priestess who was considered to be on par with Kikyo. She was jealous that the Shikon Jewel was not entrusted to her, so she became a dark priestess. Inuyasha and the others defeat Tsubaki's shikigami, but Tsubaki has already broken the forbidden seal and called forth the demon.
17 Jul. 2004
Farewell Days of My Youth
One night, someone possesses Sango to attack Miroku. The group examines the centipede demon that they suspect was behind it, but they are mistaken. Miroku is possessed next and attacks Sango. Shippo tries to flee, but is cornered by a small shadow.
24 Jul. 2004
Naraku's Barrier: Kagura's Decision
There is a rift in Naraku's barrier. But it's the beginning of the month, and when night falls, Inuyasha loses his demon powers, and the search for Naraku is called off.
31 Jul. 2004
The Howling Wind of Betrayal
Kagura approaches Sesshomaru and tells him to kill Naraku, but Sesshomaru refuses. As Inuyasha and the others search for Kagura, they realize that Naraku is a half demon. They find Kagura, but Koga is badly injured, and Inuyasha shows his human form to save him.
7 Aug. 2004
Shippo Gets an Angry Challenge
Souten, last of the Thunder Demon Tribe, sends a challenge to Shippo.
4 Sep. 2004
Totosai's Rigid Training Recap
Inuyasha visits Totosai in search of a technique that can break through Naraku's barrier. There he meets Bunza, a wildcat-demon child. The two do as Totosai orders them. Bunza acts as if he's the older disciple, but ends up collapsing.
11 Sep. 2004
Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings
Myoga comes to deliver a message from Totosai. He says that the Tetsusaiga will become stronger if it cuts a Hyakki Bat, a demon that can create a powerful barrier. Inuyasha and the gang search for the Hyakki Bats' nest, which is near the sea.
18 Sep. 2004
The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier
The Hyakki Bat demon Otakemaru tries to destroy the village along with Shiori's mother. Inuyasha is blocked by Shiori's barrier and cannot defeat Otakemaru. Shizu asks Otakemaru to respect the will of her late husband, Tsukuyomaru, and save the village.
24 Jun. 2002
The Plot of the Panther Devas
The Panther Tribe attacks from the west. Their goal is to get the Shikon Jewel shards that Kagome has, as well as to get revenge on Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, the sons of the Dog General. The Four Panther Divas use unusual techniques and kidnap Kagome...
2 Sep. 2004
Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha
Inuyasha slices through the Panthers' barrier with his red Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha and Koga make their way into the castle town. Meanwhile, Miroku and Sango have fallen under the Divas' spell, and Kagome is being held in a prison.
9 Oct. 2004
The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang
The Panther King, the general of the Panther Tribe, begins to move with the power of the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru attack the mummy. As they do, Koga, Miroku, and the others lead Kagome and the other people to a safe location.
16 Sep. 2004
Only You, Sango
Sango is asked to slay a demon by a young lord named Kuranosuke, who fell in love with her six years ago. Kuranosuke has looks, status, and wealth. Sango is confused as to how she will turn down his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Kagome is cheering on the relationship between Miroku and Sango.
12 Jan. 2004
An Ancestor Named Kagome
Akitoki, Hoji's ancestor is on a journey to offer the Hojo family heirloom, the Kenkon Naginata, a demon sword that brings disaster. Inuyasha and the gang travel accompany him. People who are after the Kenkon Naginata appear.
9 Feb. 2004
Entei, the Demon Horse Unleashed
Naraku's baby is bringing virtuous priests close to death and peering into their minds. He is trying to peer into the space between this world and the next. Inuyasha and the gang hear rumors about this and sense that it is the doing of Kagura and the baby.
16 Feb. 2004
Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi
Naraku's baby was split into two. One half comes back to life in the form of a child dressed in white. Entei is reunited with its owner, Rengokuki, but when the child dressed in white shows up and defeats Rengokuki, Entei chooses the child as his new rider.
23 Feb. 2004
3000 Leagues in Search of Father
Kanta is an otter demon child. His father's head was taken by Hakudoshi, and he is looking for his father's body. Unfortunately, villagers have hunted down his father's body. Inuyasha and the gang rush on over with Kanta, and are surprised when they see Sesshomaru on the scene.
1 Mar. 2004
Hosenki and the Last Shard
The area between this world and the next, where Sacred Jewel shard is, is the demon graveyard where Inuyasha's father's corpse rests. The Black Pearl is needed to go there. Inuyasha visits Totosai. He is reunited with Myoga, whom he asks how to take out the Black Pearl.
8 Mar. 2004
Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife
Inuyasha and the gang arrive in the land of fire. They discover a giant gateway within a cave in the mountains. This is the gateway to the area between this world and the next, but it is blocked by Gozu and Mezu, the gate's guardians.
15 Mar. 2004
The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi
When the gateway in the Land of Fire opened, Kagome sensed the presence of the Sacred Jewel shard. Inuyasha and the gang go looking for a different way to get to the area between this world and the next.
12 Jul. 2004
Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart
In order to reach Naraku's heart and get his revenge, Kohaku cannot defy Naraku. Sango doesn't know the truth, and fights him so that she can destroy the Zushi that Kohaku is protecting. Meanwhile, the demons that Hakudoshi has released have withered the evil luring tree.
26 Jul. 2004
The Lucky But Two-Timing Scoundrel
Inuyasha tekks Kaede that Kikyo is still alive. Kagome is depressed that Inuyasha still has feelings for Kikyo. She goes back to the present day without telling Inuyasha. Inuyasha follows Kagome to her house, but Kagome destroys the bike that she had received from her mother.
2 Aug. 2004
Miroku's Past Mistake
Miroku cured a girl named Shima of a disease two years ago. Shima is troubled when the lord of the lake, where she got water to make an infusion of herbs, asks her to marry him. She is reunited with Miroku and asks him for help.
9 Aug. 2004
Forever with Lord Sesshomaru
Children have been kidnaped, and a group of priests led by Ungai, a powerful priest who hates demons, go after the demon who did it. Ongokuki, a demon that gathers children with a flute, also kidnaps Rin. Inuyasha and the gang run into Jaken, who is looking for Rin and Sesshomaru.
23 Aug. 2004
Kohaku, Sango and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden
The demon exterminator's village is Sango and Kohaku's hometown. Kirara visits it by herself and fondly remembers the days when she played with Sango and Kohaku.
30 Aug. 2004
Possessed by a Parasite: Shippo, Our Worst Enemy!
Shippo is possessed by a parasite pupa, and causes mischief. Kagome and the others want to catch him before the villagers exterminate him, but Miroku, Sango, and Kirara fall for Shippo's birdlime demon fox technique and fail to catch him. Inuyasha, who had a keen nose, runs into trouble when he is hit by a stink bomb.
6 Sep. 2004
The Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku
Inuyasha and the gang meet Gakusanjin, and learn that Naraku has stolen the Fuyouheki, a guardian stone. Gakusanjin trusts Inuyasha and the gang, and gives them a crystal of demon energy. The crystal's demon energy will disappear if it gets near the Fuyoheki.
13 Sep. 2004
The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 1
Gakusanjin is defeated by the child ascetic. Inuyasha and the gang suspect it is Naraku's doing. They follow the ascetic and arrive at a temple in the holy mountain to the east. A strange man by the name of Goryomaru is there. He does not react when Inuyasha and the gang mention Naraku's name.... Part 1
13 Sep. 2004
The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 2
Gakusanjin is defeated by the child ascetic. Inuyasha and the gang suspect it is Naraku's doing. They follow the ascetic and arrive at a temple in the holy mountain to the east. A strange man by the name of Goryomaru is there. He does not react when Inuyasha and the gang mention Naraku's name.... Part 2
19 Apr. 2004
The Tragic Love Song of Destiny: Part 1
When Kaede, was still a little girl, her older sister Kikyo was entrusted with a corrupt Sacred Jewel, which was removed from the body of the Mistress centipede. Kikyo's duty was to purify the jewel. She began to fight demons who were after the jewel.
19 Apr. 2004
The Tragic Love Song of Destiny: Part 2
The story of Kikyo and Kaede continues to unfold as Kikyo befriends Inuyasha. The Half-Demon Naraku is birthed through the desperation of Onigumo and his machinations lead to a tragic outcome for Kikyo and Inuyasha.
26 Apr. 2004
The Single Arrow of Chaos
In order to defeat Naraku, Kagura looks for Sesshomaru. She appears before Rin and Jaken, but Sesshomaru is away. Kagura thinks that Naraku's weakness is the other half of Hakudoshi. Meanwhile, the other half of the baby has entered a human castle with Kanna's help.
3 May 2004
The Mysterious Light That Guides the Saint
Kagome and the others sense Kikyo's presence from the purifying arrow. Meanwhile, Abihime attacks the village. The saint returns and wipes out the demon birds with her purifying arrows. Abihime retreats. Inuyasha and the others arrive, but it is after the saint has left to destroy the birds' nest.
10 May 2004
Kagome's Instinctive Choice
The other half of Hakudoshi, Naraku's baby, is being hidden in a human castle by Kanna. Kohaku appears in the castle town. Meanwhile, Kagome follows a shinidamachu to a waterfall basin and finds Kikyo. Kikyo has succumbed to Naraku's miasma.
17 May 2004
Protect and Plunder!
Abihime and Tekkei sense that people keep interfering with them ever since they begame involved with Naraku. They become suspicious of a castle that Naraku's demons don't go near, and decide to invade it. Kohaku is in the castle, and he has been ordered to protect the other half of Hakudoshi.
24 May 2004
The Cruel Reunion of Fate
Abihime dislikes Naraku, and has attacked a castle belonging to humans inolved with Naraku. Kanna and Kohaku are there and have secretly been protecting Hakudoshi's other half. Naraku senses that the castle is going to fall, and orders Kohaku to kill those arround him and steal the baby.
31 May 2004
The Demon Linked with the Netherworld
Kikyo is reunited with Inuyasha. She advises him not to take Kagome with him, because Naraku will go to the other world and use Kagome's eyes to find the Sacred Jewel shard. Kikyo plans to go in her place. Inuyasha is worried that she has not completely healed, and stops her.
7 Jun. 2004
The Demon Protector of the Sacred Jewel Shard
Naraku has cut off Tekkei's head. He heads to the place between this world and the next on the river of blood that comes gushing out. Inuyasha and the gang go after him, even though they know it's a trap. Sesshomaru arrives one moment too late.
14 Jun. 2004
Final Battle at the Graveside! Sesshomaru vs. Inuyasha
With the help of Kagura, Sesshomaru meets Inuyasha in the land of the dead.
21 Jun. 2004
Destroy Naraku with the Adamant Barrage
Naraku hs stolen the final shard from Hosenki. Hosenki tells Inuyasha to kill him. Inuyasha's Tessaiga gains the demon powers of any powerful demon it cuts. Naraku begins to spew miasma from the cut that he received from Sesshomaru.
5 Jul. 2004
Stampede of the Countless Demon Rats
Hakudoshi releases a swarm of Zushi Rats into a field in order to lure Kikyo out. The rats devour villages. They don't die even if they're cut, and continue to multiply. Inuyasha and the gang encounter the rats. In order to exterminate the rats, they need to destroy the Zushi that is spewing the rats.

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